Roof Replacement Fort Worth – How the Weather Affects Roofing In Fort Worth TX

The roof is the strongest part of the building as it endures several hazards due to constant exposure to the weather that can adversely affect it over time. Extreme climates like heavy storm rain and snow or desert-like heat can damage the roof material earlier than expected. Knowing the possible damage can help you plan for proper maintenance that prolongs the roof life. The roofing choice varies according to the location by considering the weather conditions. For example, roofs and the roofing structure of buildings at sea level will be quite different from those at high altitudes explains the experts at New Covenant Construction & Roofing Fort Worth.

To know the vulnerability of your roof due to weather, you must understand what kind of damage can happen to it due to its climate.


A black roof with a white window on top of it

Water is the biggest enemy of roofs of all kinds, and rain can be a big spoiler for your roof, especially if you live at a place that experiences heavy rainfall.  Inspecting the roof at frequent intervals while it rains can help detect problems, but it might not be easy to access the roof during the rainy season. However, you must inspect the roof after very heavy showers no matter how difficult it might be. Minor cracks in the roof become exposed during heavy rain, and water can leak through it and damage the roof material besides damaging the walls and other areas.


Extreme temperatures are bad for the roof because too much heat or cold causes excessive expansion and contraction of the roofing material that can damage the roof. Cracks might develop and weaken the roof besides posing the threat of water leakage. Too much heat can make shingles buckle or crack as it becomes brittle due to sunlight’s UV rays. Excessive sun exposure is bad for roofs as it wears down the roofing material.


A brick house with a brown roof and a blue sky

Humidity indicates the moisture level in the air, and high humidity is damaging for roofs, much like heat. Heat facilitates evaporation and increases humidity, and it will not be wrong to say that humidity and heat work together to damage roofs.  The moisture in the humid climate penetrates the roof material and gradually destroys it. In areas of high humidity, the damage happens extremely fast.   Condensation is another way of moisture exposure to roofs that can be as much damaging as humidity. Learn here how to make roof more energy efficient.


Missing shingles is a common problem in areas that experience high wind that tend to lift the shingles from its place. Periodical roof inspection will help to identify missing shingles that you must replace quickly. The wind is also responsible for debris collection on the roof as it carries all kinds of materials from tree branches to sticks and leaves that form the bulk of the debris. The debris can clog gutters, which leads to water accumulation in the roof and damage it.


A man is working on the roof of a house

Snow accumulation on the roof increases the load on the roof that can damage the roof structure. If the roof structure is not strong enough, then the entire roof might collapse. Quick snow removal from the roof will help to avoid damage.

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