Roof Replacement Cincinnati – How the Weather Affects Roofing in Cincinnati OH

Hurricanes and hailstorms create havoc on your residential roofing system in many ways. The common weather elements damaging your roof are severe storms, high winds, hail, and heavy rainfall, with high winds tearing apart shingles off the roof and severe rain creating pools and leakage, leading to water damage. The evident weather elements causing maximum damage are tornadoes and hurricanes. 

Roof Replacement Cincinnati

Weather elements worsen your roof shingles and wood shakes down the years. Here is how weather creates havoc on your roofing system: 

Inspecting your Roof for Storm Damage 

Tornadoes and hurricanes are extremely strong and forceful enough to damage your home roof. Additionally, debris blown off by high winds and storms can crash on your roof, creating massive damage, while during a hailstorm, pieces of hail bigger than an inch will break the shingles. Therefore, you need to do a reality check of your roof after severe storms. Here is how: 

  • Check for any indications of roof damage from the earth. You may see shingles blown off, broken, or missing. Inspect the exhaust piping, vents, and missing metal flashing, and peeling near the chimneys. 
  • Safety should be your top priority because roof inspection means walking on it and could prove fatal if you are not careful. A wet roof is prone to falls, slips, and injuries. Do not try DIY tasks to avoid accidents; stay in your house and call a roofing expert such as Half Price Roof Cincinnati to examine your roof instead. 
  • Inspect the interiors of your home for leakage issues. These leaks might come into view initially in the attic and therefore, check it very carefully. If you notice water spots or moisture leakage manifesting on the walls or ceiling, it is a sure sign of a damaged roof during the storm. 
  • Hailstorm damage is a growing concern for homeowners, often, bigger hail pieces creating dimples or dents in the roof shingles. Therefore, check for material parts, or bits that might have snapped from the boundary of each shingle.

Check for Hail Damage 

The majority of roofing materials are vulnerable to hail damage if the pieces are approx one inch in thickness. The damage after hailstorms manifests in the form of pockmarks and little dimples on the roof shingles. Hail will break parts of shingles and even tiles close to the edges, bigger hails will create havoc on your roofing system. The duration of hailstorms also makes a significant impact on your home roof, sometimes; you may need to do extensive repair or a complete roof replacement

Metal roofing is more resistant to hail damage compared to other roof types. Then, if hails are big enough, they can create a dent on metal roofing as well. So if you have metal roofing, check for dents, leakage, and rust, after the hailstorm subsides. 


No matter what weather elements damage your roof, regular inspection is crucial to maintain the structural integrity and safety of your home. Do inspections early to keep repair costs reasonable. 

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