Make Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Warm Summers

We always keep ourselves prepared for the warm seasons. When we talk about preparing ourselves for a comfortable indoor environment during summers, the first thing that comes to our minds is the air conditioner (AC). When it is hot and sunny outside,  we just can’t think of staying without our AC on. After the winters are over,  it becomes essential to servicing your air conditioner to ensure it doesn’t end up with a defect during summers when you need the machine the most.

If you want your air conditioner to work smoothly, service it before your first use after a long winter break. The servicing rates during summers are much higher than the off-season prices.  So, it is beneficial to get your AC service done by a reputed AC repair company before the summer hits its peak.

This blog will help you understand the basics of servicing your Air Conditioner and why seeking professional help for ac repairing or servicing is essential. 

Why AC Repair or Servicing Before Summers?

Why AC Repair or Servicing Before Summers

Every single Air Conditioner company asks their customers to keep servicing their ACS every 2 to 3 months. Isn’t it evident that if your AC requires servicing in working condition,  it really needs that after a long break as well? To understand the practical reasons, keep reading :

1. Efficiency Gets Better

After a long winter break, the machines and parts get jammed at times, and in such cases, servicing is a relief. Especially when you hire professionals for AC servicing, you will be guaranteed to get efficient help. The professionals exactly know how to service an  AC perfectly and which parts need more maintenance and servicing. 

 2. Clears the Functionality

After a long winter break, servicing the Air Conditioner helps to clear all the blocks and dust accumulated inside the units. Due to the continued functioning of the machine, there are possibilities of damage or blockage inside the functioning system. Servicing or repairing the air conditioner will help in its smooth and proper functioning. 

 3. Avoids Any Further Damage or Significant Expenses

If you keep servicing your air conditioner, it can last for a very long time. Servicing itself means properly examining and resolving minor issues. If you forget to get your AC repaired or serviced, there are possibilities of an increase in the damage or problem. Thus, it is better that you get your AC serviced before the warm summers make an entry back into our lives. 

Why Professional Servicing? Steps and Benefits 

Why Professional Servicing? Steps and Benefits 

Now, let us understand the entire process of servicing the air conditioner and why professional services are beneficial.  The steps mention below are all performing by professionals to avoid any damage to the air conditioning unit. 

1. Replacing the AC filters with a New One

Filters are an essential part of the internal unit. It helps in filtering the air before it spreads inside the room. Continuous functioning of the filter ends up with dust and dirt accumulates in it. It is better to clean it every three to four weeks and replace it every three months to enjoy cool and clean air. 

2. Cleaning of the Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is the central part that allows the flow of the air. It situates in the outer unit that is the condenser. Usually, they cover with grills and a fan. Suppose you are not using the air conditioner during the winters, in that case, there are possibilities of scrap and dirt accumulating in the coil.

This can break down the efficiency of the condenser and result in damage to the unit. So, it is advisable to get the condenser coil professionally clean up before the summer hits.

 3. Cleaning the Scrap from the Condenser

As we discussed in the above point, the condenser is the functioning unit of the Air conditioner. If they are not clean and block with scrap and dirt, they can damage the unit and result in improper functioning. So here, the professionals will clean the condenser with utmost care and perfection, resulting in ready to function. 

 4. Examining the Entire Line of Connections

The main cooling line needs to be appropriately cover and spacious to allow the air and gas to flow through it. Checking the cooling pipe is a must in every servicing session. If there is any damage in the line, resolving is necessary, or else there are possibilities of leakage. 

 5. Testing the Unit and Resolving the Issues

Testing and Servicing Your Air Conditioner

Now that all the steps are done, checking the unit is a must. Professionals check the unit by switching on the power connections and letting the AC unit start functioning. After a few minutes of it working, they come to a decision whether the air conditioner is working smoothly or still has any issues with it. If in case, they find any problem, they find out the problem and resolve it. With this, your AC is ready for the warm summers.

Final Thoughts:

Every air conditioner supposed to be serviced before the warm summers. Servicing the unit with professionals’ help will help resolve any significant expense and allow you to enjoy the cool air in the warm summers. 

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