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Bedroom is that room of the house where we spend the most peaceful time so that needs to be well designed and decorated as well. People may not judge you on the basis of your bedroom because hardly any guest could get the chance to be in the bedroom but still if your bedroom would be decorated and well designed then it would make you feel good while you relax at the place.

There are many bedroom designs that you choose for and if you are still wondering for then there are some of the simple bedroom design ideas that you need to check out and also follow to design your bedroom space.

Splash of color seems to be one of the best beautiful small bedroom  ideas and here you would have to get your bedroom colored in pastel or mute colors such as grey or you can even go for classic white and then you would have to get rest of the things such as bed sheet, pillows, furniture etc in one contrasting color.Make sure that your bedroom has only two colors one is the wall color and the other is the color of the materials in the bedroom.

DIY art bedroom is definitely perfect for an artist and if you are one of them then you can also get this kind of bedroom décor for your home.

This is not only gorgeous but also very unique at the same time and here you can even show some art talent of yours as well. Here you can dedicate one side of the wall to a black board and there you can get yourself draw certain sketches on the black board and in this way you would be able to create different theme every time.

This seems to be one of the bedroom options for kids as they would enjoy writing or drawing on the black board and also at times you can write messages so that your kid could remember certain things. Make sure to keep rest of the bedroom minimal and do not have too much things in the bedroom as it would make the space look crowded.

Dramatic curtains can make a huge difference in the appearance of the bedroom and even here it can change the entire look of the bedroom and it is also important to have curtains around in order to make sure that the privacy of the bedroom in maintained.

Here you can get some dramatic flared curtains of dark color and to contrast the color of curtains with the entire bedroom you need to get the bedroom painted in light colors. Also you can match the color of the curtains with the color of your bed sheet as well as pillow as together they would look fabulous.

Chandelier lightings seems to be the perfect piece of prop which can be used in two ways, one is by using it as just a chandelier of a decorative item and secondly you can use it as a light in the room and at times you can turn off all the lights in the room and enjoy the dim light of the chandelier and make yourself comfortable.

Soothing photo framed photos to decorate the room you can get one side of the wall dedicated to pictures and here you are not supposed to get the family pictures on rather you can get some motivational as well as positive pictures of different scenes. Make sure to get that wall painted differently as well so that it looks quite different from the rest of the walls in the room.

These were few of the best simple bedroom design ideas that you need to check out also you can choose one to decorate your bedroom and also you can get many such wonderful ideas from Architectures ideas.

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