Tips to Make a Small Garden Room Look More Spacious

Garden rooms are amazing solutions if you need extra space in your home. Whether you decided to work from home and need a space to focus on tasks, more storage space, a room that is dedicated to your hobbies, or a garden room where you can throw garden parties and enjoy BBQs with your friends and family, a garden room is a perfect solution.

Garden rooms are designed to fit any outdoor space and the most affordable ones also happen to be quite small. So, if you want to make the most of your garden pod, take a look at the following interior design tips that will help you maximize the space and make your pod seem more spacious.

Avoid Clutter at Any Cost

Garden Room

Clutter is the number one enemy of small spaces and it can make a not-so-spacious room feel cramped. We all tend to have a lot of things as we do live in a consumerist society that tempts us to buy lots of new things that we don’t really need. And with many things comes clutter – a problem that can easily be avoided if we become more organized and plan our space carefully. 

A great way to avoid clutter is by organizing things behind closed doors or on shelves. Things that are neatly arranged will take up less space and you’ll notice that without a lot of stuff lying around, the place will immediately seem bigger. But as organized as we try to be, there will always be moments when things get out of control, and when that happens, it might be time for a yard sale.

So, to keep clutter at bay, you can apply some of Marie Kondo’s key principles- Ask yourself if it sparks joy. If it doesn’t, maybe it will spark joy for someone else. One thing is for sure, a decluttered garden room will surely spark more joy than an untidy one. 

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Room to Move Around Your Garden Room

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Room to Move Around Your Garden Room

Furniture is great and we sometimes feel compelled to fill every corner of the room with large pieces. But, when furniture and other accessories block your path or when they block the windows, the room will inevitably feel cramped. So, if you feel like you can’t move around the room freely, it might be time to rethink your furnishing strategy.

Start by moving the furniture out of the way and be prepared to accept that some items might not fit the room. This principle applies to any room, not just Garden rooms and summer houses. Bulky items can also be replaced by sleek ones, but we’ll discuss this more over the next paragraphs.

Choose the Right Type and Amount of Furniture for Your Available Space

Choose the Right Type and Amount of Furniture for Your Available Space

As mentioned above, too much furniture will make a small space feel cramped. This is something that you need to avoid when choosing furniture for your garden pod. If you have a brand new pod and are currently shopping for a couch, pick one that isn’t too bulky. Furniture with legs is always a great choice for small spaces. Wondering what the ideal couch for a small space looks like? We recommend going for one that is light-colored, has legs, and it’s sleek, elegant, and comfortable. 

If you want your garden room to become an extra bedroom or a guest room for your friends and family, opt for a pull-out sofa. It takes up less space than a bed, and it allows you to transform a nice living space into a bedroom in just a few minutes.

Here are a few extra tips to maximize your space:

  • Opt for high storage spaces such as cabinets or bookcases that go all the way to the ceiling.
  • Don’t be afraid to add reflective surfaces and glass. Large mirrors, mirrored furniture, transparent chairs, or glass coffee tables are perfect options for small spaces.
  • Go big with statement pieces. Instead of filling your garden pod with many small items, choose just a few beautiful ones. The room will look tidier and statement pieces will surely be much more effective than smaller ones.
  • Let the light in. This is something that all interior designers agree upon – any room will seem more spacious if it is well-lit. You can achieve this by getting rid of opaque heavy draperies or by adding more lamps.
  • Decorate the walls. The best way to make a space feel inviting is by including art. You can use wall-art to your advantage by choosing large pieces. Looking at artwork is beneficial so it won’t just improve your garden pod aesthetically, but it will also make you feel more relaxed, it will boost your creativity, and restore your energy.

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