Furniture Design Trends in the UAE 2024

When buying an apartment in the UAE, it is important to consider all upcoming expenses. You can see partments’ aprices in Downtown Dubai or Palm Jumeirah on the Ax Capital website. Experts will help you choose a property in Dubai based on your preferences and budget. Your next step is interior design. Furniture plays an important role in it. In this article, we will review trends in furniture design trends.

Principles of Organizing Living Space

Principles of Organizing Living Space

In recent years, certain basics have been established in the direction of interior design, which does not change, despite the change of seasons. Designers continue to follow the established trends, making only small changes, a refreshing look at the capital ideas. The design of rooms and furniture continues to follow the trend of ergonomics and everyday comfort for a person. Here are some of the most popular trends:

  • natural materials,
  • eco-friendly palettes of shades,
  • orthopedic furniture that adapts to the features of the body.

The interiors of this year support an atmosphere of creativity, and communication. The priority is the preferences of the owner of the house, a minimum of uncertainties and abstractions.

The interiors are based on the concept of silence and comfort, which are in short supply on the streets of the metropolis, such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The priority is clear lines and neutral tones. Nothing should distract from communication, rest, and work processes. These trends can be easily reflected in an apartment in Dubai with the help of designers.

Furniture Design Trends in Properties in Dubai 2023

Designers, in addition to dark wood, emphasize the use of designer and handmade items in furnishing an apartment. Such furniture favorably emphasizes the individual character of the owner of the apartment. Also, preference is given to antiques that have been restored or adapted for a modern interior.

Modern design offers a mix of simple shapes, wavy contours, and straight lines. Metal elements of upholstered furniture look light, lively and can add dynamics to the simplest environment. Designs can be painted neutrally, in black, be chrome-plated, shine with gold and silver, or be brightly colored.

Chairs upholstered in natural or artificial leather will never go out of style. Classic is forever. Chesterfield chairs fit perfectly into the loft concept. Original models will become a high-quality accent of the interior of your real estate in Dubai.

Modern Trends in Lamp Design

The surrounding nature and space motifs – designers draw inspiration from everything that the human eye can see. At the same time, natural motifs can be embodied in the most unexpected materials and technologies.

Manufacturers pay attention to the concepts of lamps, where handwork becomes an integral part: it can be:

  • beautifully molded frosted glass,
  • manual assembly,
  • molding of individual elements.

The materials used are bone china, Murano glass, and silver metal.

Color in the Interior

  •         Watercolor blue. This is the perfect color scheme for the bedroom. If you use a muted, translucent azure in the vicinity of neutral tones, it will become optimal in other rooms. The ideal shade companion for blue watercolor is a delicate cream.
  •         Gold. There is nothing wrong with the elements of luxury. Nobility and well-being, present in the interior in the form of separate elements, will perfectly coexist with orange, chocolate, red and turquoise. Velvet black color combined with gold is a classic version of the aristocracy.
  •         Refreshing green. The choice of conservative-minded apartment owners and fans of minimalism. Color does not lose relevance. A dark green shade is recommended for walls and emerald, ultramarine for furniture upholstery.
  •         A shade of dark ginger. Warm and cozy, like a gentle hug. Seasoned with notes of persimmon, ginger will become the epitome of noble luxury.
  •         Samba, or ripe cherry red, but slightly muted. In 2023, this color will join the ranks of headliners. The tone is recommended for textiles, furniture finishing. It is recommended to combine the samba shade with neutral tones, this will give the interior a sensuality and sophistication.

The Main Idea of ​​All Concepts

Whatever designers suggest, the environmental friendliness of the space and environment for the person who lives in this house remains important. All elements used should please the owner – be pleasing to the eye, to the touch, comfortable in daily use and maintenance of the apartment. Only in this case does the concept of environmental friendliness of the house works. With the help of the specialists from the Ax Capital website, you can become an owner of an apartment, or a villa in the UAE, and then create a home perfect for you with the help of the latest furniture design trends.

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