Buying The Perfect Villa In Dubai: 7 Essential Elements To Consider

With sunny, warm weather all year round, several beautiful shorelines, and an environment reminiscent of beach living, having a villa for your home in Dubai is an excellent idea.

Living in a villa allows you to relax without the need to venture away from home — something that you can look forward to at the end of a tiring day. A villa property in Dubai often comes with a garden or pool or both, so you will have different places where you can get some relaxation right inside your home.

If you have children, the outdoor space can be a fun place used for playing, exercising, and relaxing, as well. When you buy a villa in Dubai, your entire property can be turned into a complete recreational and entertainment venue for the whole family and any guests you may have.

A Guide to Purchasing Your First Villa in Dubai

When you invest in the right villa, you will experience all the aforementioned benefits and more.

To be sure you will invest in the perfect property, consider these key factors during the purchasing process:

1. Location

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Living in the perfect villa means residing in an area that can support your lifestyle and the level of convenience you prefer.

For instance, if you are working in the central business district, you need to find a home that is within proximity to your workplace, whether by walking, taking public transportation, or driving your vehicle.

If you want to be near malls, parks, or other places of entertainment, you’ll have to choose a property in a neighborhood near these areas.

Find out how safe and secure the neighborhood is, as well. There should be low to zero crime rates in your preferred community — something you’ll find easily in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

Gated, self-contained communities are also excellent options, especially if you have a family. These neighborhoods often have their supermarkets, pharmacies, retail outlets, petrol stations, health facilities, and daycare centers. They are usually near schools, as well.

Because of these reasons, the location should be your top consideration when looking for a villa to buy in Dubai.

2. The Developer

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To get the most from your investment and to have peace of mind, you need to be sure that the villa you purchase is constructed following industry and safety standards.

Aside from conducting a thorough inspection of the villa, you can also get assurance that you will live in a good-quality, structurally safe home when you buy one from a well-known and trusted property developer.

As such, when buying a villa, look for property developers of Dubai real estate projects that have a stellar reputation for building structurally sound and well-designed homes that satisfy buyers. By doing so, you will have peace of mind that your new abode will be worth your investment.

Moreover, when you purchase from a trusted developer, you will own a high-quality property that will help you avoid paying for premature and unexpected repair and home improvement work.

3. Safety and Security

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Premium villas located in gated and self-contained communities rank high in terms of safety and security since there are guards stationed at all entrances. They also carry out regular patrols and can be contacted when you need their assistance. Lastly, they check the identity of guests entering the community.

All these help reduce the possibility of burglars and strangers intruding into your home.

Moreover, modern villas have other safety and security features that will give you and everyone in your household peace of mind. These include CCTV cameras, surveillance mechanisms, and home automation systems.

4. Available Amenities

A large house with a swimming pool in front of it

To get the most out of living in a villa, find out how self-contained and complete your chosen community is. Aside from having a grocery store, pharmacy, and daycare center, it should have other facilities that you need to have easy access to.

So choose the right community that supports the lifestyle you want. This way, you’ll find that going about your usual activities easier and more convenient. You will save time and money doing them, too.

For example, you won’t need to go far to be healthy and fit if you live in a self-contained villa community. Your neighborhood would likely have jogging paths, biking trails, and a community garden where you can do yoga or tai-chi.

The community center would also have a gym and fitness center, pool, and clubhouse so that you can easily squeeze in time to work out and relax whenever you need to. Restaurants and coffee shops are welcome amenities, too.

If you have kids, find out if there have a well-equipped playground, as well.

Before deciding to buy a property, find out all of the amenities available first, so that you can enjoy a higher level of comfort and convenience once you move into your villa.

5. Size of the Entire Property

A large house with a large lawn in front of it

The size of your new home and outdoor space should be sufficient to meet the number of residents. It should also be enough to house all your belongings, which should include your car, bike, and other large possessions.

However, you should consider your plans, too. For instance, a two-bedroom villa may suit you now if you and your spouse only have one child. But if you want to have more kids and even get a couple of pets, you may want to look for a property with more rooms or space.

A spacious property also comes with the additional advantage of being ready for possible modifications, including expansion. Even if you buy only a three-bedroom villa, you can have one or more rooms added as long as your home is large enough to accommodate additions.

Also consider the size of the outdoor space, especially if you want to start a garden or have a pool constructed.

6. Maintenance Services

A large house with a pool in front of it

When searching for the ideal villa complex, find out if they have a reputable maintenance service provider. By doing so, you can be sure you won’t experience a lot of headaches and wait for a long time when you need to have something repaired immediately.

Additionally, a reliable maintenance company will ensure the complex remains tidy and appealing. This will make living in the community more pleasant and safe.

To have an idea of how meticulous the complex’s maintenance agency is, find out how often their team cleans around the community and how reliable they are with handling repairs. Look for online reviews, if any.

7. Potential Resale Value

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Lastly, although buying a home often means staying in your property permanently, something may happen in the future that will cause you to give up your villa or sell it. This can include the need to work in another city or country.

In case you find yourself needing to unload your villa, you can ensure you won’t have a hard time selling it and recovering your investment by finding out what its potential resale value is.

An experienced real estate agent can help you get a good idea of your villa’s possible resale value.

With many move-in ready and under-development villas to choose from in Dubai, you can zero in on the best property by factoring in these seven elements in your final decision.

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