Some Amazing Un... Architecture Home

Underground house is a dream for many people and it is really good if you want to expand your house but having floors might be dangerous in your area then underground house is the best option you can go for as they are safe and anyone would rarely know about it so in case of any emergency you can also use the space to hide yourself. So if you wonder that how you can design the underground area then here are few underground house design ideas that you can follow to design your own underground house.

Underground eco house is if you would see from the a height than you would be just able to see some small flower pattern like shape going on which together forms the shape of a flower. From above they might look small but as soon as you would enter you have to use staircase to come down in order to get into the house. From interior it is no different from any other regular house but the only thing is that you have to use artificial lights because sunlight is a rare case there.These are few of the underground house designs that you can have if you are thinking of having a house.