Best Architect Halloween Costume Ideas That You Must Try

Halloween is almost knocking on the door and people are getting their houses ready for Halloween but just giving your home the twist of Halloween is not just enough. You need to get yourself ready too, Halloween always brings night parties and Halloween theme parties where you are supposed to dress scary depending upon your interests. Architect Halloween costume is one of the themes which is especially of the architects who are known for their interest in building houses as well as other constructions.

Halloween Costumes Ideas

So in this theme people need to dress like a building or any construction of their choice. To get the dress in such ways you need to keep certain things in mind. Then you would be good to go to the party. Measuring tape costume: in this costume design, one needs to appear just like the measuring meter tape. In other words, you can say that you need to prepare a giant miniature of the measuring tape. The body of the measuring tape can prepare out of cardboard and you just have to paint it like the original tape do not experiment much rather try to keep the costume appear realistic.

Halloween Costume Idea

To make the costume more prominent you can paint your exposed skin in yellow color too which is the original color of any measuring tape. Do not forget to mention the brand name on any part of the costume and just like the original piece you too have to attack the measuring tape at the lower end of the costume. The whole costume should be the exact replica of the original product. Taj mahal costume: taj mahal is one of the 7 wonders of the world and it is constructed in India long ago. No doubt the 7th wonder of the world is very beautiful and is just a treat to watch.

famous building costume

Making the giant miniature or costume of this famous building is not a matter of a joke. It needs dedication as well as hard work. You can literally wear it as a top and the costume would end at the waist level. To prepare this costume you need to prepare a small miniature of the Taj Mahal building surrounding your body and your head would peep through the center tomb of the small miniature Taj Mahal. The miniature can either be prepared with foam paper or cardboard, going with light material would help you as you have to hold the costume with your hands throughout the party.

Halloween Costumes

These were a few architect costume ideas that you can check out and try this Halloween to surprise everyone. These costumes are also unique from all the common scary costumes. So wearing such costumes would grab everyoneā€™s attention towards you.

costume for halloween
Halloween idea
Halloween tajmahal
Halloween building
Ready for Halloween
happy Halloween
Architecture Halloween

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