Kitchen Subway Tile Backsplash Ideas

It doesn’t make any difference what your preferred design is or how much space you have to execute your favorite tile trend. A subway tile backsplash is a safeguard expansion to practically every kitchen. Enlivened by the tiles that line New York City subway stops, these tiles have been on the ascent since the time they were found in 1904. Their flexibility and rectangular shape are perfect for a fresh start. The best material to consider for this trend is porcelain tiles. They are water-resistant and are majorly designed for places with direct contact with water.

That being said, subway tile trends are quite common in the UK. With the right design in mind, it is possible to get the exact look in your apartment too. View the spectacular kitchen designs. From unpolished rooms to present-day wonders, these spaces demonstrate exactly how versatile metro tiles can be.

What Is a Tile Backsplash?

Tile Backsplash

Backsplashes are a field of material that regularly fills the holes on a kitchen or washroom divider among cupboards and a ledge, traversing the length of the ledge. Customarily, these have gone from little fixes of backsplash that stretch above farmhouse sinks to the pre-2000s mosaic-style backsplashes that were regularly intended to coordinate with kitchen flooring.

Progressed admirably, the present porcelain tile backsplashes are a splendid emphasis to one of the most used rooms of the family, balancing the space with intriguing surfaces, tones, and configuration designs. In a perfect world, they can be introduced at the same time with the ledge yet can turn into an expert or DIY undertaking.

The Best Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

Here are a few kitchen backsplash tile trends that you might consider while renovating your most-used space in the house.

1. Tile All Over the Wall

Tile All Over the Wall

One of the most common Subway Tile Backsplash trends is the ’tile on the entire wall’. Pairing it up with a brass hood can add more warmth to your space. In this trend, you need to cover the wall as well as the ceiling with the same tile design. It is one of the most popular tile trends.

2. Extended Till Pantry

The pantry section is mostly left unnoticed in any household. But if you enjoy amping up this section, extend your tiles to the pantry area. It will step up your kitchen game really fast. Check out the range of porcelain tiles to get subway tile backsplash in your space. Get the best porcelain tiles in the UK from a trusted manufacturer

3. Painted Glass

Painted Glass

If you are planning on adding a bit more special than the usual subway tile trend, it is great to pick up the high-shine painted glass. To add a cosmopolitan and modern touch to your apartment, a glass backsplash is a very sophisticated option. This painted glass kitchen backsplash tile goes perfectly with lacquered cabinets

4. Stripes 


One can never go wrong with stripes. It comes in all forms and styles. A porcelain tile is ideal to use as a subway tile option. You can easily play with various color options and styles when it comes to stripes. Pick up two different shades of grey, or maybe use pastel colors to open up your kitchen space. Make sure to install some white floating shelves to play with the overall layout of your kitchen.

5. Quartz Extension

Quartz Extension

Extending your kitchen countertops up the wall is another style trend that most of the best interior designers in the UK suggest. All you need to do is extend it up a few inches with the same material. You can use quartz for such purposes. Using a light color will give a bright and modern look to your kitchen space.

6. Mirrored Tiles

Mirrored Tiles

If your kitchen space lacks sunlight, mirror tiles can be a superb pick for it. It helps in maximizing the light like a disco ball. Those who do not have a lot of windows in the kitchen can surely pick this backsplash tile trend. Place casual wicker stools to nicely contrast with your kitchen space.

7. Tile & Marble

It is always fun to play with different tile trends and designs to get ‘that look. Cover one wall with marble and the other one with a high-quality porcelain tile in a different color. This will make your space look cool as well as edgy at the same time. Natural stones are expensive, however, porcelain tiles are quite affordable. The contrast set of tiles makes it a very affordable trend.

The Bottom Line

We know how challenging it is to get the right look in your kitchen. You can find high-quality porcelain tiles and slabs in the UK with ease. The kitchen backsplash tile is highly useful apart from looking quite stylish. Find your favorite porcelain tiles at the best website in the UK.

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