10 Colourful Basketball Courts from Around the World

A basketball court requires dimensions of ninety-four feet by fifty feet with two hoops on both sides facing each other. Apart from these, there are no particular specifications required in the design of basketball courts to fulfil their purpose. Thus, apart from the typical basketball courts, one can also witness beautifully designed colourful basketball courts from around the world with unique aesthetics. Let’s see ten colourful basketball courts.

The design of these basketball courts ranges from designs built along with a floating boat in Cambodia to boldly painted colourful basketball courts from around the world. These designs have attracted all the sports-loving and even people who aren’t much into sports.

Conventional vs Colorful Basketball Courts

Sports and outdoor activities have always proved to be beneficial to an individual and the community as a whole. Introducing vibrant hues to sports complexes like basketball courts not only fixes them up aesthetically but brings more people together, makes the whole area look beautiful and also inspires, promotes creative vision. 

A colourful basketball court draws more people to the field which in return teaches them teamwork, cooperation and enhances the fun experience a basketball court offers.

A typical blank basketball court is like a blank canvas for the artists and designers to express their creativity to strengthen and build communities, encouraging multigenerational play. Basketball is something more than just a game, it is a representative of happiness and joy in the community. 

Entering a colourful basketball court may induce the physical vibrance of colour, change the way of engaging with the space and might help people to feel safer and overall, it leaves a powerful impact on the community.

10 Colorful Basketball Courts from around the World

Here is a list of Ten colourful basketball courts from around the world to get you in the basketball game.

1. Ezelsplein (Aalst, Belgium) by Katrien Vanderlinden

Ten colourful basketball courts

Mexico Metropolis features a blue chequered court with a multicoloured court docket, a colorful basketball court printed in 3-D. This vibrant mural was pulled off by a Belgian artist, Katrien Vanderlinden. The colourful basketball court has a mural knowledgeable by children’s sports on a basketball court docket in the inner-city of Aalst. 

The court docket, Ezelsplein is composed of squares, rectangles, triangles and circles, all the basic geometries in various shapes, varying sizes and hues. Logical blocks from children’s mathematical reasoning sport were taken as an inspiration for this geometric design. The bright, bold colours and forms allow the users/gamers to come up with their own video game in the court docket.

Bank Street Park Basketball Court (London), by Yinka Ilori

Ten colourful basketball courts

Distinct geometric motifs are merged with vibrant colours on this unique colourful basketball court docket in the Canary Wharf Monetary district of London. A half-sized court is designed to serve three-a-side basketball and is shaded with a 3-d printed roof by polypropylene tiles. 

Yinka Ilori added vibrant prints oozing out onto the wall of the hoarding running along the court’s perimeter. A pattern of orange and blue waves lap the backboard of the court’s only basketball hoop.

Pigalle Duperre (Paris), by Ill Studio and Pigalle

Pigalle Duperre (Paris), by Ill Studio and Pigalle

A partnership between French vogue model Pigalle and Ill-studio led to a colourful basketball court docket set amongst a row of buildings in Paris’ ninth arrondissement.

Sportsmen, artwork from the 1930s by Russian artist Kasimir Malevich guided the design which features four figures, dressed in the same daring colours on the court docket.

EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber is a common flooring material for the sports complexes and courts, the same in the squares of clue, crimson, yellow and white can be seen on the court docket.

4. Kinloch Park Courts (St. Louis), by William LaChance

Kinloch Park Courts (St. Louis), by William LaChance

Three basketball courts in the suburbs of St. Louis are painted by the artist William LaChance with bright, bold block colours. The designs of these three colourful basketball courts are based on a series of five oil paintings, which when arranged next to each other, form a larger picture known as ‘Tapestry of Color Fields.’ a multicoloured background, painted with the shades of blue, grey, yellow, brown and crimson features white strings on the top of it.

5. Summerfield Park Court (Birmingham), by Kofi Joseph and Zuke

Summerfield Park Court (Birmingham), by Kofi Joseph and Zuke

The collaboration of basketball player Kofi Joseph with graffiti artist Zuke led to the renovation of a basketball court at Birmingham’s Summerfield Park. The court docket is splashed with bright yellows and blues to attract the locals and children to the sport. The design features elements that represent the town of Birmingham. 

A crown, for example, has been painted on the concrete floor which symbolizes the Jewelry Quarter of Birmingham.

6. Stanton Street Courts (New York City), by Kaws

Stanton Street Courts (New York City), by Kaws

A Brooklyn based artist Kaws was enlisted by Nike to create illustrations on the two adjacent colorful basketball courts on Manhattan’s Stanton street in New York City. Kaws is well known for his vibrantly coloured comic works and he used his signature style to transform the two basketball courts. 

Elmo and Cookie monster, characters from a popular kid’s television show Sesame Street have been illustrated onto the courts in an abstract style with distinctive crossed-out eyes.

7. Pigalle Duperre (Paris), by Ill Studio and Pigalle

Pigalle Duperre (Paris), by Ill Studio and Pigalle

Ill studio and Pigalle collaborated to go back to a colourful basketball court they renovated in 2015. The old block colours were replaced with the hues of blue, purple, orange and pink. The team engaged with the sports activities expertise, Nike for the redesign of the complex, unstructured and irregularly formed website. 

The backboards were designed with translucent plastic in pink shades, while the recreational space and zones are highlighted with white shade.

8. House of Mamba Court (Shanghai), by Nike

House of Mamba Court (Shanghai), by Nike

In Shanghai, Nike opened a properly dimensioned basketball court docket equipped with motion-tracking and built-in reactive LED visualization technology. This, this court was designed to offer a space for Kobe Bryant, an American star, to star to demonstrate his abilities and skills to the young gamers as a part of Nike RISE initiative. 

This colourful basketball court features a standard court and Nike RISE marketing and publicity as a part of it. The LED floor shuffles through a mixture of photos, graphics and colours when the court docket is not in use.

9. Kintsugi Court (Los Angeles), by Victor Solomon

Kintsugi Court (Los Angeles), by Victor Solomon

Kintsugi Court in Los Angeles features the Japanese cultural artwork of Kintsugi by artist Victor Solomon. Artist has tried to reconcile numerous fractures and crevices on this court docket. In a vein-like pattern, gold resin strains expand all over the court, linking worn out pieces of faded grey concrete. 

Artist used his knowledge of Kintsugi, which entails restoring damaged pottery with lacquer mixed with powdered valuable metals to highlight, expose the breakage rather than concealing it.

10. La Doce (Mexico City), by All Arquitectura Mexico

La Doce (Mexico City), by All Arquitectura Mexico

A vibrant soccer and basketball court docket in one of the impoverished and violent areas of Mexico is designed by studio All Arquitectura. The floor of this colourful basketball court can be seen in an elongated and slating chequerboard pattern in a combination with two vibrant hues of blue. 

This court docket stands out in the house shacks and deteriorating buildings as the court docket imparts colour and environment to the realm.

These colourful basketball courts are sure to entice you into a game, with architectural design finesse and pop colours, these courts have managed not just to raise the competitive spirit but create a happy community that thrives through urban interventions.

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