Interior Design Ideas Resembling Elegance and Simplicity

Holding a banquet is one way to strengthen the relationship with family, friends, and neighbors. But in a banquet, another thing that is no less important than preparing the food is the beauty of the table setting itself. Don’t worry if you feel you are not an expert in decorating the dining table. By adding a centerpiece, a dining table that used to look ordinary can become special. It’s just that you need to pay attention to how to place it so that it tastes good with the shape of the table design, like adding a linen curtain. here we will talk about the best interior design ideas.

The Centerpiece: How Does It Go?

The Centerpiece Interior Design Ideas

For a round dining table, ideally, a centerpiece is placed in the middle of the table, while on a long table the centerpiece can be adjusted repeatedly following the direction of the matching series line according to the length of the table.

Also, pay attention to the lighting so that the centerpiece can look really beautiful. In general, people use flower arrangements as a centerpiece at the dining table. Choose flowers that are fresh and have a mild scent so as not to disturb the guests present.

If you use artificial flowers or artificial flowers, choose one that has good quality and is easy to wash. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of flowers in terms of type, color, and how to arrange them. Don’t get hung up on flowers or fruit when you’re planning to make a centerpiece arrangement. Create a theme for your banquet and match the centerpiece idea with that theme.

Centerpiece Theme

For example, you can make a centerpiece by arranging several candles on a table. If the banquet is themed on a child’s birthday, you can also be creative using children’s toys such as legos which are arranged in a clear container and placed in the middle of the table. First, determine the dining table model that will use to make it easier in choosing the right type of vase.

A good centerpiece is one that is balanced between big, tall, and can build the desired atmosphere. The atmosphere can be built depending on the surrounding furniture. Use a good linen curtain, which can amazingly support the environment, as the linen makes a humid and cool temperature, which is the best for dinner.

When setting up the centerpiece, make sure the series is not higher than the eyes of the guests sitting at the dining table so that their view is not obstructed when conversing. Also make sure that the size is not too big, especially if it sticks to the food container or even interferes with the guest’s space.

Remember, the centerpiece series must also be clean because it is located close to the food. While you’re at it, make sure to keep an eye on the cooking smell as well. A smelly room, even though it’s a pleasant food smell, will still bother you and your family, so try to get rid of it.

Other Way of Improving the Interior

Interior Design Ideas

In interior design, in particular, the recommendation for choosing colors is not arbitrary. This is closely related to the desired atmosphere and atmosphere of the room. The choice of color should also reflect the personality of the people who live in it wherever possible.

Therefore, you must plan very well the choice of interior paint colors, as well as the concept and style of interior design wisely to create the desired space atmosphere. A low-profile color can provide you calm yet majestic theme. In the world of physics, color is actually the way how our eyes, as well as brain, see and perceive different waves and dynamics of light reflected off an object or item

Just like a rainbow. The Rainbow represents the spectrum of colors. These are the colors that only the eye of a human can observe and see, orange, green, indigo, blue, red, and purple as well. That is what people call the color experience. Some people even bravely argue that the color of white is the embodiment of the absence of all colors or the absence of all colors. While the opposite black is the presence of all colors.


The basis and fundamental of all exciting colors are the primary color;  which are yellow, red, and blue. By combining these three colors, we can get and gain every other color from the whole. Then, we will never be able to create the main color in a mix of other exciting colors. The lighting also plays a part in creating the vibes. A table lamp and chandelier are perfect for the dining table. The matching of the lamplight is also good; a yellow yet not too shallow color is good for eye and conversation vibes.

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