5 Tricks You May Use To Clean Your Bathroom

From old wives’ tales to newer stranger discoveries, there are hundreds of tricks to help you get the best results when cleaning your bathroom. These have been narrowed down by Susan Carmichael to the top five tricks that you must know to make cleaning your bathroom easier and interesting.

1. Use Lemons To Get Rid of Water Spots

Use Lemons To Get Rid of Water Spots

Although it sounds strange by rubbing lemons over any stained chrome, such as on the shower or the sink fixtures, those annoying water sports should disappear. Water stops are such a common problem in every bathroom; sometimes it is just unavoidable when there is water running all the time.  This is a cheap alternative to expensive and toxic cleaners, the lemons are the best and easiest to use and clean, plus they leave your bathroom smelling so fresh.

2. Vinegar Sparkle

Vinegar Sparkle

Showerheads are constantly in need of some TLC; the best way to reduce limescale build-up and ensure the cleanliness of the showerhead is to soak it in vinegar. The best way to tackle this task is to use a secure plastic bag or sandwich bag, depending on the size of your showerhead. Then fill up the bag with vinegar ready to insert the showerhead into the bag, either do this by screwing off the showerhead and fully submerging it or standing just the top of the showerhead into the water.

If you choose the second option please secure the showerhead to the bag with string or an elastic band, then let the showerhead soak for thirty to forty minutes, some leave this overnight but that is dependant on the cleanliness level of the showerhead. Once it has soaked enough rinse the head with water to remove any debris and scrub the top of the showerhead with a toothbrush to make sure it is squeaky clean.

3. Get Rid of Gross Grout 

Get Rid of Gross Grout 

Grout is the horrible stuff that can fill the gaps between bathroom tiles; it is completely normal but can make a generally clean bathroom look very dirty if it is not cleaned up. The best way to clean those crevices and make your tiles looked restored and revived is by creating a special paste and leaving it to sit for up to thirty minutes.

To make the special paste, mix three-quarters of baking soda to a quarter of bleach, then apply this onto the grout with a cloth, please ensure that this paste is laid on quite thick. After letting it sit for thirty minutes remove the paste with a cloth, this should leave your tiles sparkling white and bright.

4. No More Mirror Miseries

No More Mirror Miseries

If you want a really clean and sparkling bathroom mirror then ditch all of the products on the market with harmful, strong-smelling chemicals in and use an ingredient that we probably all have in our cupboards. Some like to drink it, others use it under their eyes to make them look younger, but today try using black tea bags as a solution to dusty and dirty mirrors. Your bathroom mirror usually sees the worst of things, from makeup to toothpaste and loads of hair products, but black tea will get rid of them all and leave your mirror gleaming.

To make the solution simply boil some water, add this to a cup with two or three black tea bags in and wait for it to cool down. Once it has used the solution to clean up your bathroom mirror with ease. The reason this method is so praised is that the acid found within tea just dissolves dirt with such ease.

5. No Tears Toilet Cleaning Ideas

No Tears Toilet Cleaning Ideas

No one enjoys cleaning the toilet, but it is a given and has to be done to improve the overall look and smell of the whole bathroom. A really deep clean of one’s toilet is necessary at least once a week, however now most toilet cleaning products are really expensive and don’t really make the task any easier.  Nevertheless, there are a few ways that can make tackling your toilet easier and cheaper.

A great alternative to bleach-based toilet cleaning products is using mouthwash, this can remove stains and restore the toilet bowl back to that porcelain white color of which it started out as. When using this method empty about a quarter to half a cup of mouthwash into the toilet bowl and let it sit there for half an hour. Then return to the toilet, scrub the bowl with your toilet brush well and flush. Not only will your toilet be clean and free of grime, but it will also smell minty fresh!

Forget harsh chemicals and pricey cleaners! These clever, budget-friendly tricks using lemons, vinegar, tea, and even mouthwash will leave your bathroom gleaming like a spa, all while making you smile (minus the toilet cleaning, maybe!). So ditch the drudgery and embrace the sparkle!

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