Five Types of Gym Equipment to Have at Home

If you’re a contemporary homeowner, you may aware of the importance of having a space designated entirely for working out. Most people don’t put much thought into having different types of Gym Equipment at home; and those who do, look no further than a treadmill.

However, thanks to a variety of workout equipment available at online fitness gear providers like Gimmie, you may no longer need to restrict yourself to a treadmill. Creating a small gym in your home has never been easier. All you need is equipment suitable to your workout needs and some time at your hands; you can be the best version of yourself without spending a hefty amount every month.

Weighted Jump Rope

Weighted Jump Rope for Gym

If you are a fitness freak and constantly measure your calorie intake, take the best muscle builder, and generally take your fitness very seriously, having weighted jump ropes can help keep your cardiovascular fitness in check. Several trends and fitness training books boast the importance of having these at home.

Weighted jump ropes hardly require any space and are known to improve overall endurance, strength, and coordination instead of regular jumping ropes. The latter isn’t specifically designing for fitness-related outcomes. Weighted jump ropes are known to burn more calories than other workout regimes.

Indoor Exercise Bike

Indoor Exercise Bike for Gym

Indoor exercise bikes are a great alternative for cycling outdoors, especially if your circumstances don’t allow you to do so. By using this equipment you can burn body fat and calories along with straightening your lungs, muscles, and heart.

Due to its features that complement a heart-healthy life; it comes under one of the most sought-after cardio equipment recommended by experts. The best part is that, unlike other machines, this one doesn’t stress out your joints.


Dumbbells for Gym

Dumbbells are also one of the most useful types of equipment for a low-scale workout at home. The best features of dumbbells are that they’re inexpensive, small, and suitable for different types of exercises to perform at home.

Sometimes, they’re also called free weights and come in various shapes, sizes, and weights to accommodate your fitness goals best. More than a good arm workout, dumbbells, if used well, can help people save costs in the long run, especially if they’re looking to build muscle.

Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine for Gym

Unlike other equipment focused on either increasing your muscle strength or improving cardiovascular health, a rowing machine provides a full-body workout. It uses almost 86% of your muscles and targets the following areas:

├ś  Pecs

├ś  Arms

├ś  Abdominal muscles

├ś  Upper back

├ś  Obliques

While investing in other equipment is equally necessary, the reason healthcare professionals recommend a rowing machine at home is that it’s perfect for every age group. It helps you burn some serious calories and doesn’t stress out your joints.

It allows you to have a good amount of control over the pace and movement, so you can be as involved in the process as possible. Some healthcare professionals also recommend it as a great exercise option for people suffering from osteoarthritis.


Treadmill for Gym

At the end of the day, most people invest in treadmills more than any other fitness equipment. This is because the basics of working out include running. It gives people a sense of empowerment to know that this piece of equipment will help them release more sweat than anything else.

It helps them feel like they’ve done enough for the day, and this is why having a treadmill at home can be a good alternative to running outside, especially if you’re conscious about working out outside.

Treadmills help to achieve fitness goals if people are slightly overweight and wish to get rid of the bloated mass. Again, it may not be as useful for people with other weight-related complications. However, some workout is always better than no workout.


In conclusion, working out at home may prove much more feasible for some people than dealing with the hassle of going to a facility. Moreover, investing in gym equipment once means you have it working for you for a good number of years, unlike paying a certain amount per month at a gym that may be more costly in the long run. Considering the benefits, make sure you get high-quality equipment and stick to a regimen.

Nishant Desai
Nishant Desai
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