Upgrading your Garage Door to Increase Home Value

For potential homebuyers, the first thing to be considered is how your house looks from the street or your curb appeal. Since the garage takes most of the space of a home, it can be seen easily even from afar; hence, it must be looking well maintained and work smoothly to use as leverage to attract potential buyers. A lousy and shabby-looking garage door may discourage prospective buyers.

So if you want to create a good lasting impression, make sure to use your garage door to its maximum potential.

Suppose you think of doing a garage door replacement. In that case, you might want to consider having a garage door installation done by experts. You can call a garage door repair company and have professionals assist you.

When Is the Right Time to Replace My Old Garage Door?

Garage doors must live their purpose for a long time; however, homeowners must adequately maintain them to use them smoothly even after years of use. It must have a regular maintenance check to determine whether it will save more money on preserving it or replacing it will make more sense.

Creates a Squeaking Sound While Operating

Creates a Squeaking Sound While Operating

It may need some lubrication to avoid making loud and grinding noises when rolling up and down. Or it needs total overhauling to set off as hassle-free and quietly as possible. These noises might be moving parts of the system that need fixing to run well. Or, if you are thinking of a small home renovation idea, you might want to contemplate installing a modern garage door for a more convenient and undistracted quiet morning.

What causes a noisy garage door?

  • Needs lubrication – the loud noises your garage door is making are perhaps due to its moving parts rubbing against each other; hence, you need to put on some lubricant to run and operate smoothly.
  • Faulty installation – If you have difficulty with a stuck garage door, struggle to open and close, and make a loud grinding noise, the gates may not be in the proper position. Look for a dependable garage door service provider with skills and expertise in garage door installation.
  • Crooked tracks – distorted tracks prevent the garage door from running steadily and make it stuck while rolling.
  • Loose parts – a garage door has many moving parts for its system to work correctly. It consists of rollers, belts, chains, and nuts to roll when opening or closing. Over the years, these parts may wear and tear and struggle to function efficiently.

Uncontrolled Home Temperature

Uncontrolled Home Temperature affect Garage Door

Due to the garage door not being properly sealed, warm or cold weather is entering the house.

The main culprit? Your garage door.

And since it is the largest entryway of the home, it welcomes outside air freely, making the house temperature imbalanced. This results in higher energy consumption since the heating and air conditioning units need to work harder to provide heat during cold seasons and produce cold air during summer. And higher energy consumption means higher electricity bills.

Ask your home renovation contractor for garage door insulation to save money on utilities. This will hamper the outside air from passing through your garage wall, doors, and windows. Your contractor will put on some insulation materials like spray foams, weather strips, and others to tightly seal the gaps in your home and garage area.

Looks Unattractive

Have you ever wondered why it seems that no one wants to look or even have a glance at your house? Maybe because they find your home unattractive and your facade does not look worthy of looking at, or if they do, they are discouraged from looking further since it looks displeasing to the eyes.

What Should You Do to Enhance Your Curb Appeal?

Materials and Designs

Use materials for your garage door that match your house’s design and color. A nude earth-colored home matches a wood barn-like garage door design, while modern contemporary houses look best with doors made with aluminum and fiberglass panels. You can never go wrong with using steel for an industrial-looking place. You can also add some elements for a more visually satisfying front yard. Decorative stones and wall-cladding bricks look impressive on garage door corners.

Captivating Colors

Choose attractive colors that will immediately catch whoever looks at your home front, specifically at your garage door. Once it catches their eyes, they will be attracted and encouraged to buy if you are selling the house.

Astounding Landscape

Make your visitors and neighborhood admire your curb appeal with your well-maintained front yard. Shrubs, trees, and flowering plants add beauty to the house’s curb appeal.

Compromised Security

Nothing is more important than the safety and security of your family and essential belongings. If you think that your old garage door cannot give you the best of security, it’s about time to upgrade to a modern garage door with safety features. Garage doors that are old and worn out can be a point of entry for burglars since they know that breaking in with these doors will be no sweat for them.

Opt for garage doors that can be monitored and controlled using your smartphone. Yes, it is possible with the use of technology. You can know what is happening in your garage even if you are away for work or vacation. You can sleep peacefully at night knowing that your family and possessions are safe from perpetrators.

 Increased Effort on Opening or Closing

 Increased Effort on Opening or Closing

You’ll know it’s high time for a replacement when opening and closing take longer than usual. It means that some of its parts are no longer functioning well and need fixing. The trails might have some derailments resulting in them not running as smoothly as before. Look for a local garage door opener installation that can be run through your smartphone using WiFi.

Not only will it make life easier, but it is also what makes your property value increase. You can take pride in knowing that your investment will not be wasted.

What should you do when you experience the following in your garage door?

The garage Door Gets Stuck Midway and Not Opening and Closing Fully.

Call your garage door service provider, as this means that the installer did not correctly fix the door. Please do not do it yourself, for it might be dangerous when it fails.

Your Garage Door Looks Uneven and Has Gaps Even When Closed.

There should be no openings in your garage door that might be an entrance for thieves. It should be firmly closed and prevent damage and losses later on.

Your Door Is Making a Loud Cracking Sound During Opening or Closing.

The bolts and nuts may be misaligned, making a rubbing noise since the parts are rubbing as opposed to each other.

Has Cracking Sound

It needs to put on some lubricant to smoothen the operation.

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