5 ways to get the luxury look in Bathroom

Upgrade accessories

Enhance bathroom's luxury by upgrading accessories like elegant toothbrush holders, rainfall shower heads, and stylish taps. Add quality towels and decorative accents for a high-end feel.

Ambient lighting

Craft a luxurious spa bath with thoughtful lighting. Ditch harsh overheads; embrace sconces and strip lights for practicality and ambiance. Dimmers enhance relaxation.

Focus on the material

Materials impact bathroom design. Prioritize tiles and worktops alongside sanitaryware for a luxurious look. Balance aesthetics and costs carefully.

Make a statement

Upgrade bathroom by replacing a core furniture piece. A new freestanding bath elevates room, offering a lasting luxury touch.

spring cleaning

Merge minimalism and luxury in bathrooms. Achieve elegance through cleanliness. Hide items in stylish storage baskets for an upscale touch.