Strange But Beautiful White House Christmas Decorations By The First Lady

Do you know where you can find the most alluring and creative Christmas decorations? At THE WHITE HOUSE. The Christmas decorations of the White House are must-see for all of us. The extraordinary and enormous Christmas tree with distinctive embellishments is the main focus of the white house Christmas decorations. The first official Christmas tree was placed in 1889 by president Benjamin Harrison. Since then, it has been a tradition, and every year America’s first family follows this presidential tradition.

Every year, The White House is decorated by the First Lady. It is one of the customs that has been followed over the 200 years. In addition, every year a tour is conducted for the public to see the decorations of the White House.

Let’s take a virtual tour to The White House at the time of Christmas so that you can see the Christmas house decorations from inside. Here we have penned down the Christmas decorations of the last four decades. So, enjoy reading our blog, and also you’ll get some inspirations to decorate your home for the upcoming festive season.

Here is how America’s Frist lady prepared the White House for the Christmas:

1. Nancy Davis Reagan (1981-1989)


white house Christmas decoration

Nancy Reagan decorated the White House in a very creative and casual way. She kept things simple and clean. Here’s she posed with the Ronald Reagan in the white living quarters.


white house Christmas decoration

On her second Christmas, she decided to embellish the tree with gold angel ornaments with white lights.


white house Christmas decoration

That year, the Nancy Reagon was accompanied by Mr. T (Star of the A-team), who was dressed as a Santa Clause.


white house Christmas decoration

“Old-fashioned turn of the century Christmas” was the Christmas theme of the year 1985. And guess who the Santa was? Larry Hagman was showed up as a Santa for the Christmas White House tour.


white house Christmas decoration

This year Reagon’s bring an 18.5-foot Fraser fir “ musical” tree. White House carpenters made 300 wood candles for this tree and some of the decors were reused from the previous celebrations.

2. Barbara Pierce Bush (1989-1993)


white house Christmas decoration

Barbara Bush decorated her first Christmas tree with the cute dolls, which are the famous characters in the storybooks of kid’s.


white house Christmas decoration

With the 1,200 needlepoints, ornaments, the blue room tree was decorated. From which, three ornaments were handmade by the First Lady.


white house Christmas decoration

This year, the decorations are very classic and traditional. The Christmas tree was adorned by the giant red ribbons and silver ornaments.

3. Hillary Rodham Clinton (1993- 2001)


white house Christmas decoration

It was the first Christmas for Hilary Clinton. So, she decided to decorate a Fraser fir tree with cool and funky ornaments.


white house Christmas decoration

In the year 1994, the first lady includes an 18- foot tree in the white house Christmas decorations, which was made by American artists and School children.


white house Christmas decoration

“Twas the Night Before Christmas, When All Through the House…” themes were expressed by the culinary and elementary schools, embroiderers and architects. The White House pastry chefs also prepared a 70-pound gingerbread model of Hilary’s childhood home.


white house Christmas decoration

An 18.5- foot tall Christmas tree is installed in the main hall, which was made by the NNA (National Needlework Association). It is the Council of Fashion Designers of America.


white house Christmas decoration

This main focus of this year’s decorations is the series of the gingerbread models of the Washington Monument, Mount Vernon, the Jefferson Memorial, and the White House.


white house Christmas decoration

As this the last year for the Clinton, she selected the “Holiday Reflections” theme and decorated the tree with the miniature of the historical places.

4. Laura Welch Bush (2001- 2009)


After the terrorist attack (11 September) the Christmas tour had been canceled for the public.


white house Christmas decoration

The first lady embellished the tree with storybook characters. By this, she shows paid homage to her mother-in-law (Barbara Bush).


white house Christmas decoration

It had been felt like a white Christmas in the White House. With the “Deck the Halls and Welcome All” theme, Laura decided to decorate the tree with silver ornaments, red ribbons and lots of fake snow on the tree branches.


white house Christmas decoration

This year Christmas tree is paid tribute to the country’s National Parks. A total of 347 handmade ornaments was hanged on the tree. All these represent America’s memorials, seashores, parks, monuments, and historic sites.

5. Michelle Obama (2009- 2017)


white house Christmas decoration

In 2009, Michelle Obama celebrated her first Christmas as the first lady of the united states. “Reflect, Rejoice, and Renew,” was an environmentally friendly theme for Christmas. After trees being displayed, National Parks Service replanted Six of them.


white house Christmas decoration

Michelle Obama wanted to shows respect for the people who serve the country. So, she decorated the main tree with the military medals and Christmas cards which were written by their families.


white house Christmas decoration

Obama selected the cool and classic theme of Christmas “ Joy to All.” This year they added a Gingerbread model of the White House, and also a new member was added to the family- Bo (Dog).


white house Christmas decoration

Michelle decorated The House with the theme “A Children’s Winter Wonderland.” she also invited defense personnel and their families to be first to visit the installations.


white house Christmas decoration

And, for 2015 she chose the star and stripes theme. She decorated the Blue room with a Christmas tree in multiple colors ( Red, Blue, and White). The tree was wrapped in a ribbon, which displays the messages from the U.S troops for their families.

6. Melania Trump (2017- Present Date)


white house Christmas decoration

As “Time-Honored Traditions” was the central theme, the decorations were full of mysterious and surprising elements. The white house is decorated with 53 Christmas trees, 71 Wreaths, and more than 12,000 ornaments. Cross Hall and The Grand Foyer were decorated by multiple Christmas trees with beautiful crystal ornaments. Inspired by the 1961 white house holiday “ Nutcracker Suite” theme, all Christmas trees were covered with the artificial snow.

white house Christmas decoration
white house Christmas decoration

white house Christmas decoration

white house Christmas decoration


Like the last year, this year, Melania Trump will definitely have some unique and exciting ideas to decorate the White House at Christmas.

So, how do you feel after reading this? Definitely, the decorations are Bizzare but with full of festive vibes. There is always a specific theme, and according to that, all the decorations were set. So, of which year you liked the Christmas decoration theme of the White House the most?

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