Added Value: Key Thoughts Before Renovating Your Home

You’ve probably been through all of the dilemmas about moving or renovating your home and based on your decision to land on this page, we’re going to assume you’ve opted for the latter.

Unfortunately, it’s not all downhill from here. As anyone who has been involved in a renovation project will testify, it’s a tricky beast to conquer. Particularly if you are going for something that’s large scale, trying to live with the commotion is difficult, to say the least.

However, today’s post is more about your thinking process before you engage with builders. Suffice to say, some renovations are more sensible than others and today’s post will mull over some thoughts in more detail.

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Is the Renovation a Financially Sound Idea?

First and foremost, this is one question that might not impact some of you. After all, some of you are planning to stay in your home for the foreseeable future and simply want to make the most of it – you’re not bothered about potential resale value in the future.

However, for others, this resale equation is something that you should start to look at. For example, you might be going all-out with a £20k kitchen – but will this increase your home’s value by such a figure? You may have already hit the ceiling for valuations in your neighborhood, meaning that such an action just isn’t going to reap you any financial benefits.

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Just remember, not all renovations are equal – and some will do more for your home’s valuation than others.

Home Renovations tips


How is it going to Impact your day-to-day Life?

In and amongst all of the excitement about this potential transformation of your home, it would be fair to say that many of us get lost in the practicalities. In other words, we don’t stop and think about the possible repercussions that will impact our day-to-day life.

For example, say if you have targeted a new kitchen, what are you going to do for basic cooking purposes for the duration of the renovation? Even if it’s not a room as practical as this, you shouldn’t forget the sheer amount of dust that can be generated through these works and the irritation this can cause.

There are of course several solutions. Some of you might turn towards home storage options to protect your furniture, while others might go a step further and even relocate yourself temporarily!

Home Renovations tips


What are your timings?

If you are looking to hit a tight deadline, we would advise you to reconsider. Put simply, house renovations are stressful, and attempting to hit a nigh-on impossible deadline is just asking for these stress levels to rise to record levels.

Furthermore, there’s a point about seasonality. Some work won’t be able to be carried out during winter – the cold weather just won’t allow for it. This needs to be factored into your decision-making process, to ensure that the time of the renovation correlates with the right time in your life.