8 Home Renovation Projects to Reduce Electricity Bills

Every homeowner would like to find ways to reduce their electricity bills. Apart from saving them money every month, it is also a way of increasing the value of their homes.

There are different ways homeowners can decrease their electricity bills. One of the most common ways is by cutting their usage. However, this often means compromising their comfort and might not be the most effective way.

The best way to decrease your electricity bills is through energy-efficient home renovations. Here are some of the best types of home renovation projects to reduce electricity bills

1. Install Modern Window Panels

Home Renovation Projects to Reduce Electricity Bills by Install Modern Window Panels

Windows can be blamed for most of the wasted energy in most homes. Naturally, they are the coolest areas in homes and can let out a lot of heat, even when closed.

Even though you can seal drafty windows using plastic or caulk, especially during the cold season, you might need a different solution to decrease your energy bills. For instance, wooden windows with separate glass panes lose a lot of heat through frame gaps.

The best way to handle this is by updating your windows. You can use inserts for window replacement. By fitting these glass panes to your frame, you will close any gaps, something that ensures that you do lose heat and decrease your electricity bills.

2. Replace Your Soffit

Home Renovation Projects to Reduce Electricity Bills by Replace Your Soffit

The gap between the exterior walls of your home and the roof is covered by a material known as the soffit. Soffit also covers the bottom of your roof’s overhang. Its main purpose is to protect your eave – the overhang area of your roof.

Most homes have an unfinished eave. This means that they have a thin soffit whose sole purpose is to protect the eave from external elements. Using the right soffit ensures that you allow fresh air to flow into your roof and the attic area.

This is essential in helping keep your home cool and preventing mold. To decrease your electricity bills, ensure that you have the right type of soffit. This helps you keep the right temperatures at home, meaning you will not need to use your AC unit all the time.

3. Use Spray Foam Insulation

Home Renovation Projects to Reduce Electricity Bills by Use Spray Foam Insulation

This is one of the easiest types of home renovation that can help you to lower your electricity bills. Air leakage in homes contributes largely to high electricity bills.

Using spray foam insulation is an affordable way for homeowners to prevent air leakages and save them a lot of money on electricity bills. In addition to preventing air leakage, it insulates your home from noise pollution.

Air leaks are found in different parts of your walls and windows. Most of them are tiny and can hardly be seen by the naked eye. Spray foam insulation helps you seal these leaks tightly to prevent the loss of warm air.

4. Underfloor Heating

Home Renovation Projects to Reduce Electricity Bills by Underfloor Heating

Also referred to as radiant floor heating, underfloor heating uses hot water or electricity-heated pipes that run beneath the floor of your home. It is a way of heating your home from the floor.

Cold spots are easily eliminated and the right temperature is achieved easily compared to relying on an AC unit. It reaches the same effect as an AC much faster and with less effort.

This makes it a better option for those who want to decrease their electricity bills. You can also use things like thermostats to ensure that the temperature meets your requirements. With such a renovation, you will rely less on your AC unit, saving yourself some money on electricity bills.

5. Compare Electricity Plans

Home Renovation Projects to Reduce Electricity Bills by Compare Electricity Plans

Different electricity companies have different plans for their customers. The secret to decreasing your electricity bills might be choosing a company with the best electricity plans. 

If, for instance, you live in Queensland, you will look for the best electricity company in QLD and get a plan that is not only cheap but also meets all your consumption requirements.

6. Replace Your Refrigerator

Home Renovation Projects to Reduce Electricity Bills by Replace Your Refrigerator

There are different types and models of refrigerators to choose from. However, the best options are energy star refrigerators. Refrigerators with fully insulated and thick walls are also good for those who want to save money on electricity bills.

Most refrigerators come with energy guide stickers. Use these stickers to compare how the refrigerator you want uses electricity. Replacing your old model refrigerator can help you decrease your electricity bills.

7. Clean Your Ducts Regularly

Home Renovation Projects to Reduce Electricity Bills  by Clean Your Ducts Regularly

If you have an air-sealed and insulated home, you will not have to run your AC system frequently. That notwithstanding, you should ensure that you have cleaned your air ducts regularly for maximum efficiency.

If the ducts in your AC unit are not cleaned or have developed cracks, they might lose air or get clogged. This forces the entire system to do more work than usual, something that consumes more power, leading to high electricity bills.

8. Install Smart Light Controls

Home Renovation Projects to Reduce Electricity Bills by Install Smart Light Controls

How many times have you left lights on in your house? This is a very common problem for those with children. Leaving lights on for long periods when no one is in a room can contribute to rising electricity bills.

To decrease your electricity bills, consider installing smart light controls. These controls can detect motion in a room and turn lights on or off automatically, saving you money on electricity bills.


Powering a greener wallet and your future, these renovations slash both energy use and bills. From windows sealing heat to savvy lights that sense absence, invest in one, a few, or all for a brighter financial and environmental future. Remember, energy conservation is as rewarding as it is responsible!

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