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In the summer, switching on the air conditioner feels like a necessity. But, will it increase your electricity and energy usage? Yes, for sure. But there are many ways you can effectively reduce your air-conditioners. In this article, we will be discussing eight practical ways to reduce AC bills.

1. Installation Has to be Correct

Reduce Your AC Bills

If the electric lines are faulty or if the air-conditioner installation is done incorrectly, it will make the AC unit work harder, reducing its efficiency and durability. Due to this, the life of the AC will be drastically lowered. However, a trained mechanic can install the AC.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Your AC’s outdoor unit should not be in a direction that is exposed to direct sunlight for long hours and should be installed in the room in which some fewer windows and doors let in sunlight. Henceforth, the load on the AC unit is minimized, therefore, increasing operational efficiency.

Windows and doors should be shut as warm air from outside will enter the cooling area. Your energy utility bills will increase because the unit will have to work harder because of the sunlight.

3. Nonstop Usage

Whatever appliances it may be, continuous usage can cause damage. Long hours of usage will put a load on the unit and its components. Switch off the AC when not in use or when the room has reached a cool temperature. This is a foolproof way to reduce your electricity bills.

4. Regular Maintenance

Reduce Your AC Bills

An air-conditioner must be maintained regularly, and good service must be done. For the warranty period, the service will be done for free by the manufacturing company. During regular maintenance, all parts are examined, the air filters are cleaned, and any dust on the coils is removed. Problems with the condenser, oil, and lubrication are also fixed. A well-maintained appliance will never consume more energy.

5. AC Contactor

AC contactor play an important role in electric drive and automatic control systems. These devices have a power-saving control function, which lowers the AC voltage at certain times of the day. With this function, AC contactor serve as a one-stop electrical solution for consumers to reduce electricity bills.

6. Choosing Quality Air-Conditioners

The rating of an AC estimates the cooling efficiency of an air-conditioner. This is provided by BEE ( Bureau of Energy Efficiency). Quality air-conditioners naturally reduce the load it puts on the entire AC unit, and the highest star rating of an AC is five, and the lowest is 1. Choosing a 5 star AC will ensure that the room gets cold easily; the unit uses minimal power and little electricity.

7. Set a Timer

Reduce Your AC Bills

Instead of letting the AC run all night long, you can set a timer for 2 or 3 hours. You won’t know if the AC is running at night or not; if you do, you can just switch it on. Keeping it all night long is ineffective and consumes considerable energy.

8. Fan + AC

Using a fan and AC will naturally reduce the energy consumption and keep the room ventilated and circulate the air around the room. If you set the temperature at default, you will not have to keep increasing and decreasing. According to Better India.com, “ For efficient cooling with minimum energy usage, start with switching on the fan and driving away from the hot air in your room and then switching on the AC.”


Which Air-Conditioner Mode Is Best for Power Consumption?

Less power is consumed in cut-off mode.

Why Do ACs Use Up So Much Pressure?

The filters and coils in the AC unit may be clogged, which will restrict the free flow of air, and as a result, the AC will work harder, the load gets higher, and this draws much power.

How Many Hours Must an AC Run Per Day?

According to Thespruceair.com, an AC can run for 8 hours per day.

Is Auto Mode Suitable for AC?

Yes. The good thing about using auto mode is that you can do it in all types of weather and climate.

What Does an Eco Mode Mean in an AC?

Eco mode or Energy saver mode works like a Central AC. The AC will turn off once the set temperature is reached, and the fan cycles for 20 seconds.


Investing in a good, quality AC helps reduce your energy bills, and it also doesn’t cost that much damage to the environment.