Why Adding A Sunroom To Your Bay Area Home Is A Great 2023 Investment

There are many ways on how to improve your property’s curb appeal and value. Several homeowners invest in home renovations to increase their property value when it’s time to place them on the market. Most property developers will suggest additional living space like a sunroom. Sunrooms have been considered as great investments with a guaranteed return of investments once the property is sold. 

Can adding a sunroom into your home bay area be an excellent investment? What are the benefits you can get when you build a sunroom area? Are there factors to consider to help weigh your decisions in regards to creating a sunroom? Where to find the right contractors to build a high-quality, durable, and long-lasting sunroom?  

What’s A Sunroom?

adding a sunroom to your property

A sunroom is one of those home improvements that increase the value of your home. Whether you plan to renovate a newly bought house, or want to sell your previous home, consider building a sunroom to increase its market value is regarded as a wise investment. It’s a living space made of glass to give you instant access to the view outdoors and acts as a protective barrier against natural elements like snow, rain, wind, or any weather. 

Solarium serves as protection against bugs and offers a cozy spot for you and your family to relax. Aside from adding value to your home, since it’s a living space, you can transform it to almost anything that suits your preference. Two types of sunrooms vary for individual needs or home requirements: three-season or four-season. 

While building one is already a profitable investment, there are a few factors that you’ll need to reconsider. The type of sunroom you prefer, it’s size, style, and the people who will build it for you. You would want experts to deal with Value builders Group Sunroom Contractor who have been creating various sunrooms for almost any type, size, and location. They are experts in the field and are known for high-end stylish conservatories or solariums.

Three-seasoned conservatories are built for milder weather conditions such as summer, spring, or fall. On the contrary, four-season solariums are designed to provide heat or cold into the room and prevent you from getting frozen or overheated during harsh weather seasons.

Can Sunroom Add Value To Your Property?

adding a sunroom to your property

With a sunroom on a property, it not just adds curb appeal to your home but adds value to the property at the same time. That means, if you plan to add a sunroom to the home’s bay area, it’s worth investing as it recoups half of what you have spent when you plan to sell your property. 

Conservatory also improves the quality of your life, not just for the moment but all year round. Deciding whether you build a three or four-season solarium may seem complicated, but there are factors to help you reconsider your options: 

  • Determine the weather condition in your area 
  • Be specific with your preference, style, or need
  • Check whether the additional home improvement matches your home
  • Find a trustworthy contractor with positive feedbacks
  • Determine your budget
  • Check the size of your property
  • Compare building materials and cost
  • Check the construction length needed

With a 47% average reimbursement from the cost you’ve invested, adding a sunroom to your property is beneficial in various perspectives and preferences. In contrast, others measure the profit by figure others by comfort and convenience. The sunroom can be an instant get-away and stress-free area for you to work or bond with the family. 

It’s an additional living space for you to work out, be creative, or only better. With it, you can marvel at the outdoor view without worrying about natural elements that hinder most people from feeling closer to nature.

It Allows You to Control the Temperature and the Environment.

A solarium is an excellent home improvement that enables you to control the temperature around you. If you plan to build a four-season conservatory, it becomes an additional living space for you and your family. Extra living space also adds value to your property. 

Brings the Outdoor View from Within

With a conservatory, you can enjoy the outdoors without the need to worry about harmful natural elements. You can relax and watch the rain or small fall from outside without worrying that you’ll get wet or frostbite. Bugs like flies and mosquitoes cannot bother you when having a great time with families and friends. 

As a Flexible Space

Sunrooms are flexible living spaces; you can transform into an office, gym, art room, kitchen, or garden. There are endless possibilities on how you can use this additional living space in your property. 

Source of Natural Light

It’s a great source of natural light that improves well-being and health. Most homeowners consider sunrooms as an excellent investment for a property. 


Planning to build a solarium on your home property is an excellent investment. Not just to increase profit or property value but for your health and well-being. While there are certain factors associated with every decision, weighing them can help you develop something profitable and beneficial on your end. 

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Rishi Goratela
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