Effective Techniques to Keep Your Conservatory Cool This Summer

Conservatories are a great place to hang out no matter the time of year, as they provide such a sense of space, light, and openness. However, in the warmer parts of the year, they can get a little too hot to be comfortable, especially if you live in a part of the world where temperatures soar. 

To ensure you can use your conservatory year-round, finding ways to keep the space a little cooler during summer is good. Here are some ways to do just that. 

Install Heat-Reflective Glass

Keep Your Conservatory Cool

Start by installing some heat-reflective glass in your conservatory to help block out the natural light. While this sunny part of your home may already have double glazing to help reduce noise, this won’t do much to combat the heat. The reflective glass, though, is specifically designed for conservatories and other glass-heavy rooms and stops heat from passing through the glass, warming up the space inside. 

Heat-reflective glass still lets in plenty of light, so you don’t have to worry about that, and you can see through it just fine. You should also find that your conservatory is warmer in winter since the special glass helps to keep the heat in during that time of year. As such, your investment can pay off in spades. 

Take Advantage of Windows and Blinds

Keep Your Conservatory Cool

Another great way to lower the temperature in your conservatory during summer is to take advantage of windows. It’s important to get proper circulation in the room to release the hot air that otherwise gets trapped in it, leading to the zone getting hot. Hopefully, you’ll get cool breezes coming through open windows (or doors), too, to cool the space down further. Adding some extra ventilation through vents installed on the roof is also helpful.

Plus, don’t forget to utilize some well-made blinds in your conservatory to block out heat, especially during the warmest times of the day. A wide array of blinds is available with something to suit most tastes and budgets, and you’ll notice that adding these soft furnishings also gives you more privacy. 

In addition to standard window drapes, you might consider adding roof blinds to your conservatory. These usually have to be customized to fit the roof size and shape, but again, numerous models are on the market. You may choose handy motorized blinds that are easy to open and close so you can avoid clambering up high to open or shut them at different times of the day. These roof blinds will also help act as winter insulation, which is a bonus. 

Put on a Cooling Film

Keep Your Conservatory Cool Keep Your Conservatory Cool

You might not have heard of it before, but the special cooling film can also be put on conservatory windows. This product acts as an adhesive layer that gets put straight onto the glass and reflects heat coming in from the sun’s rays. It also stops harmful UV rays from entering the room. These films considerably lower the temperature and help stop furniture from fading due to light streaming in, so they’re typically well worth the cost. 

Install Fans or HVAC

Keep Your Conservatory Cool

If none of the above options does enough for your needs, you might want to help yourself stay cool in your conservatory by installing ceiling fans or HVAC. Whether you buy a chandelier ceiling fan, a simple low-profile product, a smart fan, or another type, you should find that, when mounted up high, the appliances help to spread air evenly around the room and make it more temperate in turn. 

If you have the budget and live somewhere that gets incredibly hot during summer, it’s worth considering air conditioning for your conservatory, too. While they cost a few thousand dollars in most instances, they do provide cooler air very quickly and easily, and you can enjoy heating, as well, if you buy a reverse-cycle option. Of course, your energy bills will rise from using HVAC, so this is something to keep in mind. 

Plant Sensible Greenery Outside the Conservatory

Keep Your Conservatory Cool

One other, longer-term option for lowering the temperature in your conservatory is planting greenery just outside it. This will take a while to grow to give you the shade that will help keep the space cooler, but it can be an excellent option when you know you’ll stay living at a property for years to come. 

It’s best to choose deciduous greenery that loses its leaves in the colder time of the year to let in plenty of sunlight during winter when you want it. During summer, though, this type of plant will be thick and bushy and help to protect the conservatory from much of the external heat. 

Some people find that choosing one of the above ideas for keeping a conservatory more temperate does the trick, but sometimes numerous avenues need exploring. Test things out to see what works for you based on your home, budget, location, and more.

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