Essential Architectural Trends of 2024 You Should Know About

Architecture and design have been developing in line with modern technologies and going the extra mile more and more each year. 

Professionals have been redefining what style and construction mean, considering the mindset and the needs of the modern human being.

In some cases, people want to opt for minimalism and save space for their creative ideas. For others, the apartment has to be full of comfortable furniture, flowers, and other items that make walls and floors become a home. 

Regardless of which team you are in, there are growing trends in architecture that you must know about. Read on to find out more. 

Going for More Sustainability

As mentioned earlier, architecture collaborates with modern global trends of mindset and living. As people tend to prefer more sustainable solutions, home design also incorporates eco-friendly approaches. 

On the one hand, construction planning opts for natural materials and lower maintenance costs to help the buyers gain more return on their investment. In contrast, some owners frequently organize junk removal and disposal by recycling their old furniture which can become a source of repurposed wood. Also, they include some artificial yet natural-looking elements in their design, such as synthetic turf. 

Raising Eco-Home Standards

A house with a swimming pool in the middle of it

Many countries have implemented strict standards for sustainable homes that are future-proof and eco-friendly. Some provide tax deductions for people who want to invest in energy-efficient solutions, while others offer subsidies for eco-friendly home renovations. The UK, for example, has included sustainable homes in its public building program. 

The criteria include:

  • Well-insulated walls 
  • Roofs and windows
  • Renewable energy sources like solar panels
  • Proper ventilation
  • Underfloor insulation
  • Water-efficient appliances
  • LED lighting
  • Well-thought-out storage areas.

 If you are thinking about building your eco-home or renovating, check out the government programs and policies first.

Going Vertical for More Space

A modern house with a pool in the middle of it

It is a common trend that builders emphasize vertical homes than their horizontal counterparts. 

The use of space has evolved thanks to new designs and innovative construction methods. More home designers are choosing prefabricated modules or prefab walls for space maximization. 

Even tiny apartments are considered stylish if they come with wall-to-wall windows, sunlit rooms, and spacious interior design. Homeowners can benefit from this by looking for small homes with the highest number of windows possible or turning their loft into a home theater for an ultimate experience.

Being Organized in Space

Being organized is especially valuable in this fast-paced society when people don’t drink but grab some coffee and have lunch on the go. Homeowners want their space to be organized so everything can have its place and be easily found. Real estate agents report that more and more clients are asking about storage and additional space, especially for families with small children. More space can come from having full-depth multi-store kitchen cupboards and baskets for small items, like toys or newspapers. 

When the pandemic hit, people with the opportunity to enjoy some time outdoors in their gardens were significantly better off. As the world is still living in that era, and as you probably continue working remotely, it is worth considering the trend of redefining the design of your outdoor space.

Some choose to have a fireplace and even DIY it with family members, while others decide that an awning would suit their detached house, perfectly protecting them from the sun. Also, those who are sure they can’t be seen outside have thought of outside showers. If you like this idea, make sure to check all the possible viewpoints so as not to expose yourself. 

The Rise of “Smart Home” Technology and Lighting

A man and a woman sitting at a kitchen counter

The world is evolving, and people want to make everything more user-friendly. That is why the rise of smart home technology is expected in the following years. Some professionals go even further and expect it to become a standard for most homeowners within the next decade. 

Emerging technologies such as voice control, digital assistants (such as Amazon  Alexa), and automation are integral parts, of home design. For example, you can use Apple Homekit, which is designed to control smart lighting, locks, alarms, and other devices in your house using Siri on your iPhone or iPad. 

Also, people tend to rely more on the lighting systems that provide them with convenience rather than just light up their homes. Thus, homeowners spend more on lighting than any other room in the house.

Redesigning the Bathroom

A bathroom with two sinks and a mirror

Although the bathroom isn’t where you spend most of your time, interior designers have spotted the trend of redesigning bathrooms, especially the sink areas. 

Bathrooms have started to get more elegant and sophisticated looks. They are turning from minimalistic with only toothbrush holders visible to places with fresh flowers and scents echoing the owner’s personality. 

Some design ideas to think over are stacked tiles and custom-made marble sinks. The bottom line is that the homeowners can choose anything that fits their taste, even designs that would be considered too striking in the past. 

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