3 Architectural Elements Applicable for Custom Rusted Signage

There are times we tend to pause just to take a glimpse of a store’s signage and admire it. Although vibrant illuminated signs are the most common ones, there are also attractive signs that may look plain but effectively catches the attention of people because it is well-designed to suit the exterior of a building with its exquisite details.

Yes, that’s possible! This is the type of signage that many businesses wanted to achieve. They need signage that incorporates design elements that best represent the brand and image well without overlaying it with too many components.

It should also complement the exterior design of the building so it won’t look too out of place. Referred to as architectural signage, below are some examples of the elements that need to be considered in developing one.

Metal for the Signage Material

Metal for the Signage Material

The material to be utilized in making the signage is the first thing to check. In this case, metal is the commonly used material due to its numerous advantages. Note that the quality of the material should be monitored to ensure that the signage is created with guaranteed durability and longevity.

Aluminum is a common type of metal widely used in signage manufacturing. Its characteristics are lightweight, easily bent, shaped, and cut as well as resistant to corrosion even when exposed to any kind of weather and other external conditions. Its flexibility in all kinds of metalwork allows metal manufacturers to recommend such material to any kind of metal piece, regardless of size.

Stainless steel is another metal type that comes to mind when it comes to material recommendations for signages. Similar to aluminum, it also has corrosion resistance and is very durable. Although these materials undergo almost very similar processes, they produce different appearances. When polished, they both give off very contrasting outputs but are still of excellent quality.

However, if you opt for a metal that doesn’t give off a silvery tone, there’s brass and copper which are also traditionally used for various metalworks. One disadvantage to these metal types is the patina formation in their surfaces that is responsible for the color change as time passes by.

Copper turns to a greener shade when exposed to outdoors or even to chemicals while brass transforms to a darker shade. However, you can place sealer on the surface just to avoid such a condition but if you prefer to maintain the color change, you are free to do so.

Architectural Mesh for Outdoor Design

Architectural mesh is a kind of design that involves quite complicated yet sophisticated processes to create an attractive exterior display on the building that could also be used for your signage.

It is widely known as that particular arrangement of metal wires made of stainless steel that are connected to build a certain formation or figure of patterns. It takes serious architectural skills to develop an aesthetically pleasing pattern with the kind of materials it utilizes.

When you are not fond of just maintaining the usual silverish gray color of the material, you can apply different colors of paints to enhance the appearance of the mesh display. You can even form a figure using the paint, depending on what you intend to showcase. The benefits of such artistic display include being lightweight, holes that allow ventilation, and covering large parts of the buildings.

Other beautification enhancements also include attaching lighting elements to illuminate the display during nighttime. The company can decide how the lights will be shown during the night and the pattern of operating the lights.

When you’re a business that promotes a new product or service, or maybe discounts and flash sales, the illuminated mesh is a good way to advertise these promotions. That will surely attract a lot of people in no time!

Signage Typography

Signage Typography

Typography is not a new design element, in fact, it is one of the important things to remember when coming up with a signage layout. You have to make sure you use the appropriate font styles, outline the right font size and the colors do not contrast the background and text.

Moreover, the amount of text or information you will include will greatly affect the signage design. Your signage will appear too bulky when the signage is too wordy and will not be easily readable for people.

Your signage should be something that stops people from their tracks because you have immediately piqued their interest in a glance rather than wasting their time trying to comprehend what is written due to bad typography.

There are different ways to catch their attention with typography, you can look over the Internet for inspirations such as visual illusions or exquisite effects to produce unique-looking signage that keeps people amazed. They may be curious whether you’ve invested a lot of money in creating such signage when it’s just pure artistry and careful visual study. 


When we say signage, people often associate it with just placing plain backgrounds with text displayed and installing it on their storefronts. We need to change that notion because it’s more than just that. The signage-making process should be a systematic process that requires careful planning and investment. Thus, you can’t be too lax when deciding things for your signage. Look for examples of signage that you think can be used as references for your own signage.

Remember, you develop signage not only for the sake of informing people about your business’ existence, but it’s also there to showcase that your brand is competitive enough to match the services and products of others. This is a sign to invest in excellent signs like custom rusted signage or illuminated ones. After all, these marketing tools define the kind of business you embody.

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