How Secure Are Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors have become a popular home design choice over the last several years. Homeowners love how easily the doors bring in natural light and add aesthetic charm to any dual indoor and outdoor space. Despite their popularity, however, some prospective buyers still have reservations. Chief among them is security. 

Bifold Doors

One of the most common questions we hear from clients at the Bifold Shop is, “Are bi-folding doors safe?” Understandably, homeowners are concerned about having glass-panel doors. They wonder if such a design will attract burglars, nosy neighbors’ prying eyes, or if the doors are equipped with adequate locks. If you’re looking to install bifold doors and you share these worries, then let us put your mind at ease. Bifold doors are completely safe and secure, for several reasons. 

Thief Magnets?

Many prospective buyers are afraid that bifold doors will attract thieves. The thought is that burglars can see into your house more easily and size up things to steal. Or that glass doors are somehow less secure, and thieves assume there are shoddy lock systems. 

These couldn’t be further from the truth! If you’re worried about privacy, you have options for screens and blinds that you can install along with your bifold doors. Some aluminum bifold doors include shades you can slide horizontally across the panel, all the way to the doorjamb. Other shades and screens are even automated, so you can control their opening and close through a smartphone app. 

It’s also possible to install security screens, which fit in place just behind your bifold doors. Security screens are ideal for those who want to leave the bifold doors open at night. This is typically more suited to homes in warmer climates, but security screens can still add a layer of protection to your bifold doors if you so choose. 

Bifold doors are designed to ensure your privacy, comfort, and protection. Along with built-in screens or shades, bifold doors also have sophisticated lock systems. Let’s look more in-depth at secure design and locking. 

Bifold Doors with thief magnate

Bifold Door Design:

High-quality, slimline bifold doors should be designed to withstand tampering. Reinforced, secure hinges, as well as extra linear bolts, keep the panels secure and in place. The panels are also protected against thieves removing them from their track. An inline track system will have the doors fixed to metal gears, and the track is secured with steel lock pins. Consequently, a thief would have to remove all of these components to remove the whole door. 

In addition, the panels provide the extra defense with internally beaded frames that overlap with the glass. Most units are also double-glazed as well, making the glass harder to penetrate. Bifold doors are, therefore, designed to maximize security – and we haven’t even discussed locks yet. 

Locks on Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are the perfect way to let the outside in. But sometimes we’d rather the outside stay where it is, especially when it comes to home intruders or nosy neighbors. Fortunately, you can equip your doors with locks to keep yourself and your family safe. 

There are typically 4 types of locks that can be added to bi-folding doors. These are twin points, drop bolts, childproof, and keyed. Twin point locks work with a handle in the middle of the door, which operates the bottom and top of the door when turned. With twin point locks, there’s no need for keys. 

You can also opt for drop bolts, which are a great added layer of security. They shouldn’t be your sole locking mechanism, though. They’re typically attached near the top of the door, and work by sliding open and closed from the inside. 

Concerns over comfort and safety increase exponentially if you have an infant or small child. Fortunately, you can childproof bifold doors as well. There’s no single way to add childproof locks, but zip ties are one of the easiest methods. Another might be a childproof top-mounting mechanism that you can easily slip over the doors. 

Finally, you have traditional keyed locks. Most bifold doors separate an indoor-outdoor space, so they represent an access point into your home. Maximum security with keyed locks would be best for securing your bifold doors, just as it would for your front door. 

Locks on Bifold Doors
Final Thoughts:

At the Bifold Shop, we work with our clients extensively to ensure that our bespoke bi-fold doors meet their safety standards. As you saw, bifold doors are not only designed for comfort and appearance, but also for security. We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on safety to have your dream home. And with bi-folding doors, you won’t have to.

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