Office Cubicles with Sliding Doors — A Growing Trend

Office interior designs have undergone several changes. In the 1950s, the concept of open office had become quite popular as desks were arranged in groups or rows allowing for conversation. However, it turned out to be distracting. So, eventually, it became clear that change is necessary. This is when the cubicle concept was introduced. In 2000, it was seen that the model isn’t working. Hence, the workplace experienced a change once again.

At present times, a new workplace revolution is taking place that considers a wide range of workplace configurations which leaves room for creating space for collaboration. The new dynamic change was the incorporation of cubicles having sliding office doors.

Office Cubicles with Sliding Doors Offers Privacy

Office Cubicles with Sliding Doors Offers Privacy

The primary complaint about an open office floor plan is the disruption that originates from a lack of sound and visual privacy. It becomes difficult to avoid distractions in case the employees are in the midst. Distractions can lead to a decrease in morale and productivity. It can also keep people from being comfortable in their workspace to work better.

Sure, you can take steps to reduce sound distractions by using noise-canceling headphones. But there is hardly any way to ensure visual privacy. When you are sitting amidst people, not only is it difficult to avoid distraction but since you have an audience at all times, you might also feel the pressure of feeling really busy.

So, you need to add space to an office where privacy is ensured. It helps in creating a productive and comfortable work environment. By adding office cubicles with sliding will help in achieving this. It creates a more efficient and pleasing space. For added sound privacy, you can get a double-glazed partition system that offers the aesthetics of glass while having an effect of a solid wall.

Office Cubicles with Sliding can be Easily Cleaned

To create an impression on your clients, you need to make sure that the office looks clean and tidy at all times. Unlike conventional drywall, glass can be easily wiped or sanitized. This will help in making it appear shiny.

Office Cubicles with Sliding Are Space Savers

A partition wall can help in eliminating the idea of the conventional cubicle. It allows more natural light to shine into an office. A sliding door for the cubicle is an excellent space saver for the office, particularly the ones that can suspend or slide from a track. These take up far less space than the conventional doors. Also, they give the interior a modern look while allowing plenty of sunlight. A cubicle with sliding doors is a good idea for a small office. It allows natural light making space more energy efficient.

Types of Sliding Doors for Cubicles in Office

Open air Office Cubicles with Sliding Doors

Pocket Sliding Door

This is a manual sliding door that can create a quiet entry or exit from the glass cubicle since it slides smoothly on the track. Manual sliding doors can be incorporated into the design as the pocket door. This makes your office cubicle look seamless. When it is closed, it increases privacy.

Sliding Barn Door

This can be a stylish touch to your office design. With a stylish barn door, you can add a touch of farmhouse to cubicle office design. These sliding doors slide on the track pretty easily and offer a quiet entry and exit inside the office.

Assisted Close Sliding Door

With the help of an assisted close sliding door, you can reduce the number of touchpoints in the office. With the automatic close or light touch feature, your employees can rest assured that they are truncating the spread of germs simply by reducing the touchpoints.

Automatic Sliding Door

For a sliding glass for a cubicle that eliminates the touchpoints, an automatic sliding door is the best option. These are seen on the storefronts and integrating the automatic sliding door in the office cubicle makes sure that your employees don’t have to operate it. This will also give a modern touch to your office.

For companies that want to have a modern office design but would love to keep with the cubicle concept, sliding doors can be the answer. It can create a great impression and also improve productivity.

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