What Should You Look for When Choosing a Bathroom Radiator?

The process of choosing a radiator is not easy. We offer a large selection of styles, materials, and valves for you to choose from. This guide will help you navigate all the options so you can find the perfect bathroom radiator for your home. It is particularly space-saving to purchase and ship radiators from EMKE. The adjustment of a radiator on the wall can save a lot of space and enhance its beauty.

Radiators: How to Choose the Right One

There are a number of factors to be considered when choosing which type of radiator is right for you:

British Thermal Units (BTU)

Heat output is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU) and is used to quantify. How much heat is needed to raise a room’s temperature? It helps you determine whether the radiator you’re purchasing will produce enough heat. Since the size of a radiator does not necessarily. Influence heat output, this is important.

You can work out the cost of your room once you have entered some details into your calculator. Our product pages for radiators and towel rails show a BTU figure so you can easily find a radiator with the appropriate heat output.


We stock radiators in a range of price points, ranging from luxury brands to more affordable alternatives. As you decide what type of radiator to install and how much to spend. Keep in mind that you’re unlikely to change it again for a long time.


There was a time when white was the only color you could purchase a radiator in. A wide range of finishes is now available so that your radiator can be tailored to your own decor and style. White is a popular choice due to its neutral tone, which makes it a good match for most styles. The black color of your radiator is ideal. If you’re looking to change it up since it complements a wide range of color schemes. Chrome or steel radiators are a good choice for homes with a more modern look.

Radiator Types

If you’ve already decided how you want your radiator to be fuelled. Now it is time to decide the best type. This will depend on the available space and your style preferences. You will need to determine the right radiator type for your house and you can choose the best EMKE radiator for you.

EMKE CTR Curved Heated Towel Rail with Center Connection Vertical Mounting (Anthracite/White)

Bathroom Radiator

Most people are familiar with central heating radiators. This type of radiator generates heat through water heated by your boiler. In order to provide heat to your home, the water is passed through pipes into the radiators.

Radiator Size

The radiators’ dimensions are 100cm (height) by 40cm (width) – 180cm (height) by 60cm (width). The color is anthracite/white; The energy type is hot water. All Water heaters from EMKE can be converted into electric heaters.

Heat Output: 382W to 898W

Radiators manufactured by EMKE provide more heat and have thicker rods than normal towel rails.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Structure

The structure is made of high-quality stainless steel certified to EN-442 and went through an hour-long salt spray test. 3 times tested at high hydraulic pressure to ensure reliability.

There Are Radiators for Different Rooms

Including bathrooms, dining rooms, offices, bedrooms, living rooms, basements, attics, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, and guest toilets.

The Package Contains

Towel rail radiators, wall brackets, plugs, and vents (radiator valves are not included).

EMKE EDTR Type D Double-Sided Heated Towel Rail Electric and Water with Cable and Plug (Anthracite/White)

Heated Towel Rail Electric and Water with Cable and Plug

A dual-fuel radiator is a perfect solution for anyone. Who lives in a colder area or who wants to dry their towels in the summer? Without turning on their whole central heating system.

In addition to running on your usual heating system. These radiators also include an electrical heating element.


Height between 736 mm and 1269 mm, width between 500 mm and 600 mm. Power 600 watts to 1000 watts, application area 7 m2 – 12 m2, and wall distance: 159 mm – 164mm (outer edge to wall).


SPCC cold-rolled steel (BS EN 442), with a paint applied by environmentally friendly processes. Color: anthracite (RAL7016) / white (RAL9016).


Central water connector (thread: G1/2″, distance 50mm),. Plug connection for electricity, interchangeable for both types of heating.

Double-Sided Towel Rails

15*2 tubes; high performance; best for large rooms; with automatic shutdown at 75┬░C.

Delivery Includes

Electric towel dryer, pre-assembled electric heating element, installation kit. Installation instructions for Germany; Valve not included.

Do You Know What a Shower Enclosure/Cubicle Is?

It is important to choose the right shower enclosure for your needs. Bathrooms are incomplete without shower enclosures. As well as creating a unique bathroom boundary. This unit also generates a distinctive design statement in your bathroom. Similar to the shower cubicle. It is a minimalist-style shower area that makes a beautiful decorative statement. Especially when added to a contemporary bathroom.

Practically, the right product installed correctly in your bathroom will reduce the risk of leaks. A stylish enclosure will be a stunning centerpiece for your bathroom from a design perspective. Various options are available for every budget. Including new items, refurbished items, and used items.

The two main types of shower enclosures are Framed and Frameless. Framed shower enclosures have metal frames around the entire structure and the door. Frameless shower enclosures have glass panels with a minimum thickness of 9mm without metal frames on the door or anywhere else on the enclosure. It uses metal hinges, to hold its door in position.

Walk Shower Enclosures

Walk Shower Enclosures

It is a particularly glamorous feature to have a walk-in shower enclosure in a bathroom. Depending on your needs, you can get shower trays that come with them or without them. It is possible to make the most of your space by choosing an enclosure that fits your preferences. A couple of examples are wet room enclosures with easy-to-clean glass and sliding glass doors.

Corner Enclosures

Corner Enclosures Bathroom Radiator

The corner enclosure may be the perfect solution. If you don’t have much space or would prefer not to have the shower in the center of your bathroom. A glass corner unit with panels on both sides is the perfect way to keep things sleek and modern. In addition to pivoting corner designs. Sliding enclosures with trays and frameless enclosures with glass on either side are also available.

Quadrant Enclosures

If you’re looking for a shower with curved rather than angular lines. Then a quadrant shower could be a good option. Showers with these elegant alternatives can be installed in almost any type of enclosure. Including corner and walk-in enclosures. With Aica, Elegant, and Merlyn brands. You can choose sliding door quadrant enclosures. As well as luxury frames without any frames.

Shower Cubicles

A self-contained shower cubicle is something quite different from a shower enclosure. But some people use the term interchangeably. There is a single unit that contains the glass, a tray, a shower valve, and plumbing. It can simply be connected to the water supply and dropped into the bathroom instead of being pre-assembled.

Shower Enclosures, Doors & Trays

You can create a bathroom that makes your morning routine feel. Like a dream by choosing the right shower enclosures, doors, and trays. We offer a range of shower enclosures, doors, and trays for any bathroom. Including anti-limescale treatment, soft-close doors, and reversible fittings. Every shower enclosure, door, and tray has been designed from the ground up to suit every size of the bathroom. From large family bathrooms to compact en-suites. We offer door openings that make a difference.

What Is the Difference Between a Shower Enclosure and a Shower Cubicle?

A contemporary bathroom will benefit from having a shower cubicle. Which makes a stylish statement in a minimalist-style environment. All shower enclosures can be categorized into two types. Based on their frame style – framed or frameless. Metal frames surround the entire structure. Including the doors of a framed shower enclosure. The entire structure including the door of a framed shower enclosure is surrounded by a metal frame.

To find more bathroom products, you could check EMKE – An online bathroom product specialist.

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