7 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Nobody wants their bathroom to look small, as it’s where you start and end your day. Undoubtedly, bathrooms are usually smaller than any other room in the house. Just because you have a small bathroom, you don’t have to compromise on the design and functionality.

Making even the smallest changes to your small bathroom design can help you feel relaxed as soon as you get in there and use it comfortably. For instance, handtuchradiatoren (towel radiators) are ideal for keeping towels organized and your space warm and dry without making it feel cramped and dirty.

Nevertheless, in this article, we’ll share seven bathroom design mistakes you’re probably making in your small bathroom. Keep reading to explore!

Bathroom Design Mistake #1: Shying Away from Color

bathroom design mistakes

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Most individuals believe that all-white will facilitate their space in looking more spacious, and it’s true to some extent. A smallish space can seem large when using only white colors. However, this can also make your space look dull and unappealing.

Therefore, when thinking about the color theme for your small bathroom, you shouldn’t shy away from using a pop of colors. For example, if you’re using an all-white theme for your bathroom, you can place green plants and even use bold colors for subtle items like the border of the mirror to make your space look spacious yet lively.

Bathroom Design Mistake #2: Choosing Decorative Items That Serve No Purpose
bathroom design mistakes

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Of course, there’s nothing wrong with decorating your small bathroom with beautiful statement pieces, but you must be reasonable here.

Using decorative items for functional purposes will be your best bet here. For instance, you can use shelves to fold and display beautiful bathroom towels. You can also use an exquisite mirror jar to store cotton balls. All this will let you decorate your bathroom without wasting the small space you have to deal with.

Bathroom Design Mistake #3: Not Thinking Beyond the Vanity

bathroom design mistakes

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Vanity is ideal for helping you store all kinds of items in a cinch, from bathroom essentials and toiletries to personal hygiene items. However, small bathroom owners may start cluttering their bathrooms when their vanity runs out of storage space.

You need to think beyond the vanity and start utilizing the wall space. For instance, installing floating shelves and storing some of your items on them will help you keep your bathroom clutter-free and organized while utilizing the available space efficiently.   

Bathroom Design Mistake #4: Limiting Your Designing Freedom 

bathroom design mistakes

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Although you may think your small bathroom should only contain bathroom-specific items, you need to reconsider this. With only bathroom-specific products, your space will look too boring and not so comfortable. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you need to think of it as any other space in your home.

Don’t limit your interior designing skills. Use some wallpapers or paintings for your bathroom to make your space look vibrant. You can also place some candles and use stunning washable window curtains for your shower to elevate the space.

Bathroom Design Mistake #5: Squeezing in a Separate Bath and Shower

bathroom design mistakes

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If you’re making some significant renovations to your bathroom and already know that you have a small space to work with, squeezing in a separate bath and shower will make your space look even more cramped and less functional. This won’t do any good to you.

Some people like using both a shower and a bathtub; if you’re also one of them, it’s better to install a tub-shower combo in your bathroom. This way, you will also be able to boost the value of your property for potential homebuyers with families and make your current space less cramped.  

Bathroom Design Mistake #6: Assuming Small Bathrooms Need Compact Features

bathroom design mistakes

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Thinking that your small bathroom needs tiny features is another substantial mistake homeowners make when designing their space. Remember that some items, such as countertops, sinks, and toilets, can’t be compromised, as you will get frustrated with all the inconvenience.

Let’s say you could opt for small, wall-mounted taps or tiny hooks/pegs, but when it comes to items that are a necessity, you shouldn’t opt for too compact features.

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Bathroom Design Mistake #7: Overlooking Lighting Fixtures

bathroom design mistakes

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Lighting can make a massive difference in the look of your bathroom. In addition to style and functionality, lighting can help your small bathroom space look less dark, congested, and cramped.

You can invest in a skylight to allow natural light in, of course, if your ceiling space allows it. Moreover, ceiling and wall lights are ideal for functional purposes, and you can purchase them with brightness settings to suit your preferences. 

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