Outdoor Upgrades: Mistakes You Want to Avoid With Your Outdoor Living Space

Summer is here and that means that people are taking full advantage of their outdoor living spaces by having cookouts, backyard parties, and taking in everything that summer has to offer. 

Outdoor Upgrades

A lot of the times, the people who are currently enjoying their outdoor spaces, made the necessary additions and renovations either in the winter or spring. But it’s not too late to create your dream outdoor space if you haven’t already. There’s just one rule you have to follow: Don’t make pointless mistakes.

Maybe that statement is a little harsh, but at the same time, certain outdoor additions and renovations are expensive, so you don’t want to invest any money into something that’s going to be completely wasted. 

Some additions, like adding potted plants or a hammock, are small additions that aren’t expensive and are easy to change or switch out if you need or want to. On the other hand, certain additions like having a swimming pool or deck installed, are additions and renovations that require the skilled hands of professionals. Attempting projects like that on your own are not only dangerous but can be complete money pits if done incorrectly.

So in your efforts to make outdoor renovations to take advantage of the remainder of summer, make sure you thoroughly think about every project first and everything, it will require. Before you start your outdoor renovation projects and additions, make sure you’re avoiding these costly mistakes.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Outdoor Living Space

Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Outdoor Living Space

Designing Without a Plan

When you watch HGTV shows or look at home design websites, you have to know that those beautiful outdoor living spaces don’t just come out of nowhere. There was some brilliant mind behind the design. And that’s how you have to approach your outdoor renovation ideas.

In your mind, you’re probably just thinking about what you want to do to enjoy your space for the summer, and that’s where lots of homeowners go wrong. You might be designing your outdoor living space to enjoy for the summer months, but you also have to take into account the other seasons and weather patterns, as well as future plans for your outdoor space.

Maybe you want to add an outdoor kitchen next year. With that future plan in place, you don’t want to install a pool or plant a tree in the very location where you were going to build your outdoor kitchen. That’s what could happen when you don’t have a plan in place.

Choosing the Cheapest Deck Builder 

Here, having a deck installed is obviously in your plan, but for this particular renovation, it’s always important to go by the motto of “you get what you pay for.” Having a deck installed is a pretty big outdoor renovation and you, of course, want to keep the costs down, but cheaper isn’t always best. And in that same token, expensive doesn’t always guarantee quality.

Instead of setting your focus on cost alone, call around to get at least 3 quotes from deck builders in your area. Kansas City decks have a list of reputable deck builders you can get quotes from at reasonable prices. When analyzing your quotes, compare the companies to see what each quote entails and go with the company that will provide you with the most value for the price you’re going to pay.

Neglecting Your Sun and Shade Exposure

The summer heat is definitely enjoyable but depending on where you live, the summer heat can be unbearable if you’re sitting directly under the sun. That reason alone is why it’s so important to consider tracking the path of sunlight in your yard. If your backyard receives a significant amount of sun, you may want to consider a pergola for shade or an awning for those extremely hot days.

Your sun and shade exposure also play a role in your landscaping as well. If your backyard doesn’t receive a lot of sunshine, it may require you to rethink certain landscaping ideas. Maybe you wanted to start a garden. You may have a garden in your design plan but if your yard doesn’t receive enough sunshine, it won’t thrive and grow.

Thinking DIY is the More Cost-Effective Solution

A lot of people will take on DIY projects thinking it will save them labor costs for their project when it’s really costing them more money because they’re making procedural mistakes and having to buy more of the same materials that they messed up the first time.

On top of that, people tend to misjudge their DIY capabilities and end up seriously hurting themselves in attempts to cut costs on renovation projects. According to medexpress.com, the most common injuries from DIY projects are eye injuries, skin lacerations, and falls from ladders. With outdoor renovation projects, you’re going to be prone to all three, and that reason alone is why your health and well-being is way more important than saving a few bucks. 

It would be a shame to not be able to enjoy your outdoor living space because you’re healing from an accident on one of your projects.

Not Setting a Budget

With any kind of renovation project, you want to create a budget to make sure you’re not spending too much money and going over your budget. This is where those “money pits” come into play. Ideally, you want to enter your projects with a predetermined budget and create your budget project by project.

It’s best to think about the projects you want to do first, look up the costs of materials and labor, and determine a budget from there. Sometimes you can cut costs on certain projects by performing some of the labor yourself if it’s safe enough.

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