Beginners Guide on Buying a Hedge Trimmer

If you want to have an impressive-looking garden, you will want to have a hedge trimmer in order to keep all of your hedges under control. A hedge trimmer can make trimming your hedges much easier so that you can get good results in less time.

Of course, there are a lot of things to consider when buying a hedge trimmer. For instance, do you want a gas powered hedge trimmer? What sorts of features are you looking for? It can be a little overwhelming to consider what hedge trimmer is the best option for you, so here’s our beginner’s guide on buying a hedge trimmer.

What Kind of Thing Will You Be Cutting?

What Kind of Thing Will You Be Cutting with Hedge Trimmer

Yes, ultimately you are going to be cutting hedges, that much is obvious. But hedges can be made out of different types of plants and shrubbery, and the right hedge trimmer is going to allow you to effectively trim your specific hedge. You need to understand how mature the plants and shrubs in the hedge are, and what the type is.

A hedge trimmer will have blades that consist of a number of teeth. The amount of space in between these teeth determines the branch size and stems that your trimmer is capable of cutting properly.

Certain hedges consist of plants that are rather woody, in which case it’s important that your hedge trimmer can cope with trimming these plants properly. You will need to get a slightly more powerful hedge trimmer if you’re going to be cutting very thick materials a lot.

Trimmer Type

Trimmer Type of Hedge Trimmer

There are a few different types of trimmers based on how they’re fueled – gas-powered, corded, and battery-powered. Different types will work for different users so you should keep this in mind.

If you have a small garden a corded electric trimmer is usually a good option. These types of trimmers, as the name suggests, operate by being connected to a mains power supply.

They are very straightforward to use and they don’t weigh a great deal either. You also won’t need to worry about lots of noise from operation or fuel fumes. You’ll just need to make sure that you have a good cable length so that you can work properly on the whole of your garden.

On the other hand, you can have a battery-powered hedge trimmer. These will give you many of the same benefits that you would get with a corded electric trimmer, except you have a little added versatility in that you aren’t restricted by a power cord. You’ll need to check the running time of these though since they run on battery power, so you’ll need to charge them every now and again.

Finally, you have a trimmer that runs on fuel. These are generally used for extremely large gardens. They’re handy if you want some extra power and you have a large garden, but it’s worth noting that they can make a lot of noise and they aren’t necessarily environmentally friendly.

Other Considerations

Other Considerations of Hedge Trimmer

In addition to these factors, there are also a few other things to think about. For instance, think about the length of the blade. You will need to think about the width of your hedge and whether the blade length works with it.

If your hedge is relatively small then something measuring around 300mm to 400mm is more than enough. More mature hedges will require longer blades, over 500 mm in many cases.

You can also think about the teeth spacing, since as we said earlier, if the teeth are wider it means that you can cut through much thicker materials. Around 15 mm to 20 mm will be fine for most mature hedges, but particularly thick hedges are going to need even wider teeth than this.

It’s worth thinking about your comfort while you’re trimming the hedges too since hedge trimming can sometimes take a whole to do. Think about the handle type on the trimmer as this can influence whether it’s comfortable for you to use, especially after long periods of time.

Some things to look for include wraparound handles or handles that can rotate. It’s good to look for trimmers with lots of versatility as far as handle options are concerned.

Finally, consider your safety. Since hedge trimmers are quite powerful machines, it’s vital that they have safety switches in order to ensure that you and those around you are kept safe. Look for dual and triple safety switches – you don’t want it starting up on accident.


With that, you should now be ready to buy the perfect hedge trimmer to keep your garden looking immaculate all year around. Just make sure that you consider the above points and you’re good to go!

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