All About The Casa Picasso By Workshop Architecture

Workshop Architecture is a team of talented architects who came up with amazing construction and named it Casa Picasso. Well, there are so many buildings that have been named as Casa Picasso and the name is given to only those constructions that have innovation in it and the beauty of the art is something that made this name appropriate for this house by workshop architecture.

Casa Picasso : A pool with a hammock in the middle of it
Casa Picasso :A living room filled with furniture and lots of plants
Casa Picasso : An aerial view of a small backyard with a pool

It can be said that this construction is truly a masterpiece which came out to be so beautiful and unique at the same time which is a great the thing for sure and at the same time this construction can be said as the best constructions of the Workshop Architecture.

Casa Picasso : A pink hammock hanging from the side of a building

The aim of this construction was to turn each and every corner of the home into a productive space so that every corner can be used up in a nice way which seems to be a nice initiative and the best thing is that the construction could stand up on the expectations and could please the owner of the house as well.

Casa Picasso : A patio with a wooden chair next to a pool

The house has a wonderful connection of indoor space with that of the outdoor area of the house which made the house look beautiful. The house is exactly Located at Merida which comes under Mexico and to make this house 1,560 square feet land has been occupied which is not a very huge space but the house seems to be perfect for a small family of 3 or 4 members.

Casa Picasso : A room with a staircase and a painting on the wall
Casa Picasso : A living room filled with furniture and a painting on the wall
Casa Picasso  kitchen with a stove top oven next to a dining room table

The house has been covered from all the sides and it has a really tall wall so that the privacy of the house could be maintained and at the same time security of the house would also be looked after so if you are someone who doesn’t like interference as well as a disturbance as much then this house can prove to be perfect for you. The outdoor area is not too huge but it is so beautiful and compact that it can please anyone for sure.

Casa Picasso kitchen with a sink, stove and a painting on the wall idea
Casa Picasso  bedroom with a bed and a plant in the corner

Here you would see that the house has a small water pool kind of thing where one person or two kids can enjoy small water games at a time but the waterway is definitely not that huge for swimming rather it can act as an outdoor bathing tub which seems to be a unique thing for sure. There is a living space created in the outdoor area by placing some luxurious, as well as comfortable chairs and there, are even green plants all over the area so if you desire for a small garden then also you would be happy with the exterior of the house.

Casa Picasso bathroom with a toilet, sink, and mirror
Casa Picasso
Casa Picasso living room with a lot of plants in it

The additional resting swing has to be the attraction of the exterior of the home and this has made the exterior look beautiful as well. There is even A Wooden Bridge kind of thing made aside from the waterway which connects the outdoor living space with that of the indoors of the house and all these things have been created at the backyard of the house.

Casa Picasso white house with a red door and a blue chair
Casa Picasso bedroom with a bed, sink and mirror
Casa Picasso long wooden walkway leading to a small pool

The interior of the house is also very beautiful at the same time and the simplicity, as well as innovations, has made the interior look this pretty. The living space is compact and no wastage of space has been seen in the house and with some sofa sets, Sofa Set Designs, table, a painting some green plants and a patterned carpet completed the living space of the room. The entire house has a white base and the use of wooden materials has been seen and the contrast turned out to be amazing. If you feel for art and compact space then this Casa Picasso house would please you and also you would be able to live close to art with such home.

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