How to Choose the Right Work Desk? – 4 Quick Tips for You

Are you looking for tips on how to choose the right work desk? Well, if yes, you are alone in this. Many employees faced the same situation. Amidst this WFH (work from home) culture, everyone has made their different peaceful space in the corner of the room for work. Well, it is not necessary that everyone have the right computer table or a desk to start off immediately. 

Whether you plan to set up a freelancing work desk or the work from home space, you will get all the information and ideas for the same. By the way, we just came across an online store named, Room Service 360, it has so many office desk options, from compact tables to large cubicle style ones. The quality is supreme as well.

However, before we jump into the solution, you should know the answers to the following question: Why is it necessary to choose the right work desk? How will it make a difference? Does the room and shape of the desk correlate? 

To start with, the necessities of choosing the right work desk are comfort and maintaining productivity. Imagine an unbearable back pain kicking in between your work or meeting, won’t that distract you? To help you cope with the situation in the best possible way, it is necessary to get the ideal work desk ideal.

It will definitely make a difference in many ways like an increase in productivity, staying more focused, no back pains or headaches, and last but not least organized space to keep office things together and in place.

The shape of the room and desk must correlate in order to have a spacious feeling in the room. The desk must not cover half of the empty space making it feel cluttered. Let’s move towards the tips on choosing the right work desk!

Tips on How to Choose the Right Work Desk?

Choose the Right Work Desk

The pointers mentioned in the article are the basic ones, you can add your own preference to the list before checking out the office table.

1. Right Desk Size to Maintain Body Posture

When you select the work desk make sure it won’t harm your body posture. Your hands should be parallel to the floor while typing and the foot should properly rest on the floor.  You can go for the table with adjustable legs and it will solve all the situations. This way, you won’t have to suffer from back pain and numbness in the legs as well.

2. Choose Desk Size According to the Room

There are hundreds and thousands of options in the office desk to select from, but the challenge is to get the one that will fit into the room without occupying more than required. The very first step from your side is to decide the room and the place you want to cover.

If you have a large room with extra space you can go for the bigger work desk with the storage shelves and vice-versa. Try to get your hands on the foldable desk, that you can dismantle and fix again, whenever you decide to move.

Choose the Right Work Desk

3. Material of the Office Desk

You might have not anticipated this one as the necessary things to look at, but it is! Most of the office desks are made of wood, but with god’s grace, we have many options in wood as well. So check which wood is used to manufacture that table.

You would want a table with sturdiness, comfortability, and durability. The woods like birch and pine are comfortable but not durable. However, other options like oak, maple, teak, and rosewood are hardwood but very durable and sturdy.

Nowadays, office desks are manufactured from MDF and plywood that clears all the preferences of users. Hence, it is the most popular one among them all.

4. Surface Area of the Work Desk

Do you have a habit of noting things done in a dairy? Or need at least one little plant on the desk? Or the task board for pinning-up the necessary tasks to be done before EOD (End of the Day)? If the answer is yes to any one of these, or has any other requirements, you will need a desk with a bigger surface area.

If you have a smaller space, consider getting the extendable desk. You can pull out the surface when in need of extra workspace and tuck it in if the situation gets cramped. 

Other small yet most important things to consider

  • Make sure you have a proper place to hide out all the wires. You won’t want to get tangled in the wires or spend time detangling them. Right?
  • Ample storage space to store files, office supplies, and all the other necessary and décor things. For the minimal outlook go for the shelved office work desk.
  • Consider getting a comfortable and adjustable chair to reduce back pain.
  • Don’t place your desk near the direct sunlight. It will cause your eyes to strain. The monitor should be in a direction where the screen is perfectly lit and you don’t have to frown to look at it.
  • This one is optional! Decorate the desk with travel memories or something that motivates you. Why? It will make you stay productive.

Have a Cozy and Productive Work Desk

Selecting a work desk to set-up at home is a challenging task, but it should not be stressful. Considering this thing we had curated this article. We hope you got all the information on how to choose the right work desk.

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