30 Colors That Go with Red Interior Design

Red is among the colors that we all love, but designing your home with red can be intimidating.

You might think that red might jolt you too much. Or will it get cheesy for Valentine’s Day?

So calm down; when used appropriately, adding red to your design may give it a richer, more worldly feel as well as an energizing ambiance. Red is a strong, invigorating, and life-affirming color that can revitalize any style of decoration, from the most conventional to the most cutting-edge and modern.

Understanding which colors complement red (and which don’t) can help you accentuate your home’s best attributes without having the aggressive color overpower them. So, scroll down to learn about red and the colors that go with red.

Some Color Matching Rules You Should Not Miss!

Primary secondary tertiary color wheel chart

The color wheel, according to design experts at 99Designs, is composed of three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue, and three secondary colors that are formed when the primary colors combine: green, orange, and purple. These primary and secondary colors combine to form six tertiary colors like blue-green or red-violet

The colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel, such as red and green, blue and orange, and purple and yellow, are often considered to be the most complimentary.

What Colors Go With Red?

colors that go with red ideas including red velvat sofa and rug

According to the experts, there are a few complementary colors for different shades of red. Some of them are – 

1. Primary Red – Magenta is the true shade of primary red. Yellow, orange, blue, white, and black all complement primary red.

2. Cherry Red – The deep red color of cherries forms the cherry red. And azure blue, gray, pale orange, tan, and pale yellow are the colors that go good with red.

3. Tomato Red – It works well with cyan, creamy white, mint green, sand, and gray.

4. Burgundy Red – Burgundy red is the deep reddish brown shade also known as wine red. White, black, grey, purple, navy, turquoise, forest green, pink, gold, beige, and yellow accentuate burgundy red.

5. Raspberry Red – Berry color resembles this pinkish red-raspberry tone. It goes well with black, shades of blue, gray, metallics, navy, white, cream, and wood tones.

6. Brick Red – It is a moderate reddish-brown tone with shades of yellow and is also called terracotta or clay red. So, the paint colors that go with red brick wall are cream, black, sage green, brown or beige, white, blue-gray, and other shades of red.

4 Do’s And Don’ts While Using Red For Home Decor

pink sofa with red cushion cover

Red may be a big and bold color to use in interior design, so it’s necessary to not only appreciate the color but also learn how to utilize it properly.

1. If you feel you could get bored with the color in a year or two, hold off from painting the entire room red.

2. Don’t be afraid to use red in soft furniture like rugs and pillows, but stick to patterns rather than plain colors. By doing so, you may choose some other colors from the pattern and emphasize them in the space as well.

3. Burnt oranges, maroons, and other similar colors won’t appear as intimidating.

4. The color red may be softened by a grey wall, and less is usually more.

These 5 Tips And Tricks Might Help You Choose Better Colors That Go With Red

1. Less is More – Whether it is a large or small room, a red accent may energize and improve it.

2. Red for Decorative Items – Use red sparingly in books, vases, artwork, and other decorative items.

3. Choose Red, Only If You Love it – The only if you love red, then only move with adding a red touch to your space.

4. Make a Bold Statement with Red – Make a strong statement by pairing red with white and almost any gray shade. If not, use red sparingly and combine it with neutral colors like black, green, or linen.

5. Red as Accent Color – Choose a much more subdued, blue-based red when using a lot more red in space.

These 30 Tips May Help You Out To Identify The Colors That Go With Red!

1. Red and White

white colour decor with red chair

Neutrals generally go well with red, but a bold visual statement may be made by combining red and white in particular. While the whites help create a “clean slate,” the reds will stand out as the stars. It’s sleek without becoming monotonous.

2. Cherry Red and Pale Gray

living room design with red sofa

Pale gray is among the colors that go with red. A bright cherry-red sofa gives a classic living room a modern edge. A glass-topped chrome coffee table provides lightness; cool gray paint on the walls gives contrast; and gold accessories bring glitz.

3. Mint Green and Red

Red Living Room with Green Walls idea

Mint is among the flexible colors that go with red. Consider pairing it with coral or coral-like reds for a contemporary and vibrant look. Alternatively, pair it with a deep clay-red sofa for a retro-inspired appearance.

4. Muted Red Combinations

Muted Red Combinations idea

To make a space feel more neutral, linen tones work well to balance out the dominance of red. A red rug and white linen bedding make a lovely bedroom combination.

5. Watermelon Red and Black

Watermelon Red and Black idea

A small space may have individuality and flair thanks to a bold color scheme. Natural light can pour into the room through a skylight window and a sloped ceiling, highlighting the watermelon-red paint on the walls. A dramatic contrast is given by the furniture and decor in black and white.

6. Red and Orange

Red and Orange living room

Almost all orange colors complement red well because they provide depth. Orange is also near being a monochromatic color on the color wheel, providing a scheme quite similar to it.

7. Fire Truck Red and White with Silver

Fire Truck Red and White with Silver room

It’s simple to add bold red accents to a space with cool tones. A sculptural floor lamp and fire truck red bar stools may liven up an all-white and silver-toned kitchen, providing a clean, modern background for the breathtaking ocean views.

8. Turquoise and Red

Turquoise and Red design

Turquoise is yet another of the colors that go with red. It pairs nicely with coral red, but it also looks amazing with bolder reds. Use a matte red and white accent wall in a space with lacquered turquoise furniture for a fresh take on a classic appearance.

9. Black and White with Red

Black and White with Red living room design

Red looks great against black, which also creates a somber, dramatic atmosphere. Add a couple of black pillows to your couch to achieve this.

10. White, Blue, and Black with Red

White, Blue, and Black with Red idea

A muted duck-egg blue with a green undertone is a fantastic contrast color that isn’t very disruptive. It softens the area and provides a cold counterpoint to the fiery red.

11. Red and Soft Pink

Red and Soft Pink idea

With a red color scheme, light pinks may offer a touch of elegance and tenderness, guaranteeing that your room can be both dramatic and calming. The key is to use soft colors that don’t feel overly Valentine’s Day-ish.

12. Red and Navy with Blue-Gray

Red and Navy with Blue-Gray study room

Strong accents in red and navy blue combined with light, bright blue-gray wall paint provide an inspiring workspace. Navy and blue-gray can be the colors that go with red nicely. 

13. Blood Red and Neon Yellow

Blood Red and Neon Yellow kitchen

If you are wondering what colors go with red, try combining blood red and neon yellow. Slight doses of rich color are a cost-effective way to experiment and modify your decor at will.

14. Copper and Red

Copper and Red room design

Use red accent rugs and copper-colored walls for a cozy, inviting atmosphere. A sense of serenity will be added by adding standing or table lights with a mellow white glow.

15. Jade Green and Red

Jade Green and Red design

An almost red room with jadeite accent bowls will produce a contemporary effect for a combination emphasizing red. This arrangement looks fantastic with black furnishings. Nevertheless, if you’d rather employ this combination in a more understated manner, you might design a space that is mostly neutral with a few highlights of both red and jade green.

16. Charcoal and Red

Charcoal and Red room design

Red and charcoal may provide a dark yet elegant space. Charcoal is a more dramatic variation of gray that is nevertheless considered to be “neutral,” giving your room a bit more flair.

17. Red and Brown with Black

Red and Brown with Black design

From the Chesterfield couch to the armchairs, use deep red and black colors to create a cozy, elegant ambiance that can withstand the fireplace’s striking pattern and dramatic brown wood ceiling beams and flooring.

18. Brick Red and Blush with Green

Brick Red and Blush with Green room design

Throw cushions in a variety of soft colors—brick red, pink, and olive green—that go with the white, taupe, and wood elements on the walls and the bench in the eat-in kitchen, giving the space some life.

19. Periwinkle and Red

Periwinkle and Red room

While thinking of the colors that go with red, give a thought to periwinkle as well. Red color palettes require a constant balancing effort when combined. Periwinkle is an excellent option if you discover that you enjoy the way red and purple appear but want something a little less striking. 

20. Shades of Gray with Red

Shades of Gray with Red room design

Your red furniture will stand out even more if you add silvery, gray carpeting to the room. The color red looks fantastic with any shade of gray and comes to life when combined with it.

21. White, Cream, and Beiges with Red

White, Cream, and Beiges with Red design

Each shade of red may be enhanced by the light, bright white color. When creating an effective statement, it serves as a fantastic foundation since it provides contrast and some breathing room.

22. Apricot and Red

 Apricot and Red room design

An apricot might win your heart among the colors that go with red. Your red-toned space may benefit from the charm and elegance of an apricot without being too monochrome. Also, it will brighten the space without competing with more vibrant reds.

23. Burgundy and Navy

Burgundy and Navy room design

Use deep blue and burgundy accessories to contrast the white walls. The color scheme is brought together by a picture that hangs over the white sofa and a rug that is colored in blue and red tones.

24. Red and Pink with Cocoa Brown

Red and Pink with Cocoa Brown design

A chocolate brown sofa is matched with a deep red Persian rug, a raspberry pink throw cushion, and some pink and red flowers to create a retro-style living room.

25. Aquamarine and Red

Aquamarine and Red room design

Aquamarine is another striking design feature, similar to red. Its cool-toned, stylish appearance makes it ideal for both modern living rooms and offices. While it is a little colder, aquamarine is comparable to turquoise in color. It may therefore be used in a range of applications, like turquoise.

26. Red and Teal

Red and Teal room design

Teal can be your choice to match with red for a calm aura. If you’re using red in more tranquil spaces like bedrooms and living rooms, use it sparingly. Keep red on soft furnishings that you can replace if you decide it is too prominent in the future.

27. Red with Black, White, Gray, and Timber Furniture 

Red with Black, White, Gray, and Timber Furniture room design

A bamboo arm table is an inexpensive way to add some timber, and red is a color that complements wood finishes beautifully. Use white, black, and grey accents to keep the design contemporary.

28. Red and Plum

Red and Plum design

Red and plum purple can set the tone of your space. The plum color can be seen in the blanket and the patterned cushions on the daybed, and the space is kept looking airy and contemporary by the use of a lot of white furniture and wall decor.

29. Red and the Colors of the Rainbow

Red and the Colors of the Rainbow

Try blending red with all of the colors of the rainbow for a vibrant shade in the room. Include a siren-red couch that is sizable, as well as a wall storage unit that matches the rainbow-colored area rug that anchors the seating area.

30. Fuchsia and Red

Fuchsia and Red room design

Fuchsia is again among the colors that go with red. Even though combining red, a color that is already loud, with a strong, bright color like fuchsia may appear counterintuitive. Start using it sparingly to ease into it as an accent, and be sure to include a strong third hue—such as a brooding blue—to balance things out.

Esther Phang Colour Wheel
light pink wall with red sofa
what colors go with dining table
blue colour wall with red sofa
Red Eiderdowns Bedroom idea
dark red wall room design
red design idea

Revitalize Your Space With Colors That Go With Red! 

Red color schemes that are both exciting and eye-catching will make you want to paint the house red or add a few tasteful décor pieces to brighten up your area. Hopefully, you now have some ideas for complementary colors that go with red and can revive the vitality of your house. Just choose a color that feels right to you—there is no right or wrong way to do it!

1. Which Colors Don’t Go with Red?

Few colors don’t look good if not combined in the right shade with red, some of them are – 
Emerald Green

2. Which Colors Look Best When Combined?

A few basic but perennially popular three-color combinations, that can help you start your color palette are – 
Yellow, Red, and Blue.
Green, Orange, and Purple.
Teal, Magenta, and Gold.

3. Which Are the Best Colors That Go with Red?

Several colors go well with red. Some of them are white, black, beige, turquoise, orange, and green. 

4. Can Gold Be Paired with Red?

Red and gold are an ideal color combo. A rich, opulent sense is infused into the space by this color scheme.

5. Which Colors Complement Red?

From the color theory, it is evident that a primary and a secondary color form white. So, red, being a primary color, when combined with the secondary color cyan, gives white. Hence, cyan is the complementary color for red.

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