12+ Living Room Trends to Try in 2024

When it comes to living room trends, interior designers suggest experimenting with different things to make it look attractive. This can be a piece of new furniture, a new set of cushions, or even some new lighting that can make your living room look trendy.

Smartness and informality can give your living room space special vibes. This will help you uncork the world of minimalism with some brightly colored spaces.

So, what are the things that you can expect from this new year to make your living room more special for your family members? For a start, you need to dig deep and contemplate the prognosis. Then, with patience, you will realize that warmth, style, and details galore are some of the best trends you can expect from your living room decor ideas.

This is just a trailer. There are some big revelations in this blog. Keep reading and discover some of the best living room trends that will transform your living room into a contemporary space.

When it comes to decorating living rooms, there are many ways. You can transform your space into different styles: modern, art deco, loft, hi-tech. This mainly depends upon your living room interiors and characteristics and your personal taste and lifestyle.

What are the most popular living room trends? There are numerous living room design ideas and trends that you can follow to keep your living area updated. Below are the freshest and hottest trends that can be expected to see in the upcoming year. Let’s observe them all and find out the best colors, designs, and decors for your space.

1. Cocooning Bends

Cocooning Bends

Generally speaking, you would wish for a simple design for your living room. But with the changing times, interior decorators today suggest experimenting with more curvaceous and free-flowing forms. This is not limited to your furniture settings. But it goes beyond that and includes lighting accessories, and much more.

You can experiment with light shades and textured materials like white and cream. While designing a sofa, ensure that it is curvaceous. It should have soft edges and rounded shapes, which will ensure that you have a great time sitting on the sofa.

2. Marshmallow Soft Furnishings

Marshmallow Soft Furnishings

Ever considered giving your living room a cushion of soft furnishing? If not, here is your chance to do it with marshmallow soft furnishings. The key phrases here are bulging, soft, and relaxing. The objective here is to ensure that your living room is the space where you love sitting for hours in a relaxed position and enjoy healthy conversations with your partner and loved ones. 

Go for white color as it symbolizes purity of thought process and makes your living room feel spacious. Along with that, go for curved sofas with oversized rounded arms. This will make your living room heaven on Earth!

3. Blue Marble Furniture

Blue Marble Furniture

Marble has been in trend since last year. But this year, interior designers have started to favor unconventional varieties of marble. If you are someone who loves to experiment with your living room, I would suggest you go for blue stone as it looks elegant. It provides a distinct personality to your living room. You can always try experimenting with metallic finishes to give your living room a distinct look and appeal. 

4. Multifunctional, Airy Spaces

 Multifunctional, Airy Spaces

Eco-friendly well-being and sustainability have become very important this year. Today, interior designers recommend having airy spaces with light backgrounds. Multifunctional spaces in the living room have gained a lot of popularity. The reason is it helps you handle many activities you can perform in your house. 

5. Velvet is the Go-To Color

Velvet is the Go-To Color

Velvet has been the go-to color of interior designers for a very long time. Hence, it comes as no surprise to see it finding a prominent place in the living room. Today, there is a growing demand for velvet color but with a major twist. 

Velvet sofas make an impactful presence felt in the living room. You can try experimenting with creased curves, restrained fluting, and lounge latching, which gives the furniture a contemporary look.

If you are not considering purchasing furniture for your living room, we suggest you go for a velvet cocktail chair or a stylish lighting unit which can upgrade your living room like never before!

6.Try More Observant Design

Try More Observant Design

This is the year when interior designers are shifting towards mindful designs that can change the perspective of your living room and give a distinctive look. It is all about creating the right ambiance instead of filling your living room with physical items.

For example, you can think about filling your living room with garden grass. It is an innovative idea (although far-stretched!) which can result in an artful effect. Think about different things that can make your living room more eco friendly

Try purchasing decorative accessories for your living room. Alternatively, you can also go for decorating the study table of your little pal. These small touches can make a huge difference in giving a fresh appeal to your living room.

7. Use Mirrors Effectively

Use Mirrors Effectively

You are absolutely wrong if you think mirrors are just there in your house as a showpiece. Mirrors provide a distinctive edge to your living room. If you add a mirror on top of your fireplace, it will add more appeal to your entire space. Also the other benefit is that mirrors create an illusion that their space is quite spacious. This is a big advantage, especially when you can add them to your living room.

8. Green Living

Green Living
A living room filled with furniture and plants
A living room with a chair and a potted plant
A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Whether it is the living room, bedroom, or dining room, one thing that is going to be prompted in the interior design trends is the sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.  

From indoor plants, furniture in raw materials to green shades, the upcoming year will be full of these things. In short, the word for the living room is NATURE & NATURAL SHADES! 

Don’t hesitate to add a lot of plants and organic materials to your home. You can use furniture in natural fibers such as rattan or linens in linen or cotton gauze. These organic decors and textures will look absolutely stunning with wood, concrete, marble. 

Bring life to your plain and boring walls with green shades and textures. Include earthy, herbal, or vegetal tones like sage and hues on the green/blue spectrum. These shades will look contrasting with terracotta furnishings and metallic finishes such as gold and brass.  

The more green you can add, the better – so don’t be afraid to indulge green and natural materials in tactile rugs, cushions, and throws, either.

9. Modern Scandinavian Interiors

Modern Scandinavian Interiors
A living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv
A living room with blue walls and white furniture

The second living room trend is the Scandinavian Interiors. This style is all about clean lines, simple designs, and minimalist color accents. From furniture, decors to interiors, expect to see many Scandinavian elements in the upcoming year. 

Scandinavian style mainly consists of white walls, wood floors, modern furniture, and minimalist decor. This is because the Scandinavian winters are dark, so people living in these areas usually use light-colored and fresh interiors in their homes. You can include white, gray, and beige tones and natural materials. You can mix cozy pillows and blankets with fresh plants and wooden furniture to create this simple yet attractive interior look.

In a Scandinavian-designed room, you can also expect bare wood floors and white painted brick walls that add a rough texture while maximizing the light streaming in through large windows. One of the best things about Scandinavian style is that it goes perfectly both for large country houses and small apartments. The simplicity, natural elements, and functionality are the three key points in Scandinavian interiors. 

Add ornate lighting fixtures, simple geometric furniture, and living plants, pots for a personal touch. Take a glimpse at the above living room decor with Scandinavian interiors and make an organized and comfortable space. 

10. Zoning Out

Zoning Out
A living room filled with furniture and a staircase
A room divider in a room with a bed in the background
A living room with a couch and a coffee table
A living room with a couch and a coffee table

We’ve been spending more and more time in our homes, specifically in living rooms. They’ve become busy offices for working, a playground for kids and entertaining spots.   

So it’s pretty clear that living rooms are more than just a place to watch TV or hangout spots. So zoning out the spaces will be the emerging trend in the interior designs. You can either put a small desk for work or a multi-functional coffee table that can be transformed into a workplace. From multifunctional bedroom couches, tables to cupboard desks and built-in furniture, numerous smart pieces of furniture are available in the market.

You can divide your living rooms in three ways: paint, furniture, and partitions. Try using bold wall murals like geometric designs or accent walls. This will make lounge ideas stand out and also look separated from the rest without actually separating. The second way is to use various kinds of furniture and placing them in a particular manner. 

The last way is to use room dividers and partitions. These things will instantly give your room a new look and some privacy. Use dividers made of nature-inspired materials, such as wood or rattan. This way, you can easily switch between your working area and the entertaining zone. 

11. Round Shapes

Round Shapes
A chair and a table in a room
A blue couch sitting on top of a rug in a living room
A living room with a couch and a coffee table

We all know that interiors featuring clean lines and sharp shapes are so popular for over a decade now. The interior design will be more focused on softer and rounder shapes in the upcoming year. Living rooms will be full of round shapes, whether it’s about decorative elements, furniture, or overall interior theme. 

Whenever we think about furnishings, coziness and functionality are two things that always come first to our minds, right? We always want to add comfortable and stylish-looking furniture to our living areas. So the living room ideas will feature sofas, chairs, tables, and other components of this room with round shapes. 

Go with the simple, sober, and multifunctional pieces of furniture. You can skillfully decorate these pieces with the rest of the angular decors, such as picture frames, wall cupboards, and art elements. You can easily create a softer and more delicate finish with curved or rounded shapes.

12. Wallpapers & Wallcoverings

Wallpapers & Wallcoverings
A living room with a zebra print wallpaper and a birdcage
A living room with a white couch and yellow flowers on the wall
A living room with a couch and a table

In recent years, wallpapers have become an important part of interior design. Even architects and experts also recommend using wallpapers to add some drama and character to the space. The following year, wallpapers will be one of the prominent designs in the living room. 

From pretty floral, textured to patterns and graphics wallpapers, you can find wallpaper in any design and color. Even some companies offer to customize it according to your home interiors

Not only wallpapers but the coverings made from jute, silk, linen, and cotton will also be seen in many living rooms in the upcoming year. They’re eco-friendly, inexpensive, and the easiest way to bring comfort and coziness into space. 

Styles like cottagecore, Scandinavian, and minimalism will be seen in the wallpaper trends. You can decorate your family room with these modern and dramatic wallpapers. 

13. Comfy Minimal Style

Comfy Minimal Style
A living room filled with furniture and a large window
A living room filled with furniture and a white wall

Whether it is a living room, bedrooms, or bathrooms, minimalist modern interior design is becoming more and more popular. Due to easy integration into various styles, this style is always in demand, especially in big cities and urban areas. 

Living rooms filled with oversized couches, lots of storage spaces, and walls with many decorated pieces look so tiring and clumsy, and people are so over it. They now prefer the more clean, sophisticated, and minimal approach known as the minimalist style. As we already mentioned, the main emphasis upcoming year will be on comfort and functional space.  

This decorative style mainly consists of materials like concrete, glass, stainless steel, wood, stone, and artificial materials such as vinyl, PVC, or acrylic. Minimal style is all about having a room with maximum space, large windows, and good lighting. Everything else should be reduced to a minimum, including furniture and eliminating excess decoration, optimizing functionality. 

The overall look of the minimalist design is simple and concise, and it is perfect for open interiors filled with natural light. Include furnishings with smooth curves, cozy sofas, and upholstered furniture and try to highlight their minimalist lines. So, apply this new living room trend and create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing entertainment area where you can spend your entire day.  

14. More Natural Lighting

More Natural Lighting
A living room filled with furniture and a large window
A living room with a white couch and a coffee table

The last living room trend on our list is the lighting! We all know lighting plays an important role in creating an ambiance and mood. So, the selection of the right lighting is as important as following other trends. 

As the main interior design theme of the upcoming year is minimal and soft, you can expect to see retro and contemporary lighting fixtures everywhere. So if you’re planning to remodel or renovate your living room, think about the lighting. Place your furniture in such a way that more and more natural lighting can come into the room. 

Good natural lighting with artificial ones can really make your room stand out. With the help of lighting fixtures like pendant lights, chandeliers, and wall lighting, you can easily make your room appear spacious and change its environment instantly.  

For example, if you want a warm atmosphere, go with simple fixtures with softer lighting. Whereas if you want a more natural and organic look, add chandeliers and floor lamps made of glass and rattan. You can also pick a particular theme according to your interiors, such as vintage, art deco, or contemporary.

Here are some more inspirations for you to stay updated with the latest and modern living room trends:

A living room filled with furniture and decor
A living room with pink and blue walls
A living room filled with furniture and a fire place
A living room with a couch and a table
A living room with purple walls and a blue couch
A living room filled with furniture and a brick wall
A living room with a couch a table and a plant
A living room filled with furniture and a white brick wall
A living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv
A living room filled with furniture and a fire place
A living room with yellow walls and furniture


1. What Are the Living Room Decor Ideas?

Here are some of the living room decor ideas:
Mixed metal finishes
Luxurious living
Statement lighting
Natural stone surfaces
Closed floor plans
Influence from the ’60s and ’70s, specifically for furniture design

2. What Are the Modern Living Room Ideas?

This year, you will see a gradual shift towards the earthy, texture-rich territory. It includes handmade pieces, customized touches, brown and wooden furniture, and neutral color palettes. These provide coziness and character to a living space.

3. What Colors Are Trending in Living Room Ideas?

Deep browns, coffee-tinged creams, earthy reds, and terracotta tones are some of the colors trending when it comes to living room ideas.

4. Is Gray Color Still in Trend for Living Room Inspiration this year?

Gray is not the preferred color. Instead, warm neutral tones are considered the best color choices for living room inspiration this year.

5. What Color Should Replace Gray for Living Room Inspiration this year?

Gray used to be a go-to color, but it has been replaced with beige for living room inspiration this year.

Final Words

So, which of Living room trends are you the most excited about? Upgrading homes with the latest trends is always fun and exciting, but it also requires proper planning and designing. The central theme of the next year will be to focus on simplicity, functionality, and the beauty of nature within the room. 

You can follow the latest trends but don’t forget to add personal touches. Do your research properly, form a general picture of how you would like your living room to look, and then finally, you can start shaping your dream living room. 

So these are all the latest living room trends. I hope this blog has helped you to understand the upcoming trends for the living rooms. You can easily follow the trends that we mentioned in this blog and create a comfy, stylish living room in your home. Don’t forget to share this blog with your family and friends so that they can also create warm and cozy living rooms in their homes. 

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