How To Prevent Common Plumbing Problems

Living in a home without water is quite difficult and may affect almost all of your daily activities. No water or any problem with your plumbing system means that you will need to call Essex local plumbers. But before that, you may wonder how to prevent common plumbing problems? It’s easy. We invite you to keep reading.

Plumbing repairs are the most widespread complaint from a homeowner. Sometimes there is a plumbing repair that you can do yourself, however, the question is when to call in a professional plumber? For example, if you have a clogged sink or toilet, a plunger usually helps. After using the plunger, flush the toilet and pay close attention to how the toilet works.

You never want to keep blushing. Instead, remove the tank cap and push the tank ball down to close the dump valve. If the water overflows into the container, this indicates that there is a blockage in the toilet or in the drain line.

Watch the bathroom sink; because if you don’t back out, the blockage is definitely on the toilet or very close. If your sink starts to recede, that means the clog is lower down the drain line and it could be your sewer line. This means you need to call your emergency 5 Star Plumbing.

Most major lines, like water and sewer, are always a job that requires a professional plumber. This is something that a typical homeowner should never attempt because there may be tree roots in the pipe or the pipe may have a large break or leak.

Common Plumbing Problems

Pipes Checking

Examine all exposed pipes in your home like those behind toilets and under sinks for any indicators of corrosion on brass and moisture. Humid days lead to condensation on cold metal pipes, so if you spot any dampness during hot days on metal pipes, be sure to check once again when your home is cooler. Metals are subject to corrosion in humid conditions, and it furthermore leads to a slow leak. Slow leaks can be usually fixed simply by replacing fixture seals, valves, and showerheads.

Faucets and Water Pressure Testing

Inspect your faucets and turn on the cold and hot water interchangeably to track the water pressure. Different faucet models will produce slightly different pressure. You can judge by testing each source of water. They should all have an interrupted, steady flow without any fluctuation, even when opening/closing the tap.

Buildup Cleaning

Try to take off aerators on showerheads and faucets to completely remove the hard water deposit buildup that can distort and slow water flow. You can do that by letting these parts sit in a bowl of vinegar or lime remover.

Stop Flushing Everything Down the Toilet

One of the most common issues in a household with children. Flushing the wrong things down the toilet may cause a total blockage that cannot be solved without the plumber services.

Common Plumbing Problems: Stop Flushing Everything Down the Toilet

Washing Inappropriate Materials Down Your Drain

People often use bathtubs and sinks for waste disposal.

Water Heater Issues

This type of issue is usually easy to spot. You jump in to take a nice warm shower but instead get shocked by cold freezing water. Noises coming from the water heater, dripping water, discolored water, and so on. are just some signs of a water heater problem. In some cases, it is an easy DIY task, but often water heater issues require professional repairs due to the danger and complexity.

Low Water Pressure

Another common plumbing problem that often appears in old houses. However, this problem can happen even in new homes as well. Low water pressure can get worse over time, depending on the culprit that causes it. Whatever the reason, it makes it difficult to rinse dishes, things, and showers, so resolving is usually a priority number one among homeowners.

Plumbing Problems for the Professionals

It can be tempting to DIY plumbing issues at home, but there are problems that are best left to the professionals. Some plumbing issues become disasters because someone at home without proper training and knowledge tried to deal with the complicated problem. 

Here are some issues you may encounter for which you’ll need to call a plumbing company.

Electricity and Water Connection Problems:

Problems that are related to water and electricity connections are best done by qualified and trained professionals. If you have zero knowledge about hooking up appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters, it’s best to consider a professional to do the job. 

Pipe, Sink, or Tub Installation:

If you need to install these things into your home or a fixture needs re-plumbing, a plumbing professional should keep you on the safe side. They should know not just the proper installation and connections, but should also determine any problem before it becomes more complicated. They also have the right tools and equipment to do the job. 

Sewer and Septic Problems:

If a line was cut or if it may need to be resealed or reinstalled, a professional should do this. Having poisonous gases inside your home due to improper plumbing is a safety hazard that shouldn’t be done by someone who doesn’t have training.

Bottom Line

To prevent common plumbing problems and maintain a smoothly functioning household, it’s crucial to adopt proactive measures. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your plumbing system is key to avoiding issues such as leaks, clogs, and pipe damage. Ensure that you promptly address any minor leaks or drips, as they can escalate into more significant problems over time. Regularly clean drains to prevent clogs and be mindful of what goes down the garbage disposal.

Additionally, consider scheduling routine septic service to ensure your septic system operates efficiently. This preventative maintenance can extend the life of your plumbing infrastructure, save you from costly repairs, and contribute to a hassle-free living environment. If you do not have too much experience in this, it is best to contact some of the local plumbers so as not to cause even greater damage.

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