7 Questions to Ask Custom Home Builders in Brisbane

Who would not want a house in Brisbane? It has everything anyone can ask for as one of the most livable cities in the world. All residents will be proud of their functional transportation hubs, beautiful beaches, and tourist destinations. And since the business hub is situated there as well, residential housing areas are spawning neighborhoods. The real estate industry is very much alive in Australia, where custom home builders in Brisbane are in high demand. 

Custom Home Builders in Brisbane

Whether youā€™re a new homeowner or planning to have a home renovation, here are seven helpful questions you should ask your contractor:

How Long Have You Been in the Business?

They do not have to be as old as the discovery of Musgrave Park, but years of experience do matter. Their expertise will show in their projects. If they have been around for a long time, they would have a familiarity with the building codes and real estate laws of the area. A tenured and reputable home builder is better for the benefit of your house. 

Who will be part of The Project?

It is wise to know who will work on your Brisbane home. Will they employ a large team of builders? Who will be in charge of the build? It may be best to hire the same people for uniformity and familiarity. 

Do you Have Insurance?

Custom Home Builders in Brisbane must have a business license and home insurance should come hand-in-hand. Itā€™s a must for all home builders to operate with a permit. But do not assume that they also have insurance. Some unscrupulous companies think they can get away with the insuring part. So make sure that they have one before you even sign the contract.

Do you have an After-build Service?

After-care is a crucial aspect of any business. There should be immediate answers to concerns and queries after the build. Check if the company gives after-build service and warranty. 

Can We Stick to My Budget?

Whether you want to follow the Queenslander or modern architecture, you should always keep in mind to stick to your budget. So before the most efficient home builder presents a proposal, you need to discuss with them your allowable budget intently. 

Remember that the first proposal will not always be the last. There may be a back and forth of ideas until you and your builders come up with the one that is reasonably priced.

Can You do Energy-efficient Home?

Building a house will cost a lot. So saving money brings a smile to all homeowners since there are loans and daily living expenses to think about all the time. Having an energy-efficient home lowers utility costs. Ask the home builders if they use energy-saving HVAC systems, doors, windows, and insulation. 

What is our Timeframe?

Custom house building takes time due to the subcontractors and suppliers involved in the process. You can find many custom home builders in Brisbane but you should make sure they are trustworthy and honest with the expected finish time. Make sure that you and the builders have a written schedule, with details per part of the home completed.

Home Builders in Brisbane


Your excitement due to your new Brisbane home is understandable, especially if you plan to put one up near the Gabba or QPAC. But remember to park your pen for a minute and consider the answers to your house builders. Let your signature glide on that contract when you’re fully satisfied that you’re about to hire a custom home builder for your home.

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