9 Thoughtful Tips for Decorating and Using Your Garage Space

A garage is more than a shelter for your vehicles. Whether it’s a normal garage or an EVSE charging station for your vehicle, there’s a lot of potentials that this space beholds in order to achieve maximum utility. At some point, the idea of having additional space in your home might’ve struck your mind. Well, don’t worry! Because your garage will fulfill that wish for you.

Investing a little time in the makeover of the garage can offer you a space with maximized storage and function. Whether you want to build a new workout place, a toy room for your kids, or a man cave, here are a few tips for decorating and using your garage space.

1. Set the Desired Function for the Garage

Set the Desired Function for the Garage

The first and foremost step in this project is to define the purpose of the renovation. Will you be using it as a party hub or a silent reading room? Do you want to transform it into a playroom for your kids or perhaps a personal workshop? 

Once your goal is set, the decor, planning, and set of requirements will pitch in and take the project further. 

2. Goodbye Unwanted Items!

When was the last time you organized your stuff and sorted all the wanted and unwanted items in the garage? Let us guess, that happens maybe once a year?

Well, the transformation of the garage is an opportunity to get rid of whatever is not required. Segregate the unused items, the useful ones, and all the unwanted ones. The items that aren’t required could either be donated or sold and you could build storage for the essentials in a nook of the garage.

3. Keep the Dust Away

Garages are prone to dust and debris accumulation over time. Before transforming it into your next social hub or personal space, make sure to get rid of every minute dust particle. Vacuum all the shelves, doors, walls, and every exposed surface to make the garage space clean.

4. Sweep the Floor

The typical garage floor is always dirty and would need extra effort to clean it. Power wash the flooring to give it a fresh look. Get rid of all the stains and make the flooring look like a new one. If it’s too damaged to be cleaned, you could also think of adding new flooring based on your budget and requirements. 

5. The Strong and Supportive Walls

The Strong and Supportive Walls of garage space

The sturdy walls of the garage could be used as extra Garage Storage. Rather than adding shelves to the otherwise bare wall, install hooks and make a decor statement with the raw look. Whether you hang the tools from the tool kit or old bicycle, it’ll make the space look interesting.

6. Keep It Warm

Winters are hardly bearable without proper heating. As homeowners don’t tend to add heating ducts in the garage, you could consider investing in a portable heater to keep you cozy and comfortable. Whether you’ll be spending just an hour or hosting an entire evening party in the new space, ensure it’s properly heated to maintain a comfortable temperature.

7. Insulate the Garage

Decorating and Using Your Garage Space by Insulate the Garage

Generally, garages are kept uninsulated as it has to shelter the vehicles only. Transforming your garage into a livable space might demand insulating the walls or else it could pose serious temperature conditions. Insulation can keep the space cozy in the freezing months and cool during the summers.

8. Get Running Water Line

Water is a basic necessity in any space. Extend one of your plumbing lines to get running water at any hour of usage. If you’re thinking of making a home bar, place a sleek sink to get the contemporary aesthetics. If the room is going to serve another purpose, go for a small sink that doesn’t make its presence obvious.

9. Add Wi-Fi to Stay Connected!

Don’t we all agree that the moment we lose internet connection we all feel restless and try to regain it? Garage being a separate zone in the house might not get strong wifi signals so set up a new set for the connectivity. You can take a comfy spot, go with the uninterrupted hours of scrolling, and relax!

Happy Remodeling!

Decorating and Using Your Garage Space by remodeling


Make the best out of this space with utmost potential. If you’ve ever lacked space to execute your dream project, this is the chance. With promising functionality and a one-of-its-kind ambiance, your garage could be used as a getaway spot from the daily hectic life. Follow these simple tricks and don’t miss out on the luxury in relaxation this space has to offer to you. 

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