16 Dining Room Ideas and Design for Every Space

Are you looking for ideas that will make your dining look swoon-worthy? Look no further. We are excited to present our selected collection of dining room ideas that look both luxurious and modern. We recognize how significant it is to decorate this intimate dining space for hosting a dinner for your family and friends. 

We strive to offer designs that won’t let go of your dining space unnoticed. Our dining room ideas cover a spectrum of elements, from wall paints to wallpapers, arrangement of furniture to lighting, farmhouse dining room ideas to modern, and Japandi design to eclectic. Simply everything that will help you gain your guest’s admiration.

By drawing inspiration from our designer approved concepts, fill your dining space with elements and designs that make your dining space look like the one out of a movie. 

So let’s begin the exploration where good decoration and delicious food meet to create great conversations. 

Dining Room Decor Ideas:-

1. Decorate the space with sculptural elements

sculptural elements in dining room

Let us introduce you to this stunning dining space that you see in the picture below. It reflects the hard work of interior designer Jessica Davis of Atelier Davis put in to design a captivating dining area. 

She has designed a dining space with soft, padded, luxurious blue chairs that match the white and gold interior. The combination redefines elegance. The dining island in the picture serves as a centerpiece. It is adorned with a large glass vase filled with verdant branches that bring out its natural beauty. Do you see the strategic placement of art pieces and mini sculptures? How elegant does it look? This also contributes to the overall narrative of sophistication in dining spaces.

2. Put on your ancestral gifts

crystal chandelier in dining room

We often wonder what would be the after-use of the costly, treasured ancestral gifts. However, the visionary creativity of designer Heather Chadduk Hillegas shows us the way to add new life and purpose to these sentimental gifts. Heather made the best use of the preserved treasures, like a crystal chandelier, and graced the dining space with it. The cascading crystals cast a spell of enchantment over the space. 

3. Add that glossiness

ashley whittaker connecticut house tour dining room

We have nothing less but only praise for this wonderfully designed, vibrant, and bold dining space by Ashley Whittaker. Ashley transformed the space into a symphony of color, texture, and class. She painted the walls with peacock blue color and decorated them with various elements like glass statement pieces, a chandelier, and a fireplace. The bold color choice serves as a canvas for Ashley to weave her magic. The juxtaposition of white upholstery against the soothing tones of beige creates a visual harmony. 

4. The magical curtain

magical curtain dining room

Curtains not only have the power to act as room dividers but also add to the traditional aesthetic feel. Candace Shure designed this majestic dining space by hanging a striking red curtain cascading from ceiling to floor. The curtain becomes a symphony of movement and texture with each billow and drape. The space around the curtain is decorated by placing some natural elements, such as green plants or sculptures, to draw attention and bring a sense of freshness.

5. Put a book in every nook

books in Dining space

Dining space design should intertwine functionality and aesthetics to create a heaven of comfort. For some, it is a place to read and unwind after meals, while for others, it is a place to capture memories. Designer Colleen Simonds understood this exact emotion attached to a dining space. She designed the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and painted them with serene blue. These towering bookshelves help the dining space not only look royal but are also a feast to the eyes. As the sunlight passes through the windows, every corner of the dining space is filled with warmth. We are already in awe of this design, are you not? 

6. Decrease the color palette

dining space color palette

Let us look into a stunning design where subtle simplicity reigns supreme. The Genius designers Ashely Maddox and Hilary Walker offer a dining space that looks serene and sophisticated. In their masterpiece, they painted the dining space with minimal soft and muted colors like white and beige. Light colors allow the eyes to roll over to other wonderful elements such as clerestory windows and cantilevered soffit. 

Well, we would not deny that in this dining space, every detail is deliberate, and every choice is imbued with intention.

7. A touch of vibrancy

dining room ideas

How about the idea of decorating the dining room head to toe with coral, blue, and green, a symphony of color and creativity that captures the eye? Jenna Gross of Colordrunk Designs brought this vision to life. For those who love to entertain guests and host gatherings around the dining space, this dining room idea is a fabulous option. The vibe of the dining space is such that it encourages one to play cards or host games around the dinner table. To embrace the palette further, you can place luxurious chairs and stools around the round table. 

8. Create a wall of frames

wall frames in dining room

Let’s embark on a visual journey of self-expression and creativity by creating a dining space that reflects your unique personality. Cover one of the walls of the dinner space with modern and vintage prints, or hang your favorite photos. By doing this, we infuse the space with a sense of nostalgia and intimacy. 

The dining room design ideas shared above is drawn from the dining room designed by the renowned Velinda Hellen for one of her clients. She created this wonderful masterpiece by mixing white walls and natural materials like wood and rattan chairs. The French Bistro chairs are indeed a show stopper there, do you agree?

9. Create a rainbow theme

rainbow theme dining room

While you may fear putting in multiple colors in the dining room, your perception will change when you look at this dining room decor idea from Lisa Gilmore Design. At first glance, the design looks bold and classic, but as you go through the elements, you will be more convinced. 

She put on all shades of colors, be it blue, green, yellow, or white, reflecting the free spirit of the residents. To add more to the vibrancy to the theme, even the curtains are patterned and green in color. Let this design inspire you to create a colorful dining space where each color tells a story. Let’s see modern dining room ideas.

10. Decorate it with a small bar

small bar in dining room

Irrespective of the size of the dining area, it can always be transformed. Look at this ingenious dining space design by Morse design where a compact bar is tucked into one of the corners. To further highlight the bar, you can decorate it with metallic hangings or a tree wall art placed just above it. Also, you can utilize the open space surrounding the bar to create shelves for displaying wine glasses. The inclusion of a small bar is an excellent small dining room ideas to make efficient use of the extra space that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. 

11. Be creative with geometric prints

geometric prints dining room

In interior design, the dining room is like a canvas to bring in your creativity. Designer Ahsley Delapp brought an innovative approach to designing a dining space by using geometric patterned wallpaper on the walls. It serves as a great backdrop for the entire dining area. Further, the wall decor looks stunning when decorated with statement glass pieces, catching light and night lamps around. Did you notice the newly styled transparent dining table there? 

12. Enhance the grandeur

grandeur dining room

The artistry of Carrier & Co. unfolds in all its splendor in designing this exquisite dining space. The grandeur-ness of the design lies in the soaring blue and geometric ceiling that looks like a canopy of stars. It looks like the designer has given meticulous attention to every detail that elevates the dining experience. The dining table is designed to accommodate 10 guests, and is a masterpiece in its own right- a movie-like setup for intimate dinners. 

13. Giving it a Japandi makeover

Japandi makeover dining room

The fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, the Japandi style, is expressed through the minimal palette, natural wood, and floorings. The image shown below is a space that looks serene and was designed by Joel Wong and Amanda Gunawan of OWIUdesigns. The use of these muted palettes and clean lines curate a sense of calm and serenity that fills every corner. The result is a space that feels airy, light, and fresh. As you can observe, the play of natural light and shadow through the clerestory window casts a warm and golden glow.

14. Lacquered ceiling

Lacquered ceiling dining room

Danielle Rollins shines brightly in the mastery of minimalist aesthetics. Look at this dining space where the apricot-lacquered ceiling captures immediate attention. The lustrous sheen of apricot blue shine gives the room a warm glow, casting a soft diffused light on the counter walls that are painted with dark shades. 

Well, it is not just the ceiling that captivates; the dining table covered with designer tablecloths captures equal attention.

15. Create wallpaper panels

wallpaper panel dining room

The allure of wallpapers for room design is transcending eras. It fills the room completely with new charm and character. The talented team at Candace Mary Interiors makes masterful use of wallpapers to create wall panels that add depth & dimension to the walls. The clever technique of using wallpaper as panels mimics the look of the frames. The intricate patterns redefine elegance and transform the feel of the space completely. Oh, do not miss the statement lamp hanging over the dining space!

16. Use a banquette

banquette dining room

Are you excited to transform your home dining into a haven of hospitality for your guests? In this design, a practical addition of a banquette offers a solution that goes beyond mere seating. It is a thoughtful addition that the designer Alvin Wayne considered for the guests’ comfort and enjoyment. The olive green corner banquette with plush cushions looks as inviting as it could be. Well, it is not just about the banquette in this style. The surrounding walls are also decorated with large-scale tropical leaf wallpaper. The visuals it creates are just stunning. Do you agree? 

Let us design a dining space where memories are made, stories are shared, and laughter echoes through the halls!

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