DIY Toddler Bed Ideas: 11 Beautiful Handmade Bed Designs for Kids Bedroom!

A baby slowly growing into a toddler.. isn’t this transition wonderful? It is a significant step in the development and growth of a child. And as parents, this is a big deal for you to see your kids grow, right!. This transition brings a lot of changes in the child and as well as in his surroundings. The nursery room now becomes a toddler bedroom, and the things that as a baby they liked are no longer in need of them. To give you some inspiration, we have collected some cool and creative DIY toddler bed ideas that are also super easy to build.

You have to change according to your growing kid, and the first step in this is to decorate their bedroom. Now the interior design should reflect the personality of your kid. For example, unusual and creative bed designs will encourage imagination and fantasy in your children. Also, with the exciting furniture, they will no longer have a problem with their sleep because this will become their favorite spot! 

These fabulous pieces of furniture come with high price tags, but not everyone has a big budget to spend on them, right? Don’t worry; we’re not telling you to buy these. Instead, you can DIY them. All you need is some of your time and a few required tools, and you can make a perfect DIY bed for your toddler. If you don’t know anything, you can always ask your local carpenter to make one for you. It will also cost less! 

From superhero bed to canopy and treehouse bed, here you’ll find a perfect bed for your kids. All of them are so fun and fabulous, so select the one that fits your skill and budget!

11 Easy But Creative DIY Toddler Bed Ideas

Believe me; there will be nothing better than a DIY toddler bed for a growing toddler. This is a great way to show your love for your kid. This comfortable and stylish bed that you design for them with love and care will be the best gift! Take a look at the below list and get inspired and ready to build a bed for your baby. 

1. DIY Toddler Teepee Bed 

DIY Toddler Teepee Bed 

Your toddler will surely love this bed design. This cute Teepee Bed with Trundle is perfect for the growing kids. It will stimulate them to create new stories, imagination. To make this bed like a tent or a camping site, decorate the entire room accordingly with the right accessories. 

2. DIY House Bed

DIY House Bed

This type of bed is quite trendy these days. The reason is that it can be used for both baby girls and boys. It is also quite easy to make. All you have to do is to create a hut-like structure with some wooden planks on the top of the existing bed. But make sure that you have tightly secured the wooden planks. 

3. White Bed with Rails

White Bed with Rails

If you already have an extra bed, you can also turn it into a toddler bed. How? Look at the above pic; look how beautiful this bed is. Add some bed rails to the bedside so that your kid can sleep safely and to avoid unwanted accidents.  

If the bed’s height is too high, you can add a set of small stairs or a stool so that your kid will not face any difficulty reaching the top. 

4. Sturdy Built-In Bunk Beds

Sturdy Built-In Bunk Beds

Another great option for your growing kids is these spacious built-in bunk beds. For a twist, instead of regular stairs, use a rope ladder. With this bed, it will be a fun time for your children to sleep.

5. DIY Kids Platform Bed

 DIY Kids Platform Bed

Does your kid often fall down from bed while sleeping? If yes, we will not advise you to build a bed at a high level; this can harm them. Try building a platform bed like this one! This is both comfortable, secure, and also pretty easy to make. All you need is some basic supplies and tools to make this cute bed for your toddler. 

6. DIY Loft Bed

DIY Loft Bed

This bed is one of my favorite types of bed on this list. This loft bed has a sliding barn door, which is quite unique in itself. It is just not a bed; it is an entire house. 

Also, it has two levels: on top put a comfy mattress, and this will become a sleeping place. Put some extra chairs at the ground level to make extra seating and playing space. Your kid will surely enjoy this beautiful white cute, comfortable loft bed. 

7. Convert Crib to Kid’s Bed

Convert Crib to Kid’s Bed

For some kids, it is not easy to give up their crib. As a parent, you should always support and help them in this transitional period. How? Repurpose their old crib and transform it into a toddler bed. 

Don’t worry; it is not that difficult. All you need is to do a few structural changes, and for that, you’ll require some extra pieces of wood and some basic tools. Build a new frame because now it will be a little larger than the old crib one. Join all the pieces securely, and your bed is ready! 

8. DIY SuperHero Bed

DIY SuperHero Bed

Every child has an idol superhero in their mind that they blindly admire. We all had these kinds of superhero fan moments in our lives, right? So why not you take inspiration and design a bed matching your kid’s fantasies. This will be a perfect gift for your growing toddler, and we’re pretty sure they’ll love it! 

9. Unique L-Shaped Beds 

Unique L-Shaped Beds 

This bed concept is highly inspired by the college dorms. Just like the dorm beds here also the beds are high at a level. These types of L-shaped beds are perfect for your growing twins. 

More kids mean more stuff, and more stuff means they’ll need more space. So, these beds are perfect as they have plenty of storage space under it. The sturdy wooden steps will give them easy access to these comfy beds. 

10. DIY Modern Kids Bed

DIY Modern Kids Bed

Look at this gorgeous bed! You know the best about your kid’s choices; if they like the modern bed, go for it! It has a rich blue frame with eye-catching yellow hairpin legs, making this combination both elegant and playful.  

This bed frame is so good-looking, but it is definitely not the one that is easy to make. Customized things always have a more personal touch than items that are sold in the market at fancy rates. You will have to put a little bit extra effort into building it completely but believe me, it will be worth all your hard work!  

11. DIY Treehouse Bed

DIY Treehouse Bed

Do your kids love treehouses? If yes, what could be better than this for you to take inspiration and design a treehouse inspired bed for them. To complete the look, put a comfy mattress on the ground. The space on the top will be a great place for your toddler to play. 

To build this, you’ve to place wooden logs carefully and tightly secure them with bolts or screws. Yes, it may take some time and hard work, but the end results will be amazing.

Built a Creative & Comfy Bed

So which bed design you liked the most? Try to build a bed that is comfy and secure and also creates a storyline for your kids. Keep things creative but simple! This will really help them to get a happy, relaxed sleep. 

All these DIY toddler beds are easy to build and look really creative and beautiful. If you don’t know any carpentry skills, you can always take help from a professional or local carpenter to do the job for you. As a parent, it’s our responsibility to provide our kids with a better environment where they feel safe. I hope all these creative and budget-friendly bed ideas will help you to make a perfect sleeping bed for your children. 

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