5 Tips for Installing a Home Antenna

Sometimes it seems that the only choice left for television watchers these days is either to subscribe to cable or satellite TV or buy a large-screen LCD TV and connect it to one of their network interfaces. Here are some best tips to install a home Antenna.

Although watching live broadcasts of sporting events on your 50-inch plasma flat-panel monitor may be impressive, there are still enthusiasts who prefer to watch television programming as it originally appeared or was meant to be seen – on a standard “analog” tube display unit.

For fans of this viewing experience, an aerial is often the preferred way of receiving over-the-air video signals into the home. However, a drawback with aerial reception is that most people have no idea where to begin when looking for information about TV aerial installation.

The idea of aerial installation may seem intimidating due to the many technical terms and acronyms aerial technicians like aerial man Basildon use, but the basic concepts are quite simple for anyone to comprehend.

Here Are Five Important Tips Any Homeowner Who Wants to Install an Aerial in Their Residence Can Follow:

Get Educated About Aerial Installation Techniques and Jargon Before Heading Out to Purchase an Aerial Kit

importance of Home Antenna

Many components make up a typical aerial kit, including cables, connectors, wall mounts, brackets, and mounting poles or masts. Aerials come in all shapes and sizes (and prices), but it is best if you understand what each piece is used for before getting too deep into your shopping trip.

For example, a “masthead amplifier” is a device that sends amplified power from the aerial to the TV tuner located in the home. An aerial technician uses a masthead amplifier if their aerial installation project “hits a snag,” meaning something goes wrong with the reception, and they need to try again.

Shop Around for an Aerial Installer

Sure, it may be tempting to hire someone who works out of their van and advertises on television, but this could end up being a regrettable decision you make later down the road. Try talking to your friends, colleagues, and family members about aerial installers they have used in the past, including both good and bad experiences.

You can also check newspaper advertisements or Yellow Pages listings for local aerial installers in your area. Once you’ve narrowed down potential aerial installers to a few, call them up and ask about their services; compare the prices they tell you to their previous work.

Decide Whether the Aerial Installation Is Necessary When Deciding Where to Situate Your Aerial

A TV aerial won’t do much good if it installs on the side of your house that borders woods or runs along railroad tracks. So try to place it in an open area without too many solid structures blocking its line of sight between the aerial and broadcasting source (a tall downtown building works wonders).

If Possible, Hire an Aerial Installer Who Will Perform All of Their Magic by Climbing into Your Attic with a Special Antenna Signal Meter Called an “SWR Meter.”

climbing to Home Antenna

If you are not sure whether the aerial installation is necessary for your residence, the aerial installer should be able to tell you by using their SWR meter. The aerial installer attaches a small resistor device onto the outside of your home’s TV aerial cable, known as the “download,” and then tests this download for signal strength. An aerial installer will also check your home’s wiring inside your living room or den to get an accurate picture of where the best place would be to install an aerial.

A Few Aerial Installers Have Websites to Provide Potential Clients with More Information About Their Business

These include testimonials from previous clients, background on their company’s history, and even aerial installation videos that customers can watch to understand the aerial installers’ work better. And, don’t forget about aerial forums where other aerial enthusiasts might answer your question!

You must know all the basics before hiring an aerial installer to come out and perform aerial installation services in your home.

Some people make the mistake of not doing their research before hiring an aerial installer, thinking it will be “easy” when they learn all there is to know during the actual aerial installation experience. But this could lead them to get overcharged or sell poor-quality equipment if something goes wrong with the aerial installation process.


Once you’ve gone through these five tips, you should have no problem identifying reputable aerial installers who are more than capable of giving your aerial installation a thorough inspection and installing a high-quality aerial that can provide you with all the free channels available.

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