Going On a Vacation? Here Are Some Tips to Secure Your Home

You have packed your bags and are now ready to head out for your next big adventure. No matter where you are going, it is important that you secure your home beforehand. You need to spend just as much time preparing your home as you would prepare yourself for your vacation. The reason why this is so important is that when you will not be around, the chances of your home being robbed are greater. The security can vary from installing cameras, smart home services or even installing some plantation shutters Sydney offers for your windows.

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To enjoy your trip fully without having to worry about your home every second, here are a couple of tips for your consideration. 

Lock Everything 

Tips to Secure Your Home : lock everything

Even though it is common sense to lock everything before you head out, you still need to be sure you are not leaving anything out. Consider every single point of entry in your home and lock it down with whatever means necessary. You will surely come across doors or windows on the second floor that you normally would not lock, so take care of them as well. Just when you are about to leave, check to see if everything is in order once again. Make sure you leave no stone unturned and only then will you be good to go! 

Stay Clear of Social Media 

In this day and age, everything is shared on social media. People just can’t help themselves from sharing stuff about their vacation on social media platforms like Instagram. As tempting as it may be for you to share your vacation photos, you will need to stay clear of social media. The last thing you want to do is to let everyone know you are not at home. For this reason, you will need to avoid making any posts about your vacation, unless you are home again. 

Of course, you can still consider sharing your vacation photos only if your social media accounts are private. But even then, there is always that risk that someone might be looking for an opportunity to break into your home. Since it is better safe than to be sorry, you should most definitely avoid posting anything on social media when you are away. 

Stash your Valuables 

Open safe door with electronic lock

While you are home, you may have your valuables lying around, but that cannot be the case when you are on your vacation. The moment you know for sure you are leaving; you will need to start stashing all your valuables ASAP. Whether it is family heirlooms, jewelry or cash, stash them in a safe. If you do not have a safe, get one. Remember, having a safe is not going to be enough. You will need to ensure it is hidden as well. 

Ask a Friend to Keep an Eye on your Home 

One of the best ways you can ensure your home is safe when you are vacationing is by asking a friend or family member to keep an eye on things. If not for them, you can even ask your neighbors instead. But then again, you can only ask them for such a favor if you know them well enough. Prioritize neighbors you trust though and keep things low about your conversation with them. Since they are doing a favor for you, be respectful of them. Let them know you appreciate what they are doing for you, and do not ask them to take care of chores for you. 

What is interesting is you can even ask your local PD to inform them you will be on vacation. They will be more than happy to send a patrol or two in your neighborhood to let everyone know they are around. Agreed, this is not as good as asking someone you trust to keep an eye out on your home, but it can serve as an additional precautionary measure. 

Stop your Mail Deliveries

Having a pile of packages and an overflowing mailbox is a clear indication that you are not at home. To prevent this from happening, and gaining unwanted attention, it is a good idea to stop your mail deliveries. The best part is that stopping your mail is incredibly easy. You can have them delayed for any amount of time and for the dates you want. 

On the other hand, you will need to do something about your newspaper deliveries too. If yours comes for free, ask your neighbor to pick up yours. 

Leave your Car in the Driveway 

secure your home by Leaving  your Car in the Driveway 

According to former robbers, a vehicle in the driveway is enough to keep burglars away. The reason being it indicates that someone is home. For this reason, you should your locked car in a place where it is clearly visible. If that is not possible, see if your neighbor can park their car there instead. 

Ensure your Yard is Maintained

Unless your yard is low maintenance, the garden or lawn will need attention while you are away. If you are gone long, then you will need a landscaping professional to keep things in order during your absence. If you do not have a professional to rely on, hire temporary help or ask a neighbor for references. If it is going to snow while you are away, you will need to consider snow removal as well. 

Have a Guard Dog

Tips to Secure Your Home :  Have a Guard Dog

If you are going out just for few days and not taking your pets along with you especially if it is your dog then having him/her well trained to protect your home can also add security for your home. As his barking can alarm the neighbors around and your house can be protected from burglars. 


The above-mentioned tips are just a few of many others that can be taken into account to ensure your home is safe and sound while you are vacationing. Your neighborhood and type of home can vary, so you will need to tweak and/or find other relevant tips to up your security game. A simple Google search will give you everything you need. But most importantly, do not forget to prepare your home security system. 

If you already have a security system with cameras, make sure they are visible. But if you do not, then you can use fake signs and cameras. Before you leave, make sure everything is in working order. This means you will need to check your smoke detectors, cameras, and other security components that are functioning the way they are supposed to. Being assured beforehand is just beneficial and smart as it is better to be safe than be sorry afterward. 

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