Upping your Home’s Security with Automation

Home Automation is one of the many wonders of today’s smart and connected Age of the Internet. From computers to smartphones and now to smart homes, the 21st century is realizing all our Sci-Fi dreams. Connectivity with IoT devices is now revolutionizing home security – a key area of concern for homeowners.

Home Automation can significantly up your home’s security, especially in your absence. Here are 5 security and safety benefits you can achieve with Smart Home solutions.

  1. Remote Access Locks: Have you ever done a double-take thinking whether or not you locked the front door? While most of the time it’s just a trick of the mind, sometimes it’s not. In that scenario, remote access locks come in quite handy. Simply whip out your smartphone and check the lock status, lock it.
  2. Newer models of smart locks can even detect your presence through a connected smartphone or smartwatch and unlock automatically as you approach and lock once you are away.
  3. Smart Sensors: Smart Home Automation solutions also offer a variety of sensors and instruments that enhance comfort and safety. Smart sensors include connected fire and smoke detectors that alert emergency services automatically and IR enabled break-in detectors that alert local law enforcement.
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Moreover, seemingly simple comfort features of Home Automation can also up your home’s security. For example, if you are away from home for an extended duration, you can use home automation to turn on lights and music at particular times. You can also use smart curtain controllers to make it seem like someone’s home.

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  1. Smart Switches: Home security also means protection from safety hazards that may occur in your absence. A fire caused by electrical short circuits is a major example. With smart switches, you can turn off power for heavy-duty appliances like heaters, geysers, power tools, etc. remotely.
    And smart switches are a great comfort to your weary soul when you get back from work. Simply voice your commands and they will obey.
  2. Intelligent Garage Systems: A smart step towards protecting your precious wheels is to opt for garage door automation and garage monitoring devices. Garages are a key entry point for miscreants and safeguarding them with remote access doors and presence detection sensors can plug-in a major security lapse in your home’s defenses.
  3. HD Security Cams: Smart CCTV Cameras have improved to the extent that you no longer have to deal with blurry footage and overly contrasted images. Plus, the old tech often failed to identify a friendly foe until it was too late. Newer HD Security Cams offer high-quality pictures along with remote control and monitoring via your smartphone and computer so you can keep an eye on your home’s security in real-time. These cameras are also great for monitoring young kids and nannies while you work.

So, How to Start Building Your Smart Home Security Network?

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Well, for starters, look online for the type of smart home accessories that can fit your existing setup. You can start with incremental updates to try the technology first before creating the type of ecosystem that grants you total control over home security. Or you can invest in a complete home automation package and upgrade every aspect with the latest smart home tech. However, there is a cost involved in that, so consider that as well.

Start with the basics first, such as smart switches, smart lights, curtain rollers, etc. to get an idea of how smart home technologies work. Once you have mastered the basics, move up the ladder of home automation to buy smart home security systems like cameras, lock,s and alarm systems. After activating the system, make sure you get used to them before ditching your lock and key. Quite often it happens that routine habits make us forget things and lead to situations like a locked front door or an accidentally tripped alarm and an emergency response team on your porch.

Another thing to take note of is the quality of materials and the brand you pick for your smart home setup. In comparison to newer companies, smart home products from established brands not only offer better quality but also tend to have a longer compatibility list. Moreover, adherence to electrical standards and hassle-free warranty terms allow you to avoid ‘patent pending’ situations. 

In conclusion, we can only say that Smart Home Technologies will continue to improve our safety, security, and quality of life. If you have been toying with the idea of Home Automation and need some persuasion, we are happy to help. Write to us at [email protected]

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