5 Ideas to Improve Your Home Experience in the Post-Pandemic Era

The pandemic has rapidly changed the way we live. When the coronavirus started sweeping across continents, people started working from home. No matter the size of your apartment or house, there was no way to escape it. This has led to lots of creativity in the design of homes. What is the best way to create a working environment and a living environment in the same space? People with smaller homes needed to get creative in their approach. In this article, we will dive into creative ideas that can help you improve your home experience. 

1. It All Starts with the Color Green

Improve Your Home Experience

Before diving into elements such as office desks and the like, creating a home experience starts with a feeling. A fresh feeling allows for better ideas to flow out of you. What better way to address a good and calm feeling than with plants? When you add plants to your home, it will not only feel cozier but also create a more calm environment.

This, in turn, reduces stress levels and makes your environment a nicer place to work in. Not to forget to mention that it cleans the air in your room, resulting in a healthier place to live. What is there to wait for? There are many types of plants you can start to explore, ranging from small to large. 

2. Modular Desks for Smaller Homes

Improve Your Home Experience

If you have a smaller home and want to create a work environment, it is best to choose a modular desk. For example, there are special cubicles available that you can place on top of your dining table. All work-related accessories can be added to the cubicle. Once you are done with your working day, you simply store the cubicle somewhere else and start your evening.

A similar approach can be taken when it comes to a physical desk. If you place it in the corner of your room, it becomes easier to let it go once you finish work. Try to experiment and see what works for you!

3. Create the Element of Change

Improve Your Home Experience

When your workday ends, there needs to be a transition back to your living environment. In the past, you will have a physical commute that helped you to do this. Now, you need to create this experience yourself. Of course, you can decide not to. However, research shows that transitioning from work to home improves your well-being and helps you to feel more at ease in your home. There are several ways how you can address this.

Open Up the Speakers

Playing background music when finishing work helps you set the scene, and fill your mind with fresh ideas. While you transition to having your dinner, some nice and relaxing music can help. The type of music is totally up to you: from jazz to top hits, it helps you to have a transition away from a day full of calls and work.

Block Your Agenda for 30 Minutes

A more drastic approach is blocking some time in your agenda to “commute” from work back to your home. During this time you can take a short walk, read or book or do something else you enjoyed when commuting back home. This helps you to close the day and experience your home as a living environment once again.

4. Spread Your Home with a Nice Scent

Improve Your Home Experience

A calm environment is more than objects alone. Having a nice fragrance spreading through your home is another way of creating a calm and relaxing environment. Having a nice scent in your living and dining room helps you to experience your home better.

Spreading such a fragrance is fairly easy these days. For example, by using reed diffusers as accessories.  The diffusers can be placed on a table and retain their strong scent for a long period. When the scent becomes less, you can simply replace the sticks until the diffuser is empty. 

5. Rethink the Structure of Your Home

While it might seem like a temporary way of living, we will certainly spend more time working from home. In that respect, it makes sense to rethink how we live. Not every home allows you to have a dedicated office space, but there is a way you can make it work as part of a room. An idea to do so is through the use of accessories and furniture

Adjusting the Decor to Blend Office and Home Elements

It all depends on how you work the magic with your furniture. For example, you can create a closet where you can incorporate a small desk. Done with work? Simply close the closet and you are back in your living environment. Working with such hacks makes your home ready for the new standard in work.

This article highlights five ideas to improve your home environment in the post-pandemic home. These will help you set up your home and create a friendly atmosphere for both business and private life. There are many more ways to create this balance so start experimenting with what works for you, today!

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