12 Trending Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Elevate Your Aesthetics

Big or small, a well-designed, clean kitchen is the dream of many. A well-designed kitchen is attainable and so is an aesthetic one. But should one have to give one up for the other? Technically, a well-designed kitchen, whether aesthetic or not, will be easy to clean and maintain. Hereā€™s where the backsplash for the kitchen makes an entry. Installing kitchen backsplash ideas is a way to up the charm of your kitchen and an upgrade to your well-designed kitchen.

The kitchen backsplash tile protects the wall from the dirt as well as stains of cooking and many more things. The tiles make the surface easy to clean and choosing the right kind of backsplash adds to the personality of your kitchen and emboldens its character and aesthetics. 

Here are some kitchen backsplash ideas that you could incorporate in your kitchen. You can choose from a diverse range of kitchen backsplash ideas for your next home or renovation.

1. Grid Kitchen Backsplash

Grid Kitchen Backsplash

Mostly done in whites or greys, this kind of tile backsplash for your kitchen gives it an orderly look while still having a subtle texture and color variation. The texture is granted by the grooves between each tile. The grid kitchen backsplash tile gives the kitchen an extremely clean look. Its subtlety pairs well with both bold cabinets and neutral ones too. The use of white grid backsplash with a color palette of matte blacks, wooden tones and greys have been all the rage.

2. Mosaic Grid Tile Backsplash

Mosaic Grid Tile Backsplash

Mosaics have always held a place in art. So what better way to upgrade your kitchen than to incorporate some art into it? It adds a vintage touch to the kitchen while still being a flexible style. Use of a fixed three colors or multi-colored with subtle changes in the sizes of each grid makes for a stunning kitchen backsplash tile. 

If you want a mosaic backsplash but still want something wild, the choice of colors will always do the needful. Mosaic kitchen tile backsplash does wonders to embolden your kitchen and livens it up.

3. Exclusivity with Marble & Quartzite

Exclusivity with Marble & Quartzite

Lately, homeowners have been choosing the slabs that perfectly match the kitchen counter, making the kitchen backsplash tile a continuous entity of the counter itself. This succeeds in tying the whole kitchen together instead of the usual thin, contrasting bank of the Best Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Gives Classic Lookitchen counter as viewed in elevation. 

Although, it would be advisable for you to check with the fabricator on the durability of the quartzite slab used as not all of them have the resistance to heat that we would like. It is an exquisite material and sets a tone of subtle luxury to your kitchen spaces and thatā€™s why it is highly recommended.

4. Pastel Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Small kitchen with pastel green backsplash tiles

A kitchen with a pastel color palette has become extremely trendy, lately. Using pastel blues and greens alongside white cabinets and counters to resemble sea glass or the ocean itself. Pastel green kitchen backsplash tile alongside deep green cabinets to induce a jungle vibe.

A blend of different shades of reds and pastel pink backsplash can present you with a flamingo-themed kitchen. It is up to you. Pastels provide the homeowner with vast flexibility that results in a kitchen that isn’t garish in any way.

Pastels can be used in a completely monotonous kitchen to be the pop of color that brings the kitchen to life. Pastel tiles also induce a calming atmosphere in the kitchen and make the kitchen seem bigger than it is. The subtle hues do wonders to incorporate just that right amount of color in an otherwise neutral kitchen.

Homeowners often use the same pastels as a theme in the rest of their homes or the other way round too, as you can see in the image below. The pastel pink backsplash ties the kitchen perfectly with the pastel pink furniture.

5. Brick Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Brick Kitchen Backsplash Tile

A brick-like backsplash kitchen induces a rustic feel to the kitchen, but when the same is incorporated with a color palette of blacks with copper and bronze accents gives the kitchen an extremely industrial aesthetic. The exposed brick makes your kitchen appear raw and yet attractive.

One of the disadvantages of exposed brick is that to prevent cooking stains and to prevent the brick itself from becoming grimy from the oil, a glass sheet is used as a protective shield placed behind the stove, as shown in the picture below.

Although, an industrial and yet modern effect can be induced by using tiles that imitate brick. This makes them easier to clean than an exposed brick backsplash and still offers a similar range of beauty.

6. Unique Shapes and Size for Kitchen Backsplash

Unique Shapes and Size for Kitchen Backsplash

Unique sizes of the tiles of the backsplash and even the incorporation of unique shapes make the kitchen a space to look twice at. It breaks away from the conventionality of a plain kitchen and gives your audience something to be entranced by. 

It brings about an artistic quality to the kitchen that most people often do not think of. Scallops, hexagons, circles, pebbled shapes, etc, have a way of making the kitchen a lot more organic. 

Unique shapes and sizes also incorporate texture into the backsplash that adds to the attractiveness of the kitchen. The use of unique shapes and sizes often comes as a surprise and it always ends well.

7. Soft Soapstone Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Soft Soapstone Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

While marble and quartzite kitchen backsplash tiles are indeed elegant, their degree of glossiness isn’t always welcome. This is where soapstone comes in. While soapstone does cost more than your typical stone, it is considered a green material that lasts many generations.

While soapstone has beautiful veins on it just like granite or marble, soapstone has a matte finish that appeals to a lot of people. Its elegance as a kitchen backsplash tile lies in its muted appearance and is often chosen over marble for its ability to provide just the right aesthetic to any kitchen. It is durable, unaffected by heat, and is chemically inert.

One of the most attractive qualities of soapstone is that its color is flexible. It softens over time but upon oiling, it turns into a deep, dark shade. 

Although it should also be noted that if you want a kitchen backsplash tile that is low maintenance, you must steer clear of soapstone. While soapstone holds beauty, it is majorly made of talc. This means that it gets scratches and chips off more easily than your typical stone backsplash ideas. While these drawbacks can be rectified by regular oiling of the surface, it still amounts to more maintenance than an average homeowner would like.

8. Innovative Patterns for Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Innovative Patterns for Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

The use of unique patterns has been all the rage and used by people who want something different from the typical rectilinear forms. While the use of rhomboid tiles still is appropriate, there are so many other shapes available for the user. 

Patterns bring about an organic element to the rectilinear order of the kitchen cabinets and counters. It balances out the functionality of the kitchen with a unique touch that sets it apart. Some people even like mirrored and fully reflective finishes, though others might call it garish.

9. Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Through Geometries

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Through Geometries

Some homeowners even use mosaics to incorporate tribal-like art in their kitchen for that indie vibe while others use differently shaped tiles to incorporate geometrics into their kitchen. This makes their kitchen look intricate and becomes the aspect of focus in front of the neutral cabinets and counters. 

Even the simplest of geometric patterns in the backsplash incorporates the needed change and adds charm to the kitchen.

10. Kitchen Backsplash Tiles with Gradients

Kitchen Backsplash Tiles with Gradients

In recent years, incorporating gradients in the kitchen tile backsplash has been all the rage. It takes the incorporation of art in the kitchen to a whole new level. The gradient makes the kitchen so extremely beautiful and so aesthetic that it’s hard to look away. They make the kitchen look larger or longer than it is because of the fading effect that it has. 

The gradients are also used as a way to direct the eye and move it around the kitchen in a dictated path. Incorporating gradients in the kitchen tile backsplash makes the kitchen equal parts playful and elegant. More often than not, geometrics and gradients are combined in the kitchen tile backsplash to have a kitchen that is, in every sense, a work of art.

11. Moroccan Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Moroccan Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Moroccan kitchen tiles truly do take the beholder by pleasant surprise, every time Bold, yet intricate, this style of tile backsplash will undoubtedly incorporate a feeling of timeless beauty to your kitchen. While the very use of tile is a long-standing tradition of the Moroccan culture, the bright colors and intricate patterns are all reminiscent of the bazaars and textiles from the Mediterranean sands. 

Its versatility is its most attractive feature, as choosing the right pattern and the right array of colors ensures that the Moroccan tiles fit right in with any kitchen design, be it eclectic, modern, or vintage.

12. Ceiling-Height Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Ceiling Height Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

This idea of kitchen backsplash works best with kitchens that have open shelves rather than cabinets. This design of kitchen backsplash ideas is becoming more and more popular in recent times, as the concept of minimalism demands a shift from blocky cabinets to light-simple open shelves. 

The idea of extending the backsplash to the ceiling emphasizes the height of your kitchen. This makes liner kitchens seem less so and smaller kitchens more voluminous. It imbibes a minimalist vibe while still being artsy as it provides homeowners with a much larger canvas than the conventional band of backsplash between the counter and the cabinets.

Which Is the Ideal Choice for Your Kitchen Backsplash Tiles?

While the number of choices may seem overwhelming, take your time to choose the right style, pattern, and color to ensure that in the end, the kitchen backsplash completes your dream kitchen. After all, all these ideas are simply manifestations of dream kitchens. An even balance of fun, elegance, functionality, and ease of maintenance, what more could you ask for in a  kitchen? 

Whether you would like your backsplash to extend to the ceiling to give your kitchen the illusion of height, whether you want your kitchen backsplash to be a limiting element between the above counter cabinets and the under-counter cabinets, is all up to you. After all, it is your kitchen! 

So go out there and choose from a wide range of Kitchen Backsplash tiles, thereā€™s one for everyone!

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