Difference Between MIG And Arc Welding

If we want to make a comparison between MIG and Arc welding, it’s a tough task. The welder who does their work most in MIG can think that arc welding is better than theirs.  But at the same time, the Arc welder may also think the same. So, it is always a common tendency that what others have is better than mine. The best multi-process welder will let you perform at least two types of welding processes on the same machine.

To make a comparison we have to know the basics of the two types of welding. Let’s have a look at some of the basic differences between MIG and Arc welding. 

First, MIG welding means Metal Inert Gas while Arc welding is simply described as stick welding which is commonly known as SMAW. So, it is clear that their working materials are different. 

Second,Arc welders work on passing the necessary electricity to go through a rod. When it arcs it creates a temperature of almost 7,000 degrees F. In this high temperature, the welding rods melt and joints create. In contrast, the MIG welding works with the trigger of the welding gun of the MIG welding machine. It usually takes control of the feed of the electrode. 

Third,Arc welding is actually a manual process and it is tough in comparison with MIG welding. It takes lots of time for a person to become an expert. But MIG is the easiest way of welding and very much popular with the beginner as it is a semi-automatic process which is half done by the machine. 

MIG welding with head and face protection

Fourth,In MIG welding the use of metals is limited. As metals can’t be very thick or very thin, MIG’s working area is limited. But in the case of arc welding, you can weld any type of metal conveniently. If the metal is rusty or dirty, you can’t use MIG welding there. But nothing matters in the case of arc welding. Everything will be just fine with arc welding. 

Fifth,if you want sophisticated and clean welding work MIG is the best option. On the other hand, arc welding is left over with lots of debris and sparks. The ending of arc welding is not as clean as MIG welding. 

Sixth, Arc welding is a relatively affordable and cheap option than MIG welding. The necessary materials for arc welding are relatively cheaper than MIG welding. 

Seventh, In the MIG welding process external gas is to be needed to prevent damages in the welding pool. But in the case of arc welding, it is not needed as the flux core itself does the job. 

Eighth,MIG welding is very much suitable for indoor work as wind outside can cause the problem to make the weld. But for arc welding, nothing matters in its working process. Whether indoor or outdoor in windy situations, it works perfectly. 

Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Ninth, you are about to begin welding, and MIG will be your ultimate choice. You just buy a welding machine and start. But to be an arc welder you have to work hard and learn it carefully. 

Though there are many differences between the two types of welding, both are useful for work. Both types have their own utilities. Considering all the issues, you should fix your perfect shot. 


Both MIG and arc welding offer unique strengths, making a decisive winner a close call. MIG shines with its ease of use, clean welds, and indoor practicality, while arc welding boasts affordability, metal versatility, and all-weather resilience. Ultimately, your champion depends on your priorities. Consider complexity, budget, material choices, and environment. For quick, beautiful welds, MIG’s your ally. But for rugged, adaptable work, arc welding reigns supreme. Know your needs, wield your choice wisely, and conquer any metal beast.

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