Elevate Your Hotel Lobby with Modern Luxury Pianos

Hotel lobbies always need to be highly appealing, attractive, and welcoming. A hotel lobby creates an important first impression for any guests willing to stay in a hotel. That is why having an elegant modern lobby is vitally essential for any hotel management. The lobby should allow guests to conveniently enjoy the amenities and create a unique environment to establish the hotel’s personality. Having modern luxury pianos in the lobby is a perfect way to make your hotel lobby stand out and make a crucial first impression. 

Modern Luxury Pianos

Modern Pianos Are Stylish and Elegant

The lobby is the face of your hotel, and having modern pianos can allow you to impress your visitors as the modern luxury pianos are stylish and elegant. You can add an extra layer of elegance by adding a grand staircase to the lobby. Make sure you place the piano strategically if you want to make it a centrepiece of the lobby. The furniture of the lobby should be placed a little far from the piano to give the piano the best possible view. 

Pianos In the Lobby Allow You To Keep Your Visitors Entertained

Surely the pianos in your hotel lobby will not be only for decorating purposes. It will also keep the guests entertained. A modern luxury piano will give the guests something to occupy themselves with while they pass their time in the lobby. You can always select the form of entertainment based on the demographic of the guests. Some mild live music can create a fantastic environment in the lobby. Invite a pianist, string quartet, jazz band or a singer to perform now and then to keep the guests spending time enjoying their time in the lobby. 

Pianos In the Lobby Allow You To Keep Your Visitors Entertained

Some Modern Pianos For Hotel Lobbies 

Bluthner Pianos: Bluthner is the piano brand renowned for its quality and clear tone. The famous Wilhelm Kempff praised the Bluthner pianos by uttering the word “precise”. It is, in fact, one of the largest luxury piano brands in the world. Perhaps the best-suited piano for hotel lobbies is the acrylic crystal piano by Bluthner. 

LUCID Pianos: LUCID Pianos are a renowned piano brand from Spain offering a wide range of transparent and semi-transparent pianos perfect for hotel lobbies. This piano brand produces modern luxury pianos in collaboration with famous German piano brand Bluthner. You can find a wide range of modern acrylic designs of pianos known for their craftsmanship and excellent performance. The use of acrylic rather than wood provides the stability of the piano against humidity and give them modern looks best for any hotel lobbies. 

Some Modern Pianos For Hotel Lobbies 

FAZIOLI Pianos: FAZOLI is another top piano brand that is known for its massive collection of modern luxury pianos. Their technology and workmanship make their pianos stand out in the market. You can expect to get only the finest quality pianos from FAZIOLI. 


Adding a piano in the lobby can make your hotel lobby stand out, keep the guests entertained, and create an environment that will impress anybody. So, be creative and choose amazing luxury modern pianos in the lobby. 

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