Small Accessories That Eliminate Clutter Big Time

Living in clutter is far from relaxing. A messy space can make you feel overwhelmed and is definitely not ideal when you have company.

Bulky storage units and big drawers can hide clutter, but they take up so much space and tend to get disorganized easily.

Especially if there are kids in the house, the toys, clothes, and miscellaneous items are endless! It helps to have a designated place to keep everything organized.

small accessories

If you just don’t have the room for a big storage closet, or you want to keep the storage you have a little more organized, there are some small items that can minimize the clutter.

These six accessories can really help you stay more organized and get rid of the clutter you hate while not taking up much space.

Hanging Shelves

Hanging Shelves

The floor space in a home is limited. Furniture is a necessity in every room, which takes up quite a bit of space so you can’t use a storage container.

Instead of the floor, think higher! Maximize the space in any room by taking advantage of all the walls.

You can save space by adding simple storage solutions to the walls of any room. Using the walls will keep the floor from becoming cluttered.

The items that may have wasted space can now have a designated spot on a hanging shelving unit.

Hanging shelves come in all different sizes and a variety of shapes, so you will have to determine what you want to use them for.

Floating shelves are popular because they add a modern appeal and can put items you love on display.

You might also consider a shelf that can hold baskets or bins to hide items inside while still looking decorative.

No matter how you want your space to look, there is likely a hanging shelf solution you can use.

Drawer Organizers

Drawer Organizers

Drawers hide away clutter, but anyone who opens a disorganized drawer might easily get frustrated when they can’t find what they need.

Haphazardly throwing items into a drawer should be a habit of the past. Keeping a drawer more functional and organized is simple with the right set of drawer organizers.

Whether you are organizing a drawer full of kitchen utensils, writing tools, or clothing, there are organizers that can help keep everything in its own place.

Find the organizers that fit inside the size drawer you have. They typically come with pieces in different sizes or shapes so you can fit everything you need.

Keep similar items in the same compartments for maximum efficiency. This will help everyone find what they need so much quicker!

Don’t use drawers as just a place to hide clutter. Use them effectively to keep every piece of your home in place.

Cosmetic Cases

Cosmetic Cases

If you use makeup, you know how much space it takes up. It’s hard to keep it all organized because of how much you tend to accrue over time.

Luckily, there are simple solutions for keeping your cosmetic items in an order. Cosmetic cases and organizers come with different sized drawers and compartments for all your cosmetics needs.

Depending on where you like to keep your makeup, there is a perfect cosmetic case out there. Some are meant to be stored under a cabinet while others look best on display at a vanity.

No matter where you prefer to use your cosmetics, a simple storage unit can keep them organized for you.

Oftentimes cosmetic cases can also be used to keep small pieces of jewellery in place, too!

Earrings are so small and easy to lose, so a nice case is the best option for storing them.

Storing small items in the right place can keep piles of clutter from growing.

Key Organizer

Key Organizer

If everyone in your house has a house key and car keys, it is inevitable that piles of messy keychains will end up on your surfaces.

Instead of a keychain that makes it difficult to find the key you need, a key organizer is a more effective solution.

Key organizers allow you to slide all of your keys into one small compartment to keep them from taking up so much space.

They are also easier to carry than bulky keychains that fill your pockets and get in the way in purses.

If you are looking for a key organizer that would make sense for your family, check out this list from Cool Things Chicago. They offer all different styles to help find the one that would work best for you.

Wall Hooks

Wall Hooks

If you don’t have space on your walls for shelving systems, an even smaller option could work better for you.

Wall hooks are small yet still, keep clutter off the floor. They can be used for decorative purposes, but are typically most effective for use in storage spaces in the home.

Wall hooks are great to use in the laundry room to hang up brooms and other cleaning supplies. They are also awesome in the garage for lawn tools and hardware stores.

Any closet could also benefit from wall hooks as an organization. Belts, hats, and purses can hang from sturdy hooks and make use of even more space in the smallest of closets.

If you have a cluttered playroom to organize, hooks can hang up some of the kids’ supplies and toys.

Hooks are versatile, so you can really use them however you need. Just make sure the ones you use can hold the weight of what you need to hang!

Bedside Caddy

Bedside Caddy

Everyone keeps something next to them on a piece of furniture during the night. A remote, a phone, or a book likely sits on top of a nightstand and make it look cluttered.

To reduce the clutter on the surface of furniture, a bedside caddy can hold these items. They typically have multiple compartments to hold everything, including a water bottle slot!


Bedside caddies do not take up any space because they hook directly to your bed. Give everyone in the family a caddy to make sure their surfaces stay clear and clutter-free. Even toys can fit inside!

If you have a small space or are just looking to organize cluttered spaces better, any of these small accessories can make a difference in how your home looks.

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