The Right Murphy Bed for You

Aspiring career men and women that had to start from the ground up to have to know two things. One, the job market is a battleground and two, no renter will give them any favours. Low-income workers in cities from poor countries all over the world decry the living conditions they are in. Albeit the conditions are slowly improving thanks to the improving social support that the common workers get from their state’s laws. And another thing they could thank is space-saving innovations like the Murphy Bed.

So how do you pick the right Murphy bed for you? In this article, we are going to outline the steps you need to take to make sure that you end up with the Murphy bed that will save you space, and ultimately a few bucks.

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Visit a Few Murphy Bed Stores

The cardinal rule of shopping is to look for a bargain or look for the exit. We currently live in a society where all of our basic necessities can be served to us in a silver platter at the click of a smartphone. It has never been more convenient than it is now to buy everything we need, but, dangerously enough, everything that we do not need as well. This is the reason why it is imperative to go bargain hunting especially for things like furniture which you know are inherently expensive when bought at its face value.

When bargain hunting, the first places you want to look at are the online stores. Most marketplaces in the internet made shopping so simple and easy that everyone instinctively gets hooked if given enough time and a credit card. However, do not be fooled by the allure of online shopping. There may be some on sale items here and there but you have to do a little more digging to get to the bargain marrow of it all. 

After you check the big ones, you are in for a ride. Secondary and tertiary online shops are where the real bargain can be had. These shops can sell underpriced Murphy beds for a lot of different reasons. Some of them like being a used item or a refurbished product is all well and understandable. But there are also some reasons that you might be better off not knowing about. You are, however, in danger of sacrificing quality if you do not give special attention to the product reviews. These reviews are like highway signboards that you really should not ignore.

The online store window shopping is necessary for at least one reason and that is to get a baseline. The Murphy bed that you will be buying will have a price point that should revolve around the prices that you have scouted online. Should the price gap be far too big, then you could be ripped off. If it is too big in the other direction, then you should start questioning the quality of the product.

Whether you choose to buy online or buy from the good old Murphy bed store is completely up to you. There are pros and cons for either choice and as with anything else, there is a price for convenience. Should you choose to buy online, you have a wider choice so you can really pick out the best one that is right for you. However, you are in danger of scam artists and false advertising. On the other hand, should you decide to buy at a brick and mortar store, you have to settle for the price point within your vicinity. Moving the bought item back to your place can be a bit more complicated as well. However, should the product have some defects, you can quickly run back to the store and disclose the problem.

Visit a Few Murphy Bed Stores

Here are some murphy bed designs to checkout.

Lie on the Murphy Bed

Trying out something before buying it is a luxury that we often do not take advantage of. Imagine if you could return every order that you have ever placed if you are dissatisfied. Of course, they should return your money back as well. We might just run out of negative online reviews, a closet full of unused clothes bought online, or an entire bookshelf of unread books. Luckily enough, when buying furniture like the Murphy bed, you actually get the opportunity to lie on it first before deciding to spend your hard-earned money.

This tip is only doable if you are not buying from an online shop. While there may be reviews about just how comfy a certain Murphy bed is from the site, you know everyone’s body reacts differently. Some may think it is too soft or too hard if but was actually just right for you. These are one of those times when you should just ignore those reviews.

When trying out beds in the store, never forget to be respectful. First and foremost, find out if they do allow people to lie on the beds they have on display. Some of these products are simply for display and may not actually reflect the actual product. You may decide to buy the bed on false pretences just because you laid on a display version of the bed. Or, you may have unfounded concerns about it based on simply its looks.

The Murphy Bed for Two

The Murphy Bed for Two

The Murphy bed is normally for the single working people crammed in small apartments in the hearts of cities. However, if you do decide to squeeze at least one more person into your crammed life, then that person needs to have a say on the Murphy bed that you intend to buy. This does not happen most of the time but they do happen so keep your hopes up.

Getting your partner’s opinion can help you depending on what kind of chooser you are. If you are indecisive, you can just give the reins to your partner and make him or her chooses the bed. If you feel like you are far too opinionated then your partner can become the perfect counterbalance. And finally, if you are the type who suffers from choice fatigue, then let your partner be the one to settle the small differences.

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