Which Window is More Suitable for a Private House: Plastic or Wood?

Wooden Windows vs PVC windows

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When asked which window can be better placed in a wooden house, many users tend to choose environmentally friendly materials that offer a certain level of sound and heat insulation. You can choose from the design features and type of glazing (frame, frameless) products made of natural solid, metal or plastic.

Modern products are characterized by increased sound insulation, hygroscopicity, and low heat loss. External properties allow the arrangement of rooms with the possibility of color or color preservation. The tree provides a harmonious and comfortable look.

Among the main characteristics, we can distinguish the service life (20 – 50 years) and low statics. Wooden windows do not deposit as much dust as advanced windows. In terms of cost, it is determined by the choice of wood.

A couple of windows that are on the side of a building

Defects include regular maintenance, destruction under the influence of insects, temperature and humidity. Products do not have fire fighting properties. 

Metal Structures

PVC windows are characterized by durability, increased sound insulation and easy cleaning. Inexpensive models hold the heat perfectly and have a warranty of 3-5 years. They are available in different configurations and colors. Distinguish single-chamber and seven-chamber models.

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The assembly of the fittings facilitates opening in different positions (ploughing, ventilation, etc.). Depending on the type of installation, there are fixed, removable, swiveling, hanging, sliding and folding versions.

Aluminum installations

The advantages of plastic constructions are inherent to it. The disadvantages include deformation under the influence of different temperatures.

When heated, the windows release toxins. Products have a good small share and contribute to the creation of complex and large devices. They are often installed in non-residential premises (balconies, annexes, verandas).

Combined version

The combination of the above materials is carried out in different combinations. This ensures that all the properties required by the customer (weight reduction, insulation or decoration) are maintained.

Design features

A window sill filled with potted plants next to a sink

Unary option externally it is presented in the form of a frame with a single glass. Its operation is carried out in places where no high sound insulation is required: in the summer kitchen, on the terrace or in another unheated structure.

Coupled units include connections for external and internal flaps. The internal structure is mounted on hinges on the window box. The absence of expensive accessories has an effect on pricing.

Separate blocks. Wings, vents, and latches connect to the box so that they can plough in different directions. The disadvantage is the high costs.

Glazing. The choice of any frame is accompanied by a firm fixation of the glass for two or more cameras. They form layers of air between them and thus contribute to improved insulation.

Additional criteria are the presence of a protective film, reflective, vandal-resistant or tinted surfaces.

Window shape

Rectangular. In the modern market, there are models that can be deaf, swiveled, folded or folded. You can choose a panorama type. In the case of building constructions, the assembly of latches (ventilation openings at the top) is carried out.

Round. Original exterior designs exclude the possibility of ventilation and provide additional lighting.

Curved. Windows with a similar structure are an excellent addition when creating arched openings in the building. They can be solid or equipped with various accessories for ploughing.

The connecting angle is different from the right angle. They contribute to the interesting design of the veranda, conservatory or loggia.

Accommodation is in small rooms and in the attic. The installation is accompanied by special fittings. An ideal place to relax or for a comfortable stay. 

Due to the unique properties of the environmentally friendly material – wood – the best temperature conditions in the house are created all year round: It is not cold in winter and not hot in summer.

An important issue when building a wooden house is the question of windows. Which windows are best suited for a wooden house? There is no clear answer to this question and it depends strongly on the preferences of the owner.

Some experts claim that only wooden windows are suitable for a wooden house, others recommend metal-plastic windows. The fact is that in a structure such as a wooden house there are practically no rigid fixings, as all structural elements are slightly deformed when the wood dries or swells. Therefore, the periodic “wobbling” of the house must be taken into account. In a log house, frame screens or wooden sediments can reach twenty centimeters for the first two years.

Drying and swelling occur both horizontally and vertically, i.e. up and down. 

A gradual shrinkage of the house leads to a softening of the lateral deformation. In order to prevent the window frame from twisting, it is important to create a mechanism to compensate for the loads that occur when moving the wooden wall. 

To speak in the traditional way, it is necessary to provide an “okosyachku” which is a box between the wall and the window. 

The box is placed on the runners in the window opening so that you can maintain a stable position regardless of the movement of the wall. The gaps that make up the content and the wall are carefully insulated and covered with a casing. Thus, the window is installed in a panel that is not exposed to external influences.

In this case, it is not advisable to rely on your own experience but to entrust the case to an experienced master, as the creation of such a constructive detail requires skill and dexterity. Moreover, not all companies guarantee – the window dealers guarantee a high-quality installation. 

Once the location of the window opening has been precisely defined and prepared, the following question arises: Which of the various market window products do you need to purchase? Shape, color, size? In addition to the popular wood and plastic windows, there are also windows made of aluminum, metal-plastic, PVC, solid wood and combined models.

What to prefer

A pair of windows with wooden shutters on a white background

Plastic and metal-plastic windows are undoubtedly the pioneers. They are often used in the construction of new skyscrapers and the replacement of old wooden windows. It should be noted, however, that wooden windows are used more often than plastic windows in wooden houses.

The quality and durability of plastic windows depend primarily on the manufacturer, the material properties and the glass. Proper installation is extremely important for the long-term successful operation of such a window.

Advantages of plastic and metal-plastic windows: durable and reliable, create good sound insulation, are aesthetic, respond well to hygienic processing, do not require painting and periodic processing, do not require additional insulation and thanks to a variety of plastic shades it fits easily into any interior.

Disadvantages of plastic and metal-plastic windows: the material does not allow air and if the window is not opened for a long time, the room air becomes dry and dry. 

The situation gets worse in winter when the heaters dry the air and there is no regular and prolonged ventilation. “Unnatural” material: Even plastics of the highest quality are not 100% environmentally friendly. 

When heated, a certain amount of chemical compounds evaporates into the air and the effect of these vapors on human health has not been investigated. Another disadvantage of plastic – the complexity of repair: scratches, chips, and other minor surface damage must remain until the frame is completely replaced.

An open window in the middle of a snowy landscape

For reasons of fairness, it should be noted that wooden windows are the right choice for wooden houses. The only thing that can prevent this choice is the desire to save money.

Wooden windows fit well into the interior of a country house and “support” its coziness, originality and environmental friendliness.

Wooden windows “breathe” and let the air in even when the shutters are closed.

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