5 Decorating Hacks For Small Apartments in 2024

A move to your own apartment can be both tiring and rewarding. In order to enjoy your new space, you’ll likely need to evaluate several movers or moving companies NYC and determine which one best fits your needs. A move will also cost you money and change your schedule.

While all of these tasks may seem overwhelming, owning a small apartment can be very fulfilling. This apartment could be your reward for working hard for the past few years. You must know how to properly decorate this space to ensure that it creates a calm and pleasant atmosphere. The way you decorate your apartment can make or break its mood and even influence its functionality.

1. Paint all Walls with White Color

Apartments are usually painted in nude colors. Blush, tan, and cream probably some of the most common options. If you want your apartment to stand out, opt to paint all of your walls in white. Contrary to popular belief, this color doesn’t translate to dullness. In fact, using white in your apartment can make space feel bigger, cleaner, and more cheerful.

Paint all Walls with White Color

2. Add Pops of Colors

If you don’t want your apartment to be completely filled with white, invest in pieces that come in bold colors. Using a floral-printed bed cover or green chairs in your kitchen, inside your white apartment is a good combination. This trick is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of decorating a small apartment.

If you want to highlight another color for this month, look at the right-colored décor and place them strategically in different areas of your apartment. Doing this is a cheaper option compared to regularly changing your wall colors to fit this month’s season.

3. Utilize Unconventional Storage Solutions

All of your efforts to make your small apartment look good will be useless if clutter is all over the place. How can you appreciate your white walls if your clothes are hung on the walls? How can you add décor pieces if your space is already filled with unused clothes and damaged items?

Since your apartment has limited space, work on using unconventional storage solutions. This will help make your apartment clutter-free, allowing your décors to stand out. Depending on your available space and items to be stored, you can utilize the space underneath your bed. You can buy clear storage boxes or install some wooden drawers in this area.

You can also invest in hanging racks, wall shelves, and ceiling storage in different areas of your apartment. The rules on DIY storage aren’t set in stone, so go ahead and experiment to find out what storage solution fits your needs!

Utilize Unconventional Storage Solutions

4. Invest in Dual-purpose Furniture

In your apartment, you’ll have limited space. Apartments are smaller than traditional houses. Because of this, you should be careful about what you place inside your apartment. Adding bulky furniture can make a space appear cramped and limit foot traffic. Invest in dual-purpose furniture to avoid this problem. A storage ottoman that serves as a seat can be a great example.

5. Embrace Statement Lighting

Gone are the days when lights are only used to keep rooms well-lit. Today, more and more lighting fixtures are now available in the market that provides more than just brightness. These lights can also be utilized as décors in any area of your apartment.

Statement lighting comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. While some of these lights are small and embody a minimalistic design, others are grand.

Invest in the right statement lighting for your apartment and place them in high-traffic areas. If you usually spend with your guests in the kitchen, place your lighting above the dining table. If you’re fond of spending long hours in front of the TV, install the lighting above the couch or center table.

Statement lightings are smart investments because they create a lasting impression on your apartment. By placing the right statement lighting in the right area of your apartment, your space can look and feel new!

The More, The Merrier

Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything with your space. As long as you know the dos and don’ts in small apartment decorating, you can always upgrade your space any way you want.

Aside from the tips in this article, expand your options by using the internet to look for more decorating hacks. The more choices you have, the easier it’ll be for you to find a decorating hack that perfectly suits your style and personality!

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